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Ron Paul facts, Chuck Norris style

Yes, I'm that bored right now...

Ron Paul can travel to anywhere in the the world by car.

The only person who can read Lady GaGa's poker face is Ron Paul

Ron Paul doesn't need to order the submarine captain through wireless communication. He can swim down there and tell him personally.

Ron Paul was sent from the future to save the Constitution and John Connor

Yoda was Ron Paul's apprentice

The price of gasoline doesn't matter to Ron Paul personally. His car runs on pure righteousness

The Dead Sea got it's name after a fight with Ron Paul

The Ron Paul action figure by RevolutionPAC has slept with more women than most men

Ron Paul single handedly brought back the McRib

The titanic didn't hit an iceberg. It hit Ron Paul's rage over the coming 16th amendment

Ben Bernanke had a full head of hair the day before he met Ron Paul

Ron Paul once decided to that all his knowledge should be available to the public. Coincidentally, wikipedia came online 6 months later

Ron Paul doesn't want to be groped by TSA against because it's unconstitutional and because the slightest touch to Ron Paul would make women leave their husbands

Ron Paul is the one person Mr. T doesn't pity

The day Ron Paul was born was the only day in history where nobody died

Superman has a poster of Ron Paul in his bedroom

Ron Paul hit a home run during the congressional baseball game while bunting

Ron Paul can understand David Lynch movies

Ron Paul once made qualifying time at Daytona 500, but was not allowed in the actual race due to the fact he was riding a bike at the time

Ron Paul has never voted for any law that would hinder an individual's right to a firearm because he believes the other person should have a fighting chance.

The mafia is only a shell of it's former self because Ron Paul
no longer provided it protection.

No child delivered by Dr. Paul has ever cried

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