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How to spot a "concern-troll"

A "concern-troll" usually has been a member for a few hours to a few weeks. He does not come to the forums introducing himself deferentially as a sincere person would. His very first post begins with a declaration of his devotion to Ron Paul. (Who doubted it?) But there is just this one thing that is concerning him... [insert slander, diversion, or divisive issue here]. Sometimes the concern-troll has been a member for four years, but inactive since he trolled during the 2008 campaign.

I am reminded of "tells from actors" at the poker table. Inexperienced players come up with what they think are ingenious mannerisms to throw off the opponents. Very original. So they think. But experienced players have seen those affectations a thousand times. They are not fooled for an instant. Do not be fooled by the "concern-troll" either. They think they are being clever, but they are really very transparent.

What to do if you see a concern-troll? Do not waste time with him. Down-vote the thread and leave it without commenting. Report it in the Mod Box if you like. Do some campaigning, perhaps through the Phone-From-Home program.

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I must be in another

I must be in another world.

More and more I find myself avoiding posting here.

And it's not because of "Cointel" or "Concern troll".

It's becoming a stew of paranoia.

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Fatty - Just because I'm

Fatty - Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't following me.

Seriously though, there has been a mass influx ofmnew folksmthatnare clearly here to sabotage. There are dead giveaways like posting virgin negative content,or referring to RP as "Paul" - they betray themselves in their impersonal reference to the good doctor.

I know we fall into the trap by even engaging, but some of us are easy pray.

Cos Cob, CT

I support your right to smoke

I support your right to smoke weed, just not while posting.


Trolls up the ante in smoke filled room postulate. DPers stand pat.


When bluffs called it’s time for the stooge to fold.


timely bump


"Tact is the knack of making a point...

"Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy."
~ Isaac Newton

It's good to be aware of the tactics of organized elements intent on sewing division. We've seen it many times over the years. The problem is that some people might legitimately be new and just have strong opinions. Even if we accurately identify users as trolls it's generally not a good idea to label them as such openly, because other new members will not be able to see what we do and this may drive them away.

If ignoring(not commenting on divisive posts) doesn't work, and using reason doesn't work, it may be necessary to kindly point out that the persons comments are causing distraction or division during this critical time in the election(say, a heavy media day or caucus day) so we should just agree to disagree or adjorn the cornversation to a less critical time.

One common mistake I see is that when reasoning with potention trolls, even if right, supports often do it in an arrogant manner. This is counterproductive and plays right into the hands of trolls because now they have a good reason to reply and escalate the situation. Authentic new users see this and are none the wiser. So it's generally best to be very polite and humble and in that way we make it difficult to for troll to create a lot of drama without looking like a problem maker to the new users. Their ripples are seen more clearly against the backdrop of a calm pond.

I'd like to add this video in addition to Jive_Dadson's own observations of troll behariour:

Fox News technique: "some people say"

I couldn't agree more. A

I couldn't agree more. A simple kill line like "Well at least he didn't sign the NDAA mirite?" or "This issue has always divided us, and during election time we try not to argue these points."

Or even a quick dismiss..."We should only cry fraud when linking to documentation that may prove so."

Sorta like a community ban of certain topics or something. And if there are legitimate arguments to be had on Dr. Paul's policies, there should be a separate board for active users that have been around for a while (So they are less likely to be trolls) where we can seriously discuss the issue. This may exist already, I'm not sure.

But it's a lot to ask all the true Ron Paul folks to not stir up argument when sometimes it's just so tempting to hit them with facts, or if you're on the opposite side perhaps there are stances he holds that you're so against, it aggravates you you're in the minority here.

Just want to take the opportunity to tell you

I will always remember and appreciate your wise and wonderfully instructional YouTubes from way back when.

We are lucky to have you as an free advisor and I'd like to see more of you doing exactly what you are doing, being real, and a BIG help to the grassroots.

I was accused of being a troll... I just laugh it off.

I just type as I think...nothing wrong with that. Although I am Canadian, I realize that my dollar is not backed by gold, it is backed by the US dollar. Therefor I back Ron Paul. I am not a weed smoker, yet I back the right to smoke and grow weed. In Canada they are pushing backwards laws regarding pot... moreless trying to please the US lawmakers or just trying to push the prison industry complex on the people. Since Canada tries to copy the US with its military-look alike police forces. I have a reason to be scared.

I wish Canada had a Ron Paul. It takes about 12 years in Canada to establish a new party... I wish my US cousins had that option. Hate to break it to you folks but your country is locked up for life by the 2 party system. I wish you best of luck.

I was reading about Stephen Harper there.

What I was reading was about how he disliked Obama & wouldn't work with him to embrace N.W.O. and North American Union. He was waiting for a "conservative" to work with on accomplishing such things. Have you learned about him or have you learned how they want to form the North American Union(United States, Canada, & Mexico). This has been in the making for quite a while, the ruin of all our sovereignty. Just wondering.

"One Nation Under God - Indivisible" = Means trolls not welcome.

"One Nation Under God - Indivisible"

Does that mean we advocate attacking virtually everyone, including outsiders and immediately dismissing them? No, what this ultimately proves is that trolls & saboteurs are not welcome to join Dr. Paul's and Thomas Wood's platform.

It only means *reason* AND *logic* are to be employed at all times, as much as possible, by those who support the message of freedom. It doesn't mean we can't disagree, since we regularly do. It doesn't mean we can't debate, since we regularly do.

It means in so doing, we strive to employ true *logic* & *reason* at every juncture & every turn. Thus, Republicans in support of Thomas Woods or Dr. Paul would not ask if it is okay to bomb Syria or Pakistan or ask whether the Patriot Act is useful for America, if we manage to reform its word usage. Because it clearly never is.

Nor would they ask whether we should reform Goldman Sachs or the Federal Reserve, through legislation, as such ploys clearly never do a hint of good. Nor would any of them ask whether we should reform FEMA, versus abolish it, as again such scams are why we are even here today.

Nor would they ask whether we should abolish the Koran, reform the Koran, whether Mitt Romney/Paul to join forces or "promote" Dr. Paul to run third party when clearly there's a campaign season in full swing. Pointless, servile and socially BACKWARDS questions like these are what cause division, subterfuge & food fights within the rank & file and also GOP leadership.

And they are questions that you newcomers always raise constantly, including the question of 9-11, which is an ambiguous & UNIMPORTANT question compared to the Federal Reserve.

For the final time, that is why you are rightly called out as trolls. So next time you come in here to blame somebody, or to snipe at someone who supports Dr. Paul's ideals (though NOT the face) please gaze into the mirror first. Its a waste of time to bring up questions which are POINTLESS, and they harm the cause, as during campaigns or election seasons their only purpose is to sow division.

YOU of course, deep down know this. And let me tell you, I was once like you. Every last one of us were, until we finally ripped off the disguise of the Lamestream Media & figured out where all this nonsense was generated from. George Clooney, NBC, Clinton-Goldman Sachs Inc who has you glued to a television set.

The idiot box lies every five minutes, learn to understand its true intent. Watch how blatantly it serves the agenda of the Federal Reserve, & actually ignore the distractions it shoots off at you.

Why is it always serving the interests of the Federal Reserve, and to what end?

Ask that very question & you will soon realize how pointless and harmful all the other questions become. To the point that the rest turn irrelevant.

And, of course I agree that the Koran is wrong.
The Koran, Kaballah and most other literature is utter trash & perhaps irredeemable in the eyes of God.

But being wide awake, I also know there is not any way for the Muslims & Imams to be that organized & prop up a world government.

I also know that the Sudanese don't have the capabilities to invade other countries, neither the competence to form an Islamic world union in any sense of the word.

I could never be so stupid as to buy such a load of lies. Yet when I turn on the Idiot Box, this is exactly what it yells at me.

But in spite of this, I can switch to the real news which confirms the only viable group who has pulled off a world government are the globalists. Admitted live on air.

In so doing, I am able to adhere to the only principles which matter in the long-run. [Where all the others, who appear to be liberals; haven't a clue.]

Obedience to the U.S. Constitution, the only law of the land. The final line in the sand.

Thus, I agree with Dr. Paul's conservative stance on war.
Ask why there is a Federal Reserve plus Abolish the Federal Reserve. Restore our National Defense with a strong force at home.
(Then decide what to do about the Koran/Kaballah,etc which can be eradicated through many legal actions)

I've read Ron Paul's

I've read Ron Paul's detractors often making suggestions that one of the behaviors common among his supporters is immediately labeling even the slightest bit of dissent as "trolling."

As Kevin Webb points out:

"Here are a few lessons that I have learned in meeting Ron Paul supporters:

-Anyone that disagrees with Ron Paul is unconstitutional
-Anyone that has other points of view is a troll
-Most of them want to talk about the New World Order (NWO), aliens, hating Jews, and the Illuminati
-They only respect military personnel when they can use them as voter support statistics
-If you present facts to them that they don’t like, then they SPAM you to death
-You can’t be for protecting Americans and support the Constitution
-They are good at shouting people down
-They are good at hi-jacking straw polls
-They’re good at SPAMMING you into oblivion with Ron Paul links
-They’re especially good at answering every question with a question – that rarely makes sense"

The reader is encouraged to formulate his own opinion on the truth of these allegations.

Everyone's different

There are many types of people here.

I agree we should be polite when discussing topics, no-one like to be told what to think. We should talk about our points of view by just suggesting that they are good ideas and listen to understand why others have different views.

I don't think Ron Paul supporters should be less enthusiastic we have that as our main weapon. Also I see a lot of Obama supporters who are as rude and narrow-minded posting attacks on conservative viewpoints.

Let's call the trolls out but be nice about it.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."


I think Jive is the troll attempting to push new supporters away at this critical time. Heck, I figure since it's the Red Scare all over again I might as well jump in and accuse somebody of something with absolutely no evidence. Sounds like something Dr. Paul would do, collectivizing an entire group of people we've never even interacted with before.

Put on your big boy pants and think...

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Iv only been on this site for

Iv only been on this site for three days and been accused of being a troll multiple times, all you paraniod people are driving supporters away. Im going back to facebook because theres alot of a holes here and i wastef my time. Hope your happy

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I, for one, am very happy.

I, for one, am very happy. Go back to your FB monitoring for DARPA, MITRE or whatever other piece of shit shadow government NGO you work for - douchebag.

Cos Cob, CT

Yep i'll go do that... fuckin

Yep i'll go do that... fuckin idiots, see people this is what im talkin about

403 ... gone but not forgotten

Bye Brady, you were a true dedicated patriot, it was nice for all 3 days that you were here.


dude,sometimes we fail one another

take heart and know that Liberty is for all

wearing feelings on your sleeve may be a hindrance to ones growth

LOve the R3volution

nipple rings

is a dead giveaway where I come from

just sayin


Seems that certain people are getting more worried and stepping up the anti Paul campaign.
They do not at first appear to be anti Ron Paul people. But they seek to stir up arguments about tivialities and irrelevancies amongst genuine RP supporters.
They also seek to distract and deflect from what genuine supporters might otherwise be doing in the cause of Ron Paul.
One of them is Clint Black on twitter.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Stop acting as a Progressive if your for Liberty

Ian-What about Liberty and Libertarianism says if one disagrees with your point of view you issue an post attacking them trying to cast them from the LIBERTY movement? Ron would be very ashamed of anyone discouraging and trying to silence different ideas and viewpoints as that is exactly what Progressives do. So essentially you are behaving in the very manner you say you are against. Ron would be ashamed by your isolating attacking post and I guarantee would rebuke YOU as anti-Liberty. @CblackTX may not hold the same view in regards to a 3rd party and I guarantee you did nothing but shrink Ron's support if HE chose to do so by singling out a Ron supporter and branding him a trouble maker. YOU hurt your own cause.

I as a Ron contributor am very embarrassed and I assure you Ron would be too if he read your crapola post. You owe Clint an apology and if you have any honor, you will issue one publicly and swiftly. You can tweet me anytime @okiemuskogee33

I hope you take to heart what I posted and really think about your actions in the future. Have a great day.

Mr. Black

Its not about holding the same views or not. We are all free to communicate our views. My encounter with this man was on a very specific issue where he used RP rhetoric and hid behind it to espouse HATE SPEECH. I have no problem with hate. What I have a problem with is pretending its part of the Liberty movement at all, and using that as a pretext. I applaud this thread and the many many people that have had encounters with Mr. Black and his rhetoric. It is HE who is doing a disservice by attacking Ron Paul supporters (called me a Paultard) while at the same time pretending to be one. I see right through him. You perhaps should look harder

I have thought about your post

and looked at his recent tweets as well.

1. There were no spats between Ron Paul people before Clint showed up. At least none that I ever saw.
Sure they were some disagreements and healthy debate on some topics.

2. I AGREED with his position on a 3rd party run and tweeted the same.

3. Someone else disagreed with him. So he started calling them names and generally bullying them.
He seems to take great delight in calling people names and trying to sow discord.
Genuine Ron Paul fans are leaving active involvement or being demoralised or distracted.
He generally only picks on contentious, irrelevant or trivial issues to comment upon, seeking out divisions.
He makes no contribution to furthering Ron Paul's campaign.
He posts outright lies and distortions.

4. Not genuine
He says he is anti bank and various other things.
But posts nothing up from the voluminous amount of evidence against the banks.
E.G. The recent Goldman Sachs whistleblower, JPM whistleblower, bank fraud, Obama proposed bail-outs.
You would expect to see something.
Neither does he rt anyone who does.
But there is nothing - strange.

Neither does he post up anything against any other candidate.
I cannot recall any other genuine Ron Paul supporter, resist doing at least some of that.
Again - strange.

I can only re-iterate my original position after reviewing the available evidence.
It is all classic stuff.

N.B1 He saw my post saying he had nothing positive to say.
So he put some up, but nothing original.
And couched them with "Don't blame it all on the banksters" "wait for 2016".

N.B2 A troll should not be confused with someone who asks genuine questions, clarification or seeks healthy debate.
I am all for that.
Nor should they be confused with someone who is genuinely anti Paul or who supports someone else. Again genuine debate is healthy.
I don't see why someone should be insulted though, for holding a diferent view. I think I know what Ron Paul's view would be on that, he always behaves as the model of decorum.

P.S. It looks like someone may be genuinely concerned about Ron Paul mounting a 3rd party run. We have no idea who that person or group might be.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

I'm NOT an insrugent as Ian56 claims

Ian and his friends are simply a little agressive at the slightest disagreement. They truly do "follow" Dr. Paul. I do NOT "follow" Dr. Paul. I support Dr. Paul because he defends the Constitution. Ian's belief that I am an insurgent stems from a disagreement over the benefit of a 3rd party run. He and his friends became very emotional and upset at my assertion it might not be the best for the Liberty movement. I was accused of horrible things. I invite anyone to follow me or comment @CblackTX on twitter. Thanks everyone. I'm going back to twitter...this isn't my thing here, but I was directed to the slanderous comments made by Ian, of England, on this site. I would like to mention I will support whatever Paul does...but I am entitled to my own opinion of what is best for Liberty like all of you. Thank you. EndTheFed EndTheWars RestoreTheConstituiton and ElectRonPaul!!


You hide behind RP rhetoric and the "liberty movement" to attack others. You are welcome to your opinions, but using RP or the "liberty movement" as a cover is disingenuous. You know who I am and what we discussed. You didn't listen to a thing I said, had your own agenda and narrative, and twisted my words to suit your conclusions. That's fine. But don't get upset when I called you out for the hate speech. Just own it. I have no problem with hate speech, I have a problem with someone who can't own up to what they are saying and/or doing.

You sir

Have not posted one comment that would help Ron Paul one iota.
You seek to cause ructions between genuine Ron Paul supporters over irrelevancies and trivialities, when the only focus now should be to win more votes and delegates for Ron Paul.

I am not the only one calling you out.
You are an Agent Provocateur or troll as this thread puts it.
You seek to distract people and demotivate them from helping Ron Paul.

I just ignore you, but if you come on here - I have no choice but respond.
You are the only person I have ever blocked on Twitter (apart from spammers.)

People can make up their own minds as to my support for Ron Paul from my blog site and the articles posted there over many weeks.

I don't know what role your location plays on your ability to think. But you have no facts to back up your assertions and the evidence proves the contrary, so you resort to sly digs again.
It wasn't the fact the you were discussing a 3rd party run, it was the manner of your doing so - stirring up trouble.
I just called you out earlier than most.

Don't play the emotion card.
It was not others who sought to be the emotional bully.

I have said all I will on the matter.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

I agree

Ian you are spot on. He even tried to demean you and this entire site by saying you live in England so therefore "don't count". This was what he communicated to me. He has now several sycophants that are "agreeing" with him. And makes fun of me for "trolling" his tweets. He's a bully. And I have been confronting bully's my whole life. I'm with you.

That is one of them.

He's one of the main ones.

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton

Sorry you feel that way. I'm

Sorry you feel that way. I'm 100% for the liberty movement with, or without Paul at it's lead.