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Texas GOP to meet Wed Feb29 about delegate process

And its an open meeting to the Public in Austin. The consensus is that the GOP feels that its the Dems fault for trying to silence the Texas GOP vote. Not one word about trying to hand pick delegates that would otherwise be unfriendly to Ron Paul.

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TX delegates now unbound after emergency meeting vote

Great news, Delegates from TX will be unbound. "The first significant amendment to be debated was one proposed by SREC member Tom Washington, and presented by SREC member Jason Moore. This amendment UNBOUND the delegates to the RNC National Convention after the first ballot. This amendment passed overwhelmingly. This will make Texas a much bigger player on the national stage in the event that there is a brokered convention in Tampa, FL this August, as we have the second largest delegation with 155 delegates and all of the delegates will be up for grabs on the second ballot." http://www.texasgop.org/posts/245-emergency-srec-meeting-update

RP R3VOLution

From another thread... Today at NOON!

From Tyler....

So I just got off the phone with the Texas GOP in Austin and here's what they had to say,

The meeting will take place starting at 12:00 pm at 1108 Lavaca St, Austin, tx on the 7th floor in the large conference room.

We need as many people there to represent our voice that we are for a PROPORTIONATE delegation at least 3 amendments are being proposed today and many of them are winner-take type formats.

It won't take long. Come and be heard.

Email or call me.



Location of Texas GOP Headquarters

1108 Lavaca, Suite 500 Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: 512.477.9821 | Fax: 512.480.0709

Meetings usually are at 7pm. Hopefully one of us can attend!

Forgot to mention that proportional or winner take all...

Is on the table with it currently favoring proportional.


Let's go Texas, he's your Rep!

This is important.

Texas is a big state with lots of delegates to be had. I'm sure there are many Texans on this site. Could you put this on the front page for a couple of days? Hardly anyone even knows our primary/caucus is being changed and still think it is going to be done the same way it has been done for years.


The County or Congressional meeting should have been tonite Friday or on MONDAY..

YOU MUST FIND OUT WHEN IT IS... They will feed the Info on what the districts want to the SREC Prior to Tuesdays meeting. YOU MUST GO TO YOUR COUNTY MEETING.

Mine is on Monday IN Williamson county at 7pm. I will be there advocating in favor of a PRECINCT (grass roots) Level convention. Your District committee needs to say the same.

I was at the Galveston county meeting last night

And thats where they said that the process is up in the air. There was lots of talk of wanting a precinct level delegation selection folowing a primary but since it may not happen right after a primary election it may be done outside of that. This means that we need to find people now who are willing to be delegates (with proper paperwork) to be ready to go. It also can't hurt to show up at some GOP events or even help out to get your name out there.

While going door-to-door in my precinct today!

I'm walking precinct #203 in Abilene, Texas today trying to gather supporters for myself, as the precinct chairman, and for Ron Paul. I get home and read about the news referenced above. I wanted to be angry, but I just can't wipe the smile off my face. Why?

Because 3 of the 6 people I spoke to today were Ron Paul supporters!.

Person 1: Just ordered $200 worth of campaign materials and is joining the Meetup group. Lives on the corner of a good intersection that deserves a 2'x4' banner.
Person 2: With a big smile tells me I could put a sign in his yard anytime I wanted.
Person 3: Seemed like a "Romney guy" because of the concerned "I'm not too sure about you" look, but when I handed him a super brochure he laughed out loud and said "I like Ron Paul, but you should talk to my wife because she knows everything about him." (I completely forgot to ask about putting a sign in their yard...one more thing on the to do list!)

Bump for liberty! Stay

Bump for liberty! Stay strong Texas! Show up for the Dr.

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Bump for Important


Bump for VERY important.

Ok Texas peeps, you were notified about this. Don't whine and say you didn't know anything about it.


There's a lot of delegates at stake in Texas.