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Ron Paul Is: The Only Serious Adult Running For President. The Others Are

worse than spoiled children. They are ignorant of the root problems this nation faces, yet they attempt to speak with authority about that which they do not understand. You can see Ron Paul educating them on stage. Their call is for MORE government programs to "solve" the problems resulting from too much government involvement. We watched as Rick Santorum attempted to weasel his way out of his wicked voting record. I love the saying, if you keep lying about me, I will start telling the truth about you. All the other candidates can do to make Ron Paul look bad, is to lie about him. All Ron Paul has to do to make them look bad is tell the truth about them. The truth about them is ugly, which is why you see Rick Santorum attempt to cover his ugliness with more lies. Its really pitiful to watch the other candidates & inspiring to watch Ron Paul. In the debates, Ron's one word description of himself "Consistent"...is a truth that jabs at the other candidates chronic inconsistency.

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Well said

I've been commenting on the lack of adults in general. When you look around what you see is immaturity, lack of thought and wisdom. Dr. Paul in not among these. America could use a good growing up.


My thoughts exactly.

Sweet Liberty