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How Germany is Squeezing Greece Using Banking Fraud

The Fed has bailed out Europe. Here is a simple explanation on what is happening with Greece. And how Greece defaulting will break the house of cards. That is why they are keeping everything afloat by channelling all the losses to the public while gains are being privatized.

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About 60 per cent..

of Germans are against the bailouts.

Germans will soon be squeezing Merkel out of office.



More than that I am sure!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

4 of 5 political parties in

4 of 5 political parties in germany parliament are pro bailout!
Theres no difference between Merkel or one of the others...

good, better, Paulaner (--> german beer)


As always they represent the wishes of the people...just like the lawyers lol


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German Bundestag Approves Second Greek Bailout
German Bundestag Approves Second Greek Bailout
02/27/2012 11:41 -0500
As expected:


Same thing from Reuters:

Germany's parliament approved a second Greek bailout package on Monday despite growing German unease over debt-ridden Greece's ability to push ahead with painful austerity measures and remain in the euro zone.

It was not immediately clear if Chancellor Angela Merkel, facing a revolt from a small group of members of parliament from her own coalition, had to rely on opposition votes to pass the 130-billion-euro ($175 billion) Greek rescue programme.

And now, here come ze German tax collectors. The Greeks are ready.

A german view

As a german I want to give a my personal view about this situation.

The german people have to be liable for the majority of more than one bailout fund, the Greek state already got from the EU.

The german government is telling our people, that to "help" Greece is "without any alternative". Our MSM mostly propagates this silly position, too.

The idea of the EU never was, to be liable for other countries debts. There is no law that legitimates the bailout of other countries in the EU!

At the moment its all about divide and rule! The German and French people are angry about Greek, Portugal and Spain, because they have to bailout them, after they spent their money in massive corruption, gigantic social programs and a monstrous machine of civil servants with benefits no working german can even imagine.

The countries that got the bailouts are angry about France and Germany, because they force them, to cut spending and cut social programs.

The germans are the Nazis that want to financially control their countries, the Greek are the lazy ones who dont want to work for their money.

No one wants to face the binding enemy:
The banks - above any kind of nationality.

Its all about divide and rule, it ever was!

good, better, Paulaner (--> german beer)

More precisely...

The idea of the EU never was, to be liable for other countries debts. There is no law that legitimates the bailout of other countries in the EU!

More precisely, these kind of interventions are expressedly forbidden by all EU treaties. Of course, true to form, TPTB flout those as soon as they stop serving what they want to do. Talk about Rule of Law.

Bunch of demand-side BS

He might have the politics right, but when it comes to capital theory he's all wet.

His main thesis (from his first BS video) is that austerity doesn't work because it reduces spending thus reducing revenue.

The reality is no growth can occur until bad debts clear AND you live under your means, thus saving and having REAL capital to invest.

It is NOT about Germany squeezing Greece

It is about a global banking cartel that is currently printing its dollars through its Federal Reserve branch, which then loans it to the European Central Bank at 0.5% interest, which in turn lends it to the mega-banks at 0.75% interest, which then lend it to the people at 5, 6 or 7% depending on how enslaved the nation is.

They don't want Greece to pay up its debts. They want it to keep borrowing in order to keep on paying interest. Somewhere down the line, though, after Greece is effectively enslaved, it could be allowed to go back to an EU-controlled drachma for the final squeeze. It's a Catch-22 and the banks always win because they own the money-creating machine.

The bottom line is: Everywhere is Greece.

Thanks for posting, this was

Thanks for posting, this was great. Entertaining and Educational.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

Sounds like Germany is now the scapegoat for the EU disaster

in my humble opinion, this video is below the DP front page material standard

Why is this on the front page?

These videos do not promote the cause of liberty and instead skirt personal responsibility and the potential for sound money. Why Ireland made out to be the bad guy when they resisted the debacle known as the EU for years. They too should go down with the ship?

We can do much better than this. Flashy production is no replacement from the truth of where ultimately the problem came from and where the solution must also come.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. - Young Americans for Liberty - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops


to dissolving exploitive cycle: abolish all taxation while instituting volitional governance with an ethic based upon the principle of individual rights

Excellent video explaining the biz cycle of the Central Banks

role in bubbles and bailouts. Simple and easy to understand economics lesson. Direct parallel to what's happening in America.

I don't know if it's factually accurate but it's the clearest hypothesis I heard so far. And I have been trying to figure it out for a while now.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

i'm so confused...

maybe it is the beer in me...maybe it was the cool artistic skills, but damn that was hard to follow...

moral of the story is...END THE FED!

I'm uncomfortable with this socialist video in a Ron Paul forum

I'm uncomfortable with this socialist video in a Ron Paul forum.

The only positive theme in this video is that the banks are privatizing their profits now, and will socialize their losses later.

Everything else is socialist nonsense. Oh, poor Greece! Nobody will give them more money for empty promises! They are the victims of rapacious German banksters!

The galactic irresponsibility of the Greek political class and its absurd social welfare promises aren't even mentioned.

The EU pact, the Maastrict treaty, included promises of no national debt over 60 percent of GDP (Greece's debt is much more than twice this level), but the video all but explicitly says that Article 104 of the treaty doesn't exist.

There's no criticism of government at all. Period.

Neither is anything mentioned in favor of free enterprise, creative destruction, etc.

I'd skip this video.

Thomas R. Eddlem

It's not socialism--it's

It's not socialism--it's corporatism. I believe that Greece needs to leave the EU and declare itself insolvent; sovereign debt means that bond holders have very limited recourse against the Greek government. Either Greece pays or Greece doesn't pay. If Greece doesn't pay, future bonds will need to be at a much higher interest rate--if Greece wants to keep playing the debt game. If Greek politicians got their acts together, they could leave debt financing behind all-together. Likewise, if the Greek government withdrew any gold reserves from foreign banks, converted what cash they had to gold, and withdrew from the Euro zone, they'd again have control over their currency and, with hard assets to backup a new currency, could issue at a fixed rate to the nonredeemable reserves.

What the Youtube author doesn't do is explain what Greek CAN do. Converting Greek holdings into a new Greek currency means the destruction of the Euros issued or, what could be illegal, is a forced conversion of those Euros to that gold-backed currency and then the redemption of those Euros for goods and services. Cut-off from the EU's treasury, that means that only physical Euro currency is redeemable. Heck, that physical money could just be used to pay off a large portion of the Greek debt.

Now then, I'm not advocating for any specific method here, but that's how I see Greek's most beneficial strategies. I think the USA should be more Libertarian, but I have no say in how Greece or the European Union is run.

Educational, just try to ignore the Keynesian tilt

I found the video helpful in trying to get my arms around the decisions being made today in Greece. The political views are very different from my own but i find it important to occaisionally listen to views I do not agree with because it makes me think objectively. This is why, IMO, the video found its way to the front page. Obviously, the media here in the US does little, if any, journalistic research to present the options available to Greece and what the outcomes might look like for the Greek people.
The entire Western world is now reliant on debt to fund massive entitlement and social programs and these issues in Greece will eventually shift to more countries in the Euro and eventually the US.
I don't pretend to know the answer as to what greece should do; the ultimate decision will come from the people in what they are willing to accept on reductions in government programs and accompanying tax rates to pay for the programs. They are in the ugly process of figuring this out right now and it might take years. Being in the euro is forcing the Greek government to institute spending cuts and, because the government is so overreaching, the short-term will be painful as the economy will contract as so many citizens rely on the government to live. It's akin to cutting social security payments in half...eventually everyone will adjust by tapping other savings and/or moving in with relatives to reduce expenses, but the immediate change causes problems. The bottom line I took away from the video: NOW is the time to reduce spending, when it is on our terms. If the debt gets too large, all decisions become painful.
I hope others can move past the political slant and use this as a thought-provoking video.

Greece wanted in

Greece wanted in the common currency, and hid deficit spending using financial tricks by Goldman Sachs. This is what they wanted. Since countries have sovereignty, when the people of Greece have suffered enough they can walk away from the common currency. It's their choice to stay in debt slavery.

That's The First Thing Come

That's The First Thing Come To My Mind When I Heard Greece Bailout. Americans And The World Is Going To Pay The Bill.

END THE FED............Vote For Saint Paul 2012

video brings up a good point though

and that is: the banks profit from the bailout while the citizens pay. that even though the banks made terrible loans that caused so much of this crisis, they are profitting from the crisis.

and also it exposes the idea of the european union as some happy family as a myth, nothing more than a power grab like other multinational organizations.

It's a bad video, can't even

It's a bad video, can't even begin to explain where it's wrong.

But also a wonderful illustration of what's wrong with the debate in Europe, the kind of naive leftist view of economy that prevails here and why I as European am more excited about Ron Paul than anything our leaders have to say at the moment.

Excellent presentation!!

Excellent presentation!!

Bottom Line

The global bankers and their puppet leaders in Germany and France are screwing the American taxpayers.

The European Central bank is getting its trillion in cash from the fed (this vid doesn’t mention that). That means the global bankers who own the fed are using the American taxpayers to bail out their banks in Europe against a Greek default so Germany and France’s taxpayers don’t have to. If they force this debt on the people of Germany and France then the bankers know that the citizens of those countries would revolt and they all would default and leave the EU.

But because they know most of the American citizens are fast asleep and only wake up to watch football, they can saddle them with another trillion in debt to buy them more time and not hear a peep out of them…. What’s another trillion on top of the trillions Americans owe anyway, they don’t seem to be rioting in the streets (like in Europe) about the many trillions they’ve been already screwed out of what’s another measly ole trillion gonna do.

Remember... the bankers rule not the Germans

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

Greece is a giant Keynesian

Greece is a giant Keynesian welfare state that collapsed. Germans are just trying to get their investment back.

The Germans are also the only people in the world who've ever managed to build a sustainable economy, provided the english don't engineer a war against them like they so many times before.

And Germany isn't a keynsian

And Germany isn't a keynsian welfare state you suppose?

I think they're starting to

I think they're starting to figure out that it doesn't work, hence the efforts toward sound currency.

Don't get your hopes up, the

Don't get your hopes up, the German people only started to resent the Euro when it started to eat into their welfare, same here in the Netherlands.

That's not true. I lived in

That's not true.
I lived in Germany when the EURO started, and most people were not for it. But many also didn't understand what it really meant.
Still, 70-80% opposed it.

once they establish a sound

once they establish a sound currency and their economy takes off, they won't need welfare anymore.