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John Bolton Insults Anti-War Iraq Vet

Hey guys, I got to confront neo-conservative war monger John Bolton on the issue of blowback during the taping of the Stossel show at last weekend's Students for Liberty Conference... and it made it on the show!

Check it out!


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toothpick was freakin awesome

toothpick was freakin awesome the icing on the cake

Wow. I'm impressed! You

Wow. I'm impressed! You should feel proud to have stood up to that despicable excuse for a man.

It's very scary that FOX edited it to rewrite the truth. But I do find it somewhat comforting that we now have this internet thing where people can fight back against the powerful media spin. They can't quite make us swallow all that we used to anymore. Doesn't mean they don't stop trying.

Also, I noticed that Bolton was a coward and didn't really address your question. He just gave the predictable and safe answer and made the focus of the question about troop behavior. The reason NeoCons always get away with this kind of thing is because all they need to do is say is "I stand behind the troops that acted honorably". If you criticize anything about military action, the war mongers will spin it as if you were criticizing the troops. Once he did that, it was easy for him to wrap himself in the flag and say that he supports those that act with honor.

Jay Severin of Talk1200 radio does this all time. He goes overboard in praise of the troops and gushes on air whenever a caller says he or she has served. It is the ultimate pandering.

Bolton ignored that the question was about the overall mission, not the individual soldiers. What a louse this guy is.

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Mr. West Has Moral Courage. Bolton Has None. David...

that smug bungler implied that you served dishonorably when he claimed you do a "disservice" to the hundreds of thousands of vets who simply followed orders or refused to speak out about the troubling things they may have been called upon to do. Lickspittle Bolton's reply was a thinly disguised personal insult, which in a different age he would have been called out to defend. You, sir, have honor enough for a lifetime, and I would pick you to lead our country over any Bush, Clinton, or Obama.

We've had enough of sophistry and lies from these neoconservatives and neoliberals. They seemingly can talk people into anything, but when these wars blow up in our faces they do not and cannot show us a way out. It may be too late to save America from the clutches of these evil counsellors and her rising turpitude, but sensible young men like yourself can lead us out of the ashes. For this we all thank Ron Paul. I never would have caught Fox's despicable edit of your question and Bolton's craven reply. You are a very sharp man and I wish you the very best.

"You'll have to answer to your higher power"

I attended this taping; they cut out this comment that was made towards that vet. I believe Bolton also stated that the vet should have been tried and convicted in court. The audience was furious. My friend sitting next to me stood up and walked out after these comments and the rest of the audience was stunned (mixed boo's/awkward silence/whispers). "Did he actually just say that?" This is what RP is up against; the progressive left and the soulless neoconservative warmongers. Don't blame this on John Stossel; remember, he has to play by the MSM rules.

As an aside, they asked Stossel to "do the promo for Cavuto". After the promo was done, I yelled "Now do the Freedom Watch promo!" Obviously, I received great feedback from the audience to which Stossel replied "The Judge is taking his show cancellation very gracefully........I wouldn't be as graceful".


Thanks for the eyewitness account. I'm frickin' scared to death!

Loved it!

Especially the calling out of FOX on their deceitful editing. Thank you! Blow back is real. It's too bad globalists, war mongers, and blowhards continue to try to tell us otherwise. Wake up, America!

Turning the other cheek means standing up to your oppressors when they strike you down.
We need to wake up!

Strong statement you made!

Cudos. Fox is a demond that should be boycotted! John Bolton is a turd! Shilling They should cut his stash of and glue it on Gingrich. Then Gingrich would like exactly like Captain Kangaroo! LOL!!!

Nice job Bud.. You spoke the truth and Neo-Cons will never except it...... We are in the middle east to get the pipe line from the Caspian Sea to India for none other than Rothchild. :)

Oh the definition of gross: is Janet Napolitano in a negligee!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Any chance anyone else taped

Any chance anyone else taped this besides Faux? Love to make the original viral vs. the edit.

I was just thinking the same thing


You are a hero

Thank you very much for standing up the way you did, you are a true hero, thanks again.

This shit pisses me off.

How are they allowed to use public airwaves to lie, and cheat in an effort manipulate public opinion. Does anyone know the legal responsibilities of the corps that use public airwaves to disseminate "news"? I would love to see all of these companies public broadcast privilege revoked.

Thank you, David

for your service and for standing FOR America. And thank you for putting this video on you tube so everyone can see what Fox news does really well - lie and obfuscate. Stossel is a great man and it must kill him to have to have his show edited like that and not be able to tell the truth about what happened.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Full Of Xhit News doing what

Full Of Xhit News doing what they always do.

Good shit man

I'm showing this to ALL my friends and family who watch Fox News. This ignoring the veterans thing is not going away, and it's the most powerful weapon we've got right now. This is the type of thing that when people realize the truth, it will literally make them crazy with rage. Btw I met you at the march the other day, I was the guy in the ACU top. Keep up the great work!

Fantastic job!

And I love the toothpick. I always have one too!

Wow. That's an amazing display of douchbaggery

The soldier didn't say he was acting on his own. This is what happens when militaries occupy foreign lands. These people love all the troops, so long as they're imaginary and/or hypothetical political pawns.

I can't believe the editing!

I was sitting behind you at the taping of this. We definitely didn't clap for this jerk.

My friends told me about this when they got back

from the conference. Completely dodged your question and suggested that you participated in war crimes? Sounds like projection to me.

What the hell were they thinking putting John Bolton on this special episode of Stossel? What does he know about liberty?

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yes, it was an insult . . .

that man (Bolton, whoever he is) doesn't live in the real world--

he doesn't have a clue, does he?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


By the look on his face I think he came to the stark realization that his neo conservative form of thinking is at an end. These people live in bubbles and I'm glad that when they take a peak outside to see public perception they smell only there own stench.

War mongers

Bolton needs to crawl back up his superiors @ss!! I'am tired of these hob nob jack beeps. What is his motive. On another note I allways ask the die hard Pro lifers that love war. What is the differance you are still killing some one. I think it such a contradiction!

The greatest hypocrisy?

Pro-lifers that support capital punishment.

As far as Bolton goes, Bugs says it best:




You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Fox edited the booing of Bolton

Fox and Bolton deserve each other. Absolute scum!



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Bolton is something I scrape off the bottom of my shoe.

What a "vinegar + water" -bag



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

that guy

is a real piece of crap

Bolton looks like an ...

old walrus!

Minnesota Mary