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The Ron/Rom Myth. What this means for us.

I have been reading along on the Daily Paul about the myth of Romney and Paul having some sort of alliance. I am going to be making some points I feel that have not been addressed on this forum.

For one, Ron's strategy is to suck out all the oxygen out of the room of all the people who are not-Romney meaning he is a giant wrecking ball for all the 'conservative' (I know we all laugh at that word being applied to the other two) alternative to Romney. The strategy is to isolate Romney and make the GOP chose once and for all: Corporatism from which the party will fracture and splinter (which we will pick up those pieces and form a more intellectually honest party with principle) or save the GOP and nominate Paul bringing in a new age of limited government and personal responsibility. Either way we win, it is just how much pain it will take to get to the victory.

Secondly, this is a media lie to discredit Paul and to cast him as just one of the guys. You know the TARP supporting, Federal Reserve butt kissing, corporate crony, globalist guy. Well we all know this. This is not something I will go over to much. If we get one of the concern trolls on here about this alleged alliance, there is a good chance he is not a Paul supporter.

And finally, I do not think our movement is adjusted enough to take the reins of power like this. This talk of VP is just talk, but it means they are scared. We should be nipping at their heels, but instead we are retreating away from such speculation. I say not only VP but dare I say it PRESIDENT!!! This meme can backfire on them if we utilize it right. Meaning as this VP nonsense is being talked about, it lends credence that Paul is a real candidate and thus is on the menu. If Paul is on the menu, how come he is not president instead of Romney. See? The systems tools backfire. The MSM does not control the memes anymore like they used to back in the gatekeeping days.

Keep it up guys. Let us not retreat. Dispel these rumors and add to them. It only takes a few to say, well if he is VP material how come he is not Presidential material.

Let us win! We can do this!

This is the opinion of Burningsirius.

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I must have missed something

while watching the debate. I was sure I heard Gingrich cowtowing to Dr. Paul on more than one occasion. I had the distinct impression he was sucking up for who knows what. Dr. Paul has certainly gotten their attention but I fear it's for the wrong reason. The GOP is interested in the Dr's. fundraising ability and could care less about his or our ideals. As far as they and the MSM are concerned we could all go off and inhabit a moonbase, just leave the money behind. I'm sure we have only seen the beginning of the subterfuge they will resort to in an attempt to lock out any possibility of Dr. Paul getting the nomination. The saying "It aint over till the fat lady sings" goes both ways.

If not us than who?

You know that Dr. Paul does

You know that Dr. Paul does not change position with the wind: http://youtu.be/ae09vlK8_gM?t=4m20s
Dr. Paul will get 1200+ delegates and will choose a VP that shares his vision for America. End of story.

Keep the talk of Paul and Romney alive.

All this talk about Paul and Romney by the media is great. It is free media. Our job on the other hand is to get enough delegates for Dr. Ron Paul so that he can win the nomination with enough votes to have the outright choice of who will be his vice presidential running mate.

With or without Romney, my vote is for Dr. Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul may very well be forced to take Mitt Romney as a running mate. It won't be by choice, but how the rules work. If Dr. Paul has the majority of delegates, but not enough to win outright, then it goes to a brokered convention where the delegates and candidate negotiate a deal. This is how it went down with Ronald Reagan. He was forced to take George Bush because he didn't have the necessary delegates to choose his vice president.

Very well said.

"Boldness, more boldness, and always boldness!"
-Danton (illuminatus Jacobin SOB, but he knew his politics)

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."



Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul