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I Will NOT Vote for anyone except Ron Paul...Not Mitt, not anyone even if

Rand is his VP. No one but Ron Paul, at the top of the ticket. No way, no how. No deals, no compromises. Period. Do I make myself clear?

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I do not need to feel "repulsion" for Romney to make

my point. Neither do I have to feel repulsion for ANY other candidate to make my point. What I feel strongly about is getting RP elected...and how that is happening - or not happening. I believe that most certainly is relevant, and if we can't discuss this issue freely here among like-minded people, where can we? Hence, I disagree with you.

You have raised no issue to discuss....

You have not brought up a single point of discussion. Before you said you just wanted to make your stand known. If it must makes you feel better, then so be it. I am not sure what you want to air out, though. Is this for or against an alliance?

So, i said that you should prove your stand that you have a thing against Romney by saying maybe what all you don't like about him versus the other candidates and why because of that you would or would not support him in various ways, like maybe helping move Newt/Santorum out of the way.


If you don't understand after all this discussion...

I can't help you. It couldn't be any clearer to me - and to many others judging by the responses to my post. And I have nothing to "prove." I simply raised a simple issue and my posts are self-explanatory.

I completely understand your sentiments OP...

...you and others like you are standing up for the Cause..the liberty movement and the Constitution. No one but Ron Paul is running on this platform(in the GOP).

Me personally, I don't know tbh. If there's a different outcome other than Ron Paul being the nominee or if he chose a big government VP I will have to give time to think. I've decided not to decide until we cross that bridge. I'm going to deal with what is in front of me instead. That's where I can influence.

As for Rand, I would prefer him to gain more experience in the political field before running for VP. VP these days seems more like a glorified title than an actual position of power. Rand does more good for the nation remaining where he is--he does himself more good by gaining wisdom and the fortitude needed if he were to run one day. Time is on his side. He'll have history of competence and the knowledge to become a People's President albeit with little competition.

You summed up my thoughts

You summed up my thoughts pretty accurately. Good post.

I Disagree 100%

Maybe I am weaker than the rest of you? But if either of the Dr. Paul's were able to break through this "Den of Vipers" and actually have the inside seat for POTUS 2016 or 2020...OMG! The stage he would have! The lives he could help, the Constitutional influence he could bring back to D.C.? I am under the opinion that the Republicans will change every rule and fix every primary so that he will NEVER win! But...they can't seem to stop all those delegates (they're trying as we speak)! So Dr. Paul's supporters are going to choose NOT to support him as VP? We're going to hang him out to dry in this "hypothetical" situation we're talking about? We're going to refuse silver when we all know darn-well, that the establishment would rather die than allow him Gold? Dr. Paul and Benton and the rest of us (supporters) have already decided to "play their game". We didn't make the rules...but we're going to use and abuse those rules to assure Dr. Paul goes as far as he can...and then what...walk away? In this "hypothetical" he's not running 3rd party, he's not even asking for write-ins. In this "hypothetical"...the man who has given EVERYTHING for us, is asking for our VOTE!!! And you say NO?

if Ron Paul is offered and wants VP he has my vote

he can't be ignored as VP which is why it aint gunna happen

but, if Paul joins Romney, it will be Paul doing the influencing, not the other way around. and together, they could develop policies that would advance the cause of liberty and draw the GOP votes required to pass legislative action.

i can see Ron Paul becoming mentor to Romney and if he can change Romney can be an example to others in govt.

Brokered convention of no value???

I don't see any value of a brokered convetion:

Paul will just be giving his delegates to Romney. The other rivlas will not have as many delegates as they have been weakened by the media-establishmentmachine.

Maybe Something meaningless will arise like nepotism to Rand for some fake low-level position in the administration (like an backroom analyst crunching numbers) or leading tea party caucus in only a symbolic role without influence to change but to co-opt others into establishment.

Or something like promise to campaign on a meaningless small aspects of patriot act that have more aggressive acts elsewhere or for more of an audit that is useless as their secret dealings have already been revealed to justify the end of the fed.


Yes, I say No...See my response below to


Add Rand or Ron to Romney and he is

still a big government spending republican that snubs
his nose at the constitution.
The whole scenario reminds me of Palin thing, if you put
lipstick on a pig it is still a PIG !!!!!

Go after Romney...

A lot of passioned talk, but not as much action on taking out Romney or weakening him, so how can one truly mean that they do not support Romney.


couldn't agree more

I will not support another republican

I'm not sure I understand

You say you'll only vote for Ron Paul but you'll vote Constitution party instead of a ticket that actually has Ron Paul on it? I think if we all leave the Republican party once Ron Paul retires we will be making a grave mistake. Don't misunderstand me. I love the principled stands of third party candidates, but if we want to effect change in the country, it's more likely to happen within the two party system. We have Rand Paul in the Senate, Justin Amash in Congress. Who is the highest ranking Constituion/Libertarian Party member? I think there is a State Representative in Montana, but that's about it. Let's go through the Republican party to change the party and at the same time change the country. That seems to be the strategy Dr. Paul has dedicated his life to, and that's good enough for me.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams

Your argument is essentially

Your argument is essentially "vote for the lesser of two evils."

I refuse to vote for evil, regardless of many others do.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

You do misunderstand...I will vote for Ron Paul no matter

what ticket he is on if - and only if - he is at the top of the ticket. I don't care who his VP is. I trust him to make a good choice. If he is not on any ticket, I will write him in or vote third party.

If anyone else is the GOP nominee, I will not vote for that person (neither will I vote for Obama). I don't give a hoot in hell about the Republican party - they have betrayed us for years. They are sabotaging Ron Paul and dissing us. See the definition of Stockholm Syndrome. I will not appease the aggressor.

And, I did not leave the Republican Party, they left me. I owe them nothing. The only power we have is in numbers. And our numbers are growing every day.

Maybe my vote will be wasted but it means something important to me - my integrity.

Belle, you seem to be consistent...

There is nothing wrong with drawing a line in the sand and saying "if I can't have him, I want no one". In fact, I too will never vote for the lesser of two evils EVER again! But...if you would allow me, some wiggle room...THIS IS different! Dr. Paul represents the founder's re-incarnated, and I think that the cause of liberty is best served by getting him (the liberty movement) as close to the policy and decision making as possible. I would not ask you to re-consider your personal views of Mitt Romney...but rather to re-evaluate your standards and definition of "winning" and "loosing". For I think, and many would agree...VP or Treasury Sec. would be the greatest victory for Liberty since Jackson closed the 2nd national bank of the US! Dr. Paul will not live forever (gulp), what is the goal here? Is it Ron Paul or the liberties granted to us by God? And then...to what means do we seek to obtain those liberties (get them back)?

Ron Paul as VP would be great for the establishment

and horrible for liberty. Imagine the image of Jesus as water-carrier for Satan. "At least Jesus is close to the action!" All this would do is tarnish Ron Paul's image. He would become a party to all the transgressions of a Romney administration (and they would be many). He would lose all the credibility he has built up over his decades of standing alone against the tide.

The Ron Paul we know and love can't be reconciled with Mitt Romney. If he were to go on being the same Ron Paul, Romney would not have him. Imagine: Romney announces he is bombing Iran. Our Ron Paul would immediately condemn this as a criminal act of aggression, and an impeachable offense. If Vice President Ron Paul would sit quietly on the sidelines, what good would it do us to have him there?

Some of you here have yet to learn: A man's word is his life. His integrity is worth more than all the money in the world. Ron Paul understands this. Think of all the worldly perks he has foregone, so that he could go on defending liberty!

I respect your thoughtful analysis...but respectfully

disagree. There is no room for compromise. That has gotten us nowhere - and I have been voting for 40 years (first for George McGovern in 1972). Nothing changes because we don't let it. We give in, or settle, or compromise, or make some excuse that something will change if we just do x, y, or z. It doesn't. Because too many of us are afraid to take a stand. I know, I have been there.

Never again.

I'm getting . . .

a feeling that the PTB are pushing back. :(

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I will only vote for Ron

I will only vote for Ron Paul. Even if Rand were to be selected as the VP for Romney or that idiot Santorum I will NOT vote for that ticket. If Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee I will vote for the Constitution party candidate. Thats just the way it is.

Ron is a very important

Ron is a very important person to the cause of liberty. Sometimes, I feel that members of the DP community lose site of what is important, and that is libety.

"The economy's not a class you can master in college. To think otherwise is the pretense of knowledge."

I agree

I will be ecstatic if RP was the Vice President.

Think of Al Gore's platform after his time in office.

We should be realists and understand and seize the opportunties we have. This "all or nothing" mentality is not effective in politics. We are winning as a movement, let's keep the momentum going.

Ron as VP now would set the stage for a Rand presidency and increase the liberty movement by an order of magnitude.

Exactly. All this VP is

Exactly. All this VP is speculation. For now, lets focus on Presidency. If we cross the road of a VP nomination, lets not let the opprotunity go to waste.

"The economy's not a class you can master in college. To think otherwise is the pretense of knowledge."


No one but Ron Paul!

My vote goes to Ron Paul and Ron Paul only

For me, it's Ron Paul or no one! Mitt may be a "nice guy", and I wouldn't care if Ron and Mitt were friends but I will not support a Paul/Romney ticket. I just couldn't do it.


1. Push button for. Dr. Ronald Paul

2.Write in. Ron Paul

"I’d rather chase a rabbit around all day I couldn't catch, than chase a skunk, I could."

Rand Paul for President of the Senate?

It's all or nothing, this is war.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.

I'm with you!

Honestly, I'm getting a little tired of these games. If the Ron Paul campaign doesn't SOON refute the rumors of a Paul-Romney alliance, and a possible Romney-Rand Paul ticket, I'm not going to waste any more time or money on this endeavor.

Honestly, it's insulting to the many people who support Ron Paul because they actually BELIEVE in something. I mean, really, Rand. You're HONORED to be sought as a running mate by a guy who supported the looting of the middle class for Wall Street billionaires? A guy who instituted the health insurance mandate in Massachusetts. A guy who defends the Fed's debasement of the currency. A guy who supports a war of aggression against a country that is no threat to the U.S. -- a war in which tens of thousands of innocent people are likely to die. Would you be similarly "honored" by an invitation to be Obama's running mate? If not, you're a hypocrite. And if you WOULD be honored by such an invitation, then I'd like to hear you explain why that is the case. Some of us are wondering.

I truly admire Ron Paul. That much hasn't changed. But the people running his campaign have gone off the rails. They are playing games with us and I don't like it at all. The media is running with this story of "Rom-Paul" to further discredit Paul as a serious contender. The campaign is doing nothing to challenge it. Quite the opposite — they're dropping hints to suggest the rumors might be true. This story is now accepted as truth by the majority of voters, who get most of their information from the mainstream media. Why should I defend the seriousness of Ron Paul's candidacy to skeptics when his own campaign is complicit in undermining that seriousness?

Go ahead and vote me down if I'm just being a naysayer. But I'm really just sick and tired of the games. I don't expect any help from the enemy. But when the people who are ostensibly in your own camp start defecting to the other side, what hope is there?

You are on top of it...

Your comments show you are thinking thru the political process on your own terms and being honest about it - good for you. I can see why you are standing where you are versus making empty meaningless statements without the courage to explain why. that way you know you are not hiding anything by only wanting to state you will vote for paul and against an alliance, or there are some who will do any type of alliance, no matter how harmful it is, and still say they will vote for paul.


what if Rand gets VP and Ron gets to head the Fed?

the Fed has more power than Pres anyway, right?