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I Will NOT Vote for anyone except Ron Paul...Not Mitt, not anyone even if

Rand is his VP. No one but Ron Paul, at the top of the ticket. No way, no how. No deals, no compromises. Period. Do I make myself clear?

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To say no one but Ron Paul

Leaves you with US!
You are not alone.....ever!
We are all in this together!
It's give me liberty or give me death!
I will not back down ever!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

And just where are you?

The few I've met that like Ron Paul are NOT Republicans, so they won't be voting in Tampa. The few Republicans who kinda like Ron Paul are not on the Republican Central Committee. Those on the Republican Central Committee with be voting.

One lady comes to me and says, "I secretly like Ron Paul", I offered her a bumper sticker and she says, "No thank you, That's a one way ticket to a FEMA prison camp".

That's where No One But Ron Paul is going. I'm working hard to become a delegate and go to Tampa and fight for Ron Paul to be president, but I'm not going to leave the GOP if he takes VP. That makes us nothing but a flash in the pan. If he gets nothing, then I will be alone at the Republican central committee and up against some very hostile neocons who will rebuke me at every chance.

My neck is on the line. Those who say No One But Ron Paul don't have their necks on any line. This is a game to them, I don't think most are Republicans anyways.

I think we can learn something from your experience

If you are not trying to be a delegate for whatever reasons, then it's safe to shout your support for Dr. Paul from the rooftops. However, if you're getting into the ring with the NeoCons to try and be a delegate, then I think your support for Dr. Paul must be kept under wraps. You must make them think you support their guy(s) until the moment comes to strike.

Considerations for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Race from the Mind of a Political Independent-Use this tool to educate the unconverted and prove support for Dr. Paul among Independents.

Not exactly

I'm very open about my support for Ron Paul. If you don't know I'm a Ron Paul Republican, you don't know me.

That being said, I'm open to LISTEN and LEARN about WHY others are considering someone else... now so far, every candidate the neocons have proposed has gone out of the race and THANK GOD Ron Paul is still in. So, I'm still in. But it's really important to be like Ron Paul is to Romney, RESPECTFUL. I'm very respectful and willing to listen to any reason someone has for their candidate.

By doing this, my Republican peers run out of fuel, or steam for their guy, and I can ask questions (how is that different than Obama?) and defeat them... so WE ARE WINNING! Ron Paul is NOT a flash in the pan. If he was he's be long gone.

I tell people, "I'm a Ron Paul Republican and I'm being up front with you because I want my party to be the party of integrity, honesty and truth." They love it.

That's how we win. Winning their hearts, not giving them empty ultimatums that actually mean nothing.

yes, do compromise, but not with romney...

especially in a race that is supposed to be competitive.


The GOP establishment needs

The GOP establishment needs to compromise and nominate Dr. Paul to run against Obama. The GOP nominee is not going to win this election without the votes from Independent, Democrat, and Republican voters, who want Ron Paul as the POTUS not someone's VP. Dr. Paul attracts voters from those parties. For me, I will ONLY vote for Ron Paul and even will write him on the ballot!

You Indy's don't get it

Lets look at my county, 44% are registered Democrat, 40% are registered Independent, 3% are registered Republican and the rest are Green, Libertarian and American Indy AKA Constitution, and other.

Now maybe this is different in other counties, or states, but here in Mendocino CA, there is not Republic Republic Republic Republic.. THERE IS NO REPUBLICAN PARTY, just a few Democrats acting FOR the Republicans who are not here.

To say Ron Paul or NOTHING, you will get Obama. And I think that's what you want anyways which is why you didn;t join the GOP for Ron Paul.

Okay, here's the deal, bro.

The Republican party has completely abandoned its party platform, which consists of a humble foreign policy, no nation building, lower taxes, more personal freedoms, less government intrusion. Does any of this sound familiar? Why on EARTH would we care if Obama is reelected if Ron Paul is not the nominee? What exactly would change, anyway? The Ron Paul Republicans are the true Republicans and the party has been hijacked by the Neocons who are indistinguishable from the Democrats. Since when did the Republican party run on a platform of assassinating American citizens and warrantless wiretaps and searches and TSA crap? They either get with the program and get behind the only TRUE Republican running or make themselves irrelevant. It's really just as simple as that we're just sick of these fascists.

That's not the deal I'm being dealt

The Neocons are the same party as the Neoliberals. The Neocons (who were Democrats/RINO) joined the GOP and betrayed the conservatives. The Neoliberals joined the Democrat Party and betrayed the liberals.

Bush and the MSM hurt the GOP, to the point, it's actually smaller than the Independent vote (which is why Americans Elect is going to take those votes).

Ron Paul stayed with the Republican Party to "Restore the Republic", and his followers, joined the GOP to take back the party from the Neocons. This is what we are actively doing. I'm seeking ballot access. Many of us are seeking ballot access and becoming delegates and electoral voters IN THE GOP.

The biggest problem we have are Indy's and third parties that HOPE we fail, because they are so put off by what they have learned through MSM about the GOP, they won't join. They don't listen to Ron paul. They don't listen to us. They don't go to GOP meetings to see for themselves. They just hope we will FAIL.

But I'm hoping that we won't FAIL.

We are taking back the GOP. JOIN US.

Your title and last statement

Your title and last statement are confusing. I was Independent but registered and voted for Ron Paul as Republican. I believe Ron Paul will never compromised to become Mitt's VP, so let's just keep it at that.

I don't agree

Ron Paul CHOSE the REPUBLICAN PARTY, which which he has worked with for 40 years already. He's going to have to work with the Party he chose.

LOL... Are you serious!? I

LOL... Are you serious!? I think you need to do more research about Dr. Ron Paul.

Yep, I'm serious

Ron Paul was vetted as a Libertarian in 1988, but he left that party a 24 years ago. Today, he is running for the nomination in the Republican Party, not the Libertarian party. Gary Johnson (GOP) is going for the Libertarian Party nomination.

I'm happy to research Ron Paul. What have you got? I don't do YouTube; I do read, have 2 of his books. What should I study? I'm open. Let's see waht you can teach me, I really appreciate it!!!

Research on Youtube and

Research on Youtube and C-SPAN... In The Revolution: A Manifesto, a fundamental undertone about politicians compromising their political platforms once they get elected. You'll also find out about his voting statistics in Congress where he always voted against the bill if it violates the Constitution.

Compromise? Who said anything about compromise?

Ron Paul does NOT have to COMPROMISE his political platform as a VP.

Those of us who are Ron Paul Republicans KNOW we are a minority in the party of Republicans seated at Republican Central Committees. How many folks on Daily Paul are on Republican Central Committees? If I were a betting person I'd wager that most here are not even Republicans.

I don't need YouTube for MY REALITY CHECK. All I have tio do is go to my count Republican Central Committee and look at the 4 neocons facing me to tell me that my working for ballot access and getting people to Register GOP is HARD WORK becasue I'm a minority. Oh there are plenty of Indy's and Libertarians (as If he wouldn't have to compromise dumping all of us in the GOP to be an absolute LOSER in the election.

We are taking the GOP. The Neocons own it. We are fighting to take it from them. Ron Paul NEEDS to remain in public office, and if we don't get his for president, then he should accept VP, becasue it's better than NOTHING or being on a speakers circuit. Ron Paul on a speakers circuit isn't going to help me and those like me at all. It will help him sell books for a couple of years, but it will be over if Rand doesn't compromise to fill his Father's shoes and run in 16


id only vote for them if paul is president. period. but i also think thats pauls goal.... :) pauls using romneys career as leverage - romney cant lose in 08 and 2012.... dnt let them write the narrative - im on it - paul romney 2012 but mitts vp - because mitt cant lose twice.... when noone gets 1144 ---- mitt endorses paul - or he loses twice and career over.


TERRIBLE idea...

...Obamney as RP's V.P. would inspire the resurrection from the dead of "Lee Harvey Oswald."

Get REAL people, just STOP. No more talk of Dr. Paul (either one) as V.P. or ESPECIALLY of any of the globalist criminals as RP's running mate!!

I Agree...

We all know that none of the three stooges, including Mitt, can beat Obama. Dr. Paul has the youth vote and has wide appeal with anti war Democrats, Independents and those concerned with civil liberties that were lost with the Patriot Act and NDAA. It is mostly minorities that are imprisoned for non violent drug crimes and then forced into slave labor in prison factories. Many are making products for the Military Industrial Complex. With Dr. Paul running Obama does not have a lock on the black vote. Voting for any other Republican is a wasted vote because they can not win and are really no better. They are tools of the status quo.

So let it be written...

...So let it be done!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Rand Paul 2016

I agree. But I think anyone other than the GOP candidate will ensure an Obama win and a Rand Paul win in 2016!


I will take a Dr. Paul vice presidency over a promise of Rand as president 4 years from now.

Dude, let's be serious

Dude, let's be serious here... if by "Dr. Paul," you mean Dr. Ron Paul as VP, you're the one who's delusional!

Do you honestly think he's going to jump on a Romney, Newt or Satantorium ticket??? Give me a break!!!

If Dr. Ron Paul loses this year, then it's all the chips on Dr. Rand Paul in 2016... and I'll still be young enough to hope for and fight for it, too!

Yes, I think he would take it

VP is nothing to sneeze at. It would help all of us who have joined the party and are running for Republican offices. For him to be on the speakers circuit would HURT all of us who have joined the GOP and are running for offices as Ron Paul Republicans. For him to be VP is better than nothing.

Moreover, the last thing we

Moreover, the last thing we need is people being lulled and tricked back to sleep by a Ron Paul VP. People are mad, the youth are mad, it's all or nothing!!!

I don't know what you're talking about

I'm sure that those who say what you are saying are not on Republican Central Committees, they are not delegates or trying to be delegates, and not registered Republican.

This is why the Indy voter who is for Ron Paukl is really FOR NOTHING and employing Ron Paul rEVOLution like a paracite because as a Indy THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE!

That's how you get nothing


Being a Power Broker, yes, I

Being a Power Broker, yes, I agree, will help us, but a VP slot is garbage and will only hurt Rand's chances in 2016. What do you think would happen if he took a VP slot? Do you think our troops would come home? Do you think the Fed would end? Do you think gold would become a competing currency? Do you think the Patriot Act and NDAA would be torn up? Do you think GE or GS would be able to fail? Do think a President Romney would allow Dr. Paul do anything worth while while jeopardizing a Rand Paul "Rand Slide" in 2016???

Being out of government is the worst scenario

If he took the VP slot, the Ron Paul Republicans in offices has help because Ron Paul will have people, to help us continue to expand his message at home.

George Bush, Mr NWO, was VP and born the Neocons... we are trying to undo that, and it's hard because the neoliberals like the Clintons are in power (Obama is just a cover) and we don't have a liberal arm to smash them. We don't even have Occupy, nor do we want Occupy, which represents the liberals who were betrayed by the neoliberals.

Imagine a government with NO Ron Paul in it. What good is that? It's fine if you're planning on moving to tinbuctoo, but if you have joined the GOP and are holding an office, it's not going to be good for you at all. Why not care about those who have followed Ron Paul into politics and look up to him as our leader?

George Bush and his cronies,

George Bush and his cronies, like Cheney and Rumsfeld, were working behind the scenes way longer than the time GHB was VP. Bush had the luxury of having a boss who was a Washington and Wall Street outsider.

Now that Wall Street runs Washington, we don't have that luxury. A Ron Paul VP would be a very short-lived victory and a long-term mistake for the cause of liberty.

I don't imagine a world without Ron Paul in it because I support his offspring fully and believe he's more than capable of handling the load in 2016.

I don't agree

Yes, working behind the scene, but came into power under Bush Sr.

The Federal Reserve Bank runs DC, not Wall Street.

A Ron Paul VP is better than nothing, and since it appears many RCCs have Ron Paul Republicans as a MINORITY, I'm outnumbered as "All to one", a VP will enable us to "grow behind the scenes". Rand is not Ron and does not have the support. Rand would have to compromise allot of of issues to gain the support of Ron... I support Rand, but Rand is not who convinced me to join the GOP, roll up my sleaves and get to work taking back the party and nation to constitutional and righteous grounds.