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We Can Win Kansas

NEW EDIT 3/2/2012 4pm - While what we get done by this weekend will still be what is most effective, we have now acquired a new secret weapon (#3!) that will allow us to target -anyone- you guys help us reach up through Thursday. We are really leaving no stone unturned right now. Thanks a bunch everyone!

Also note: We have updated the calling DB to target a new list of much higher likely Paul supporters, once that list is called it will revert back to the other big list.

Direct questions to BlakeB@RonPaulWichita.com

We Can Win Kansas

40 Delegates.
First State After Super Tuesday.
Momentum for Missouri.

Kansas is tearing it up! Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, and Wichita all have great GOTV plans and are on fire for Dr. Paul. But we need your help! Wichita and Sedgwick County holds the largest caucus in the nation and Wichita for Ron Paul has developed the system that will deliver it to us on a silver platter.

We have developed our own online phone banking system, currently deployed on our customized database of local voters. Because of this, it is an even more efficient tool for our efforts locally than the national Phone from Home system. The goal for the phone banking system is simply to poll our refined database to gather information on 1st and 2nd choices, how strong their support for their 1st choice is, and the 2 most important issues of that voter.

With the data we gather, we will then target those who reply favorably to Paul IN PERSON to the extent possible, and by phone for those we can't reach face to face. We'll provide them with information on their most important issues and ensure we have their support for the caucus.

Our system has already produced hundreds of Ron Paul supporters.

We have the man power for contacting those favorable to Paul, but only if we complete the calling process in the next few days. If we can do this quickly, we can also target the undecided and those whose support for “the dark side“ is weak.

Our top 3 objectives are turnout, turnout, and turnout! The phone banking system is the tool we have to make it happen.

We've got one last trick up our sleeve to put the icing on the cake. Dr. Paul is making a visit to Wichita on March 9th! This event, combined with the phone banking effort, will put us over the top! The sooner we hit the phones, the more people we will be able to tell about this event and they can spread the word to their friends and neighbors, ensuring great attendance and excitement heading into the caucus! A win is within our grasp and YOU can help deliver it! All you have to do is sign up, sign in, and start calling!

Sign up and sign in at: http://PhoneBank.RonPaulWichita.Com/
Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEAAZ6kTJ-s

We can win Wichita and Kansas for Dr. Paul. Let's smile and dial to make it happen!

In Liberty,

Blake Branson
Wichita for Ron Paul

P.S. - We’ve got a lot more going on as well! See what else we’re up to at www.RonPaulWichita.com

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Gee...this looks exactly like

Gee...this looks exactly like all the other "We can win (insert state here)" threads.

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BUMP FROM WIS!!! Don't give

BUMP FROM WIS!!! Don't give up guys/girls it's NOT over!! Remember Romney has been pushed for well over a year, and people aren 't buying it everywhere. Bring Kansas to RP!! Send a message!! Become a delegate and Don't Post it on here!!!

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

People push it! Inform the masses - be the mass media!

If all Paul supporters in Kansas distribute these free comparison flyers in their neighbourhoods and other public places then we can pull out a big gain and maybe win!!

they are for free!

http://www.mediafire.com/?1wxwtdnlzulo5oy <- .pdf link
please push, like and share!

I heard there will be flyers that target 50+ and evangelic group where we dont do so good.. so check back the above thread.

Once people are informed about the real agendas from all the candidates their minds start to think.. Once they are Ron Paul supporters they dont look back!
The mass media is spinning his message so WE need to inform the people.
Its now on us to do our outmost to help the good Dr. and his cause!

Lets win Kansas!
Push the next days and mass hand out these flyers! Take over your neighbourhood and the minds and hearts of the brainwashed masses!



The center of the country gives Ron Paul his first VICTORY!!! That even sounds good. Come on KANSAS make my state Minnesota & the rest of the country jealous.

Carry on my wayward sons!

Oh wait...wrong Kansas. But right idea. Let's make Romney and Santorum crumble into "dust in the wind".

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Thanks Blake! GO KANSAS!



Join the Music Bomb! Be sure to invite all your friends so we can get Ron Paul's name to the top of the charts AND raise a lot of money for his campaign at the same time!


Let's get this back to the top

All efforts should be focused on Kansas (and Northern Mariana Islands/Guam/USVI) from here until the 10th....this no-win streak needs to end. NOW. Let's show the media and Paul's opponents a level of dedication they have NEVER seen before...

Help bump this thread back to the top and let's launch a phone-bank BLITZ in Kansas!

Join the Music Bomb! Be sure to invite all your friends so we can get Ron Paul's name to the top of the charts AND raise a lot of money for his campaign at the same time!


Yes please, we have a way to

Yes please, we have a way to contact every Ron Paul ID we get through even through the day Friday. Things are going great but this is still the heart of what we're doing!

Great work, Blake!


Join the Music Bomb! Be sure to invite all your friends so we can get Ron Paul's name to the top of the charts AND raise a lot of money for his campaign at the same time!


Celebrity Endorsement At

Celebrity Endorsement At Grand Opening For Wichita Grassroots Ron Paul HQ https://www.facebook.com/events/251683934915670/


....to the great State of Kansas.


I am just putting this here

I am just putting this here to get more views so that hopefully someone who this applies to sees it.

I am from southwest Michigan and I am looking to move fourteen official Ron Paul 2012 campaign signs along with four smaller car magnets and two of the big car magnets. I'll also throw in over a thousand Superbrochures if one wants. I will drive them directly to you in northern Indiana. I'm looking at getting fifty bucks for this, all of which will be donated to the campaign. The idea is to save on the manufacturing and shipping costs which do nothing to help the campaign.

If I bring them on a weekend I'll also be happy to help canvass with/for you, as I know it's sometimes hard to canvass your neighbors but it is the most important thing that one can do. I will just need you to print out your precinct walking list for me however.

I hope to hear from someone sooner than later!

What a great initiative

You found anyone yet?

Yes! Just took a few hours.

Yes! Just took a few hours. Easier than I thought it was going to be.

My folks, uncle, and grandparents live there.

My folks live in Butler county (near Wichita). They are Ron Paul supporters. They have voted in previous primaries and are registered straight GOP ticket voting machines years running. They will pass the muster of any GOP Elite scrutinizing their party history. I won't have time to travel from Dallas to Rose Hill, KS, but I talk to them almost daily. Maybe I can get them to be delegates.

If you'd like to pass their

If you'd like to pass their contact info along to me, I can pass them along to those who are working on these things. blakeb@ronpaulwichita.com

Good news, however

Be sure to watch the count, verify the count, and film the count and be sure to let them know you are doing it. Also, call HQ and the press with your coverage, along with notifying the campaign of your results.

We will! We are working with

We will! We are working with the local GOP and have plans for all of that. Thanks!

Bump for...Liberty!

Thanks for posting this.
Posted on Twitter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

So proud to be a Kansan right now.

I just want to add something. March 10th is our caucus, but March 9th, there will be a pre-caucus rally at Century II. All the details are on Kansansforliberty.com

Showing some love from ND!!

Keep up the good work!! Best of luck from one farm state to another!

Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down.
-- Frederick Douglass

largest caucus location?

That claim (largest caucus location in the US) may need to be backed up a bit. The Ada County Idaho GOP is renting out the Boise State University basketball arena for our caucus (I am a volunteer on the committee running the event) and our county population covers a population of 392,365 (Wikipedia) with ~8k-10k attendance expected. I see Sedgwick has a 498,365 population, but I wonder what their participation rates are.

Sedgwick has a vote count of 193,730 (2004 general election), or about 49% of the population. I cant' find participation rates for the primary though. Primaries would be significantly lower than a general election (given that only 106,849 voted for McCain in the general we can assume even less voted in the Primary), and election turnout higher than caucus turnout.


Unfortunately there is no primary vote data for Sedgwick for 2008 on that site, so I'm not sure what their participation rate was for 2008.

Ada county had 26,200 total votes in the primary in 2008 (giving a terrible 6% participation rate) and gave Dr Paul 6,531, 24.93%. Idaho switched to a Caucus state this year specifically to get more attention to Ron Paul and to get him a win. :-)

That shows Kansas went 2,182 or 11.18% for Ron Paul.

While Idaho went 29,785 or 23.72% for Ron Paul (highest % for Ron Paul of all states for the 2008 primary).


Lets get some rivalry going here.... which state will give Dr Paul the first win, and which state will give him the highest % of the vote, and which state will give him the most ..... DELEGATES!

Consider the gauntlet thrown down.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho

If that attendance holds up

If that attendance holds up for a -caucus- then you very well may be right that Sedgwick gets passed up...but the media, here anyway, has been touting this every since 2008 for a single caucus location.


we could offer a compromise bragging rights guess:

Ada County caucus being the largest single caucus location on Super Tuesday, and you for the entire primary season.

Also a likely reason for this recently announced campaign stop which is suspiciously near by just 7 hours earlier.

March 6, 2012
Ron Paul at Canyon County Town Hall
Presidential candidate Ron Paul will speak at the Canyon County Town Hall at the Nampa Civic Center, 311 Third St S., Nampa, ID on Tuesday, March 6th at 12:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho

No doubt. I'd be bragging it

No doubt. I'd be bragging it up to. nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.

Lets compare notes after Super Tuesday for our attendance numbers. :-)

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho



What a great job

A true inspiration to all other states!! Lets go Kansas!

Six minutes to Win!

Everyone in upcoming primary states needs to see this. Great job whoever created this video.


When you identify a supporter...

Are you passing that info on to the Paul campaign? Are you providing those people with yard signs and bumper stickers?

The media is telling everyone that the race is down to Santorum and Romney, but if you are able to get hundreds of yard signs and bumper stickers out there for Paul then it will be clear that he has support and others will be more likely to come out in support of him.

also.. do you have safeguards in place to prevent trolls from gaining access to the system and using it to piss people off (by calling them repeatedly, by saying idiotic things, calling late at night, etc)?

It looks like you've done great work already, keep it up!