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Sen. Rand Paul Explains His Vote In Favor Of Sanctions On Iran

Today I attended a town hall in Alexandria, KY and was able to finally ask Rand Paul a question many have wondered about, namely why he voted in favor of sanctions on Iran.

As far as I know this question hadn't been posed to him yet...


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The only good sanctions are sanctions against leadership

It is disappointing to hear Rand Paul voted for broader sanctions against Iran. He should know better. The history of such efforts shows that they mainly hurt ordinary people, not the political leaders they're supposed to pressure. Indeed the only historical examples he cited in his weak defense of that vote were of sanctions having negative unintended consequences.

Indeed, he correctly notes that bombing a country can fuel nationalism and cause people to rally around the country's leaders -- but fails to note that imposing sanctions can have a similar effect.

Bans on travel by leaders and their families and cronies, freezing their bank accounts, bans on dealing with state-run companies, bans on selling weaponry to the regime or its agents, those types of limited efforts targeting the guilty -- fine. But anything that affects the people or commerce of an entire country, bad idea. In a country run by authoritarians, the regime will simply take the resources it needs, and it is the already-suffering people under their control who will suffer more.

Time to brush up on your libertarian economics, Rand! Don't sell us out.

Leave Rand Alone

He is entitled to his own opinion. That is why we fight for our movement. Liberty! He is still the second loudest voice for this cause in government today.

Rand Paul is not Ron Paul

This really sucks. I had high hopes for Rand but like some others I feel like he's not nearly as "Ron Paul" as Ron Paul. He hasn't quite lived up to his dad's standards despite following in his footsteps. Hopefully he'll learn from this, admit his mistakes, and move on and not have it happen again. This is very disappointing, Rand!

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Rand.. Sanctions are an Act of War.

Admit you made a mistake. No ones perfect and you have the power to change your mistake. You are in a position of power. Don't abuse it. You're using Mossad intelligence to base your claims.. That's your first problem.

Unfortunately if we're going

Unfortunately if we're going to hold everyone to the standard of Ron Paul we're going to be continually disappointed.

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So then we should compromise so that we will feel good?

Is it better to feel "clearly" disappointed or feel "relatively" good?

Believe me, I do not know the answer to that question.

Clearly Disappointed is Essential

...to me. Given the state of the world, where would we be if there was no standard...nothing to reach for...just what we've got.

Sure, a Senator can get press because of his personal outrage at TSA touching him. However, it is just press when the world is now putting the same tactics in airports everywhere. I am clearly disappointed in that and most other things about the very rapidly approaching NWO designed to make control easy for the globalists.

John Galt served as a principled counterpoint to the collectivist social and economic structure depicted in Atlas Shrugged. Are you glad he was in the novel. What would the story be without him?

Where would we be if there had not been one person who acted as a principled counterpoint to TBTB? I am glad RP is clearly disappointed not at this and that...but at the underlying lack of principles and the tyranny. He shrugged and I do to.

Of course it is a choice to be "relatively happy" and get the same in incrementally more evil ways. I do not want to be the frog in the pot as the water temperature keeps getting hotter. But that, my friends, is really what being "relatively happy" in this NWO amounts to.


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Right. I am trying to determine what the standard is now.

Isn't it the same as before, the absolute standard? Yes, IMO
Is it still the same? If not, when did it change and why???

Standard Killer...The Mother of All Arab Springs

I do not believe, Steve, that it has changed and I feel strongly that it is important that there be a remnant of us who believe in that absolute standard no matter what.

The history of compromise is clear. It doesn't work although I am all for Senators and Congressmen chipping away here and there because at least it increases awareness and promotes education.

However, none in Congress today have the courage of a Ron Paul and in compromising, they are compromised. There seems to be, or has been, only one standard bearer with the courage to fight the dragon with two heads at its roots.

What has happened here and why? Some here fell by the wayside. A few were implanted a long time ago and have been in wait for an opportunity to disrupt. Special interests bought by one or the other head of the dragon are creating chaos in order to dissuade delegates from going to Tampa and are bringing an Arab Spring to the movement for true liberty. We might as well be Syria or Libya...paint a regime as corrupt...same modus operandi....just the internet and media version applied to us.

The confusion was settling in even before Rand's endorsement. I do not know the rules about a campaign communicating with grassroots although I know there are some rules. Lack of communication about even such simple questions as potential gains from a law suit and whether or not those filing are legitimate is part of why we are where we are. A) Don't allow the opposition to know who you are (delegates) and B) call us and tell us who you are and your story is just plain crazy. There should have been clear communication about A or B and the DP should not have been *the place*

So, to me there has to be an absolute standard (where the frog is not in the pot) and that has not changed with me one iota. The why is due to organized chaos, lack of communication,a less than committed stance by some and, perhaps, the lack of a strong and earnest youth leader.


I dunno...

If the country can hold out another 15 years, it'll be interesting to see how many consistent Libertarian, DEFENSE-minded individuals come out of the woodwork to run for office. The only thing that gives me confidence in the future is knowing that my generation of twenty-somethings certainly have a very liberty-minded strain.

The sad thing is, we really have no choice but to hold all candidates to the standard of Ron Paul; if you're willing to compromise on costly international interventionism early in your career, I'd hate to see what you vote for 20+ years from now.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

Sanctions may be an Act of War but not a Declaration Of War.

Sanctions are a tricky subject. Although they are not a Declaration of War it could be misconstrued as an Act of War.

The reality of sanctions is that it is a maneuver of child like leadership trying to blame others for their shortcomings and ignorances in dealing with difficult situations and political pressure.

So some one or group doesn't do what you think they should do or you are intimidated by them or paranoid of them. Getting in a pissing match with them to try to make them do what it is YOU THINK they should do solved nothing. It only causes more animosity.

History has proven that sanctions cause war not prevent it.

People should be wary of sanctions because sanctions are not a Declaration of War but can be used as a maneuvering tool to get a Declaration of War.

hope for the best

bump n plus one n all that

Your Dad would be ashamed of you, Randal. Show some heart

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'

Guess He Didn't Want To Be A "Dr. No"

"Doing something" is the whole problem with government. His explanation is ridiculous.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Rand is a piece of filth. A

Rand is a piece of filth. A pile of dead bodies, the price of this bastard's keeping his seat of power. Stupid asshole.

Yet you say you are a Ron Paul supporter.

I'd love to see things you've done with your life. Calling him a bastard.. real smart. real smart.

Strange argument. Napoleon

Strange argument. Napoleon conquered most of Europe, Hitler built the autobahn, and Stalin snatched up 11 new nations as his spoils from WWII. Pretty big accomplishments. More than I could ever do.

Rand is wrong, and people will die as a result of his vote. Forgive me if I'm disappointed in him.

There needs to be a human face on 'sanctions'

that word just kind of blends into the narrative with no profound meaning to anyone who isnt interested or affected directly. It is so easy to say "big deal. So they can't trade with us, our allies-or in the case of a no-fly zone, anyone on the outside. Why do we even owe the Iranians anything? They can tap their own resources. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." People need to see what is being withheld from whom and the human impact. Medicine, food etc. May as well be sending them a natural disaster that decimates entire populations. Of course it's an act of war.

And we are recieving blow back from the sanctions

We know that Iran can not close straight of Hormuz economically or militarily. So how do they retaliate against the sanctions? Speculation in the markets. By announcing they halted oil exports to Britain and France, even though France only gets 3% of its oil from Iran and Britain hasn't imported any in six months, speculation along with the devaluation of the dollar has driven the price of oil up over $100. a barrel.
This blow back could be enough to make our struggling economy fall back into a recession or even worse a depression. I can't believe Rand didn't see this coming. Maybe this will be his wake up call, we all have them. We think our parents are wrong and we don't want to listen to them until we find out the hard way they were right all along. I wouldn't write Rand off just yet, Excellence is learned not passed on through gene's.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

Irand Paul

He doesn't want this label.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.

Sanctions Are an Act of War

Why does Rand think "something needed to be done"? He doesn't explain that well at all. Is he protecting the Constitution or the country or the always mysterious "US interests? The problem with the whole government is that there is a wide spread belief that something must be done.

To paraphrase an old saying, I've met Ron Paul and Rand is no Ron Paul. Ron should figuratively take Rand to the woodshed. Rand is politically more like Demint than his dad.

I can't blame Rand, but

he bears watching. If one looks at how long it took for Ron Paul's ideas to get mainstream (which would be 30 years), it would be understandable that Rand would try it a different way from his father. Say what you will, but playing politics will probably get Rand far quicker results than being pure like RP.

As long as Rand only PLAYS politics and not actually becoming one, i'm okay with it. But people should pay close attention to how he acts if he ever gains enough power. That will be the defining moment.

I think he's simply working

I think he's simply working under the assumption that sanctions do not lead to war. With that said, the rest of his logic is sound.

Yet sanctions are an act of war.


Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Not happy with his answer

Rand Paul definitely is not his fathers clone, but he is his fathers son. Not perfect, but definitely better than any others that I see on the political horizon. We will not see another Ron Paul in Politics in our lifetime.

I don't agree with the part

I don't agree with the part that you wrote about that we will not see another Ron Paul in our lifetime, Dr. Paul have a "soul-friend" which agrees with Dr. Paul all along and have helped in every way he could, and we all know who he is.

This "soul-friend" is the one that every pro-Rand is dismissing in every possible way when trying to force Rand down our throats by there soundbite "If you are not with Rand Paul then your are not with Ron Paul". Just try to name Dr. Paul's "soul-friend" and see the hell get loose.

While Ron is fighting against

While Ron is fighting against all the war mongering from the MIC, MSM and all the other candidates, Rand is siding with them. He is undermining Ron's position by doing this. I find that extremely offensive.

There is only one Ron Paul

I hope everyone realizes this. I don't understand the Rand Paul bashing. No he is not his father and never will be. But he is 1000x better than anyone else I know of. I disagree with Rand on this issue too, but I agree with him (and his father) on pretty much everything else. Maybe he wants to look tough to the Neocons i don't know for sure, but I like how Rand is positioning himself in the 'mainstream' Repub party but still standing firm on civil liberties etc. He agrees with Ron that we don't need to be policeman of the world and I don't think voting for sanctions on a country contradicts that. I don't like the people here with the 3 strikes you're out attitude. Ron Paul changed his position on the death penalty once: what if back in the day you were hardcore against the death penalty and gave Ron Paul 3 strikes back then? He probably would have struck out before he changed his opinion. Give Rand a chance he's been a Senator for what, 2 years now?!

"I don't understand the Rand Paul bashing."

And I don't understand bashing the faces of the poor.

It's obvious that many in this generation in the west are totally out of touch and haven't gone through squat. When's the last time America has went through any sanctions? If sanctions were imposed on us and 500,000 of our children starved and wasted a way to death through lack of food and medicine would we be offended if one of those responsible received a verbal "bashing" because it was said that he's "1000x better than anyone else"?

Where's the "golden rule"? Ron Paul said as individuals we should be free to live the way we choose as long as we do not harm others. Rand is an individual who has signed a bill that will harm others... many others... the least those who truly believe in the "golden rule" can do is give him a stern verbal "bashing."

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

The thing you have to keep in

The thing you have to keep in mind is, while there are some genuine Paul supporters who have legitimate concerns about Rand and this vote, there is also another vocal group that seems to want to divide and undermine us and the liberty movement in general by creating drama and turning this into a Ron vs. Rand fight. Just look at how the media recently took his comment about being honored to be considered for VP, and twisted it to make it sound like he was honored to "serve Romney"--this was meant to inspire anger and doubt, and to some extent it has worked. But this isn't the first time, and won't be the last. Rand will still be there in the Senate, even if Ron doesn't win, and he has been a thorn in the side of both parties so far. The Neocons would like nothing more than for us to turn on him and drop support.

I totally agree.

I totally agree.