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Many thanks to my DP family. Susan was diagnosed yesterday as CANCER FREE!

I must tell you it has been the hardest thing either of us has ever faced. I personally could not have made it, if it wasn't for my family here at the DP.

Susan was given this news yesterday and I must admit that the smile on her face was priceless. I haven't seen that smile in over a year.

We have just been living, if you could call it that. To give you an idea of the difference, she is scheduled to go to a class at a local nursery tomorrow and seems so happy about it. We will get into the greenhouse this weekend and finish planting her flower seeds (over 5000). I look forward to this.

The only thing we have left is the surgery on March 12th to reverse the illiostomy(?) bag. After recovery, I will arrange a trip to the mountains for a little motorcycle riding and just relaxation. Many of the oldtimers here at the DP know how important that would be for me.

Once again, my many thanks for the prayers, e-mails, alternative remedies, good thoughts, and just plain being there. I thank you all.

If you can help keep this post bumped for a few days so my friends can see my heart, it would be most appreciated. I love you all for what you have done for me.

A very special thank you to Michael. You provided more good will and support than anyone could imagine. I will always consider you a patriot and true friend. I hope one day to meet you in person and introduce you to my wonderful wife. Thanks Michael.


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Great info! Thanks for it and the website. I'll have to check out that site! MMS looks like it's up my alley of interest. I'm big time into health. I've always been, but my interest in it went even higher the last several years because dentistry took my health down, a health that once was so robust I jogged three or four miles daily five days a week and played sports often. If you're inclined to know more about my situation, just type into the DP search engine Health is Everything for parts 1 and 2, which are informational comments. There's a reply of mine in that post that discusses my situation briefly, too. By chance, you wouldn't know if MMS improves blood flow and rids the body of excess fluid, would you?

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Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.



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Congratulations to you both.

Congratulations to you both. That is fantastic news.

Larry in North Carolina
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feels like Christmas in February eh?

So happy for you Jim and Susan -- who said prayers have no power?

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Bump (did she utilize any

Bump (did she utilize any alternate therapies?)

Cos Cob, CT

Congrats man! Keep up the

Congrats man! Keep up the good fight.

Oh I am so happy!

I have been thinking of you and Susan and waiting for an update. This is incredibly wonderful news!

Your Wifes a Fighter & When it comes to cancer

That is number one , having a soul mate, friend , family member fighting along side is number 2 ,
having a knowledgeable game plan is number 3 , one day you get the news that all is well, but as you well know do not ever let your guard down. I myself am 4 years free

4 wheels move the body 2 wheels move the soul, winter still here where I'm at , but I start my Harley every now and again, I'll ride soon enough, now you 2 feel the wind as soon as you can

Good News Indeed - God Bless You Both


"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

Happy for both of you

that is great news.

Great news!

Tell Susan we love her.



Great news!

So glad to hear Susan's and your lives are blessed.

God Bless!

God Bless!

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PLEASE tell all of us...WHAT

PLEASE tell all of us...WHAT worked?

Was it a combination certain things? Was it one thing in particular? Please share with us what worked for her...so we can help save the lives of many others. Was it apricot seeds, liver and onions? Vitamins B12 and B17?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I'm very happy to hear this!

I remember the many comments over the past year. Did Susan use any of the many different types of suggestions offered here or was conventional chemo effective? Again...congratulations.

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Am so happy for you both!

Am so happy for you both! Live long, and prosper. YEA!

Very happy for you~~but TODAY we just found out my

beloved sister-in-law was diagnosed with plasma cell myeloma with some impairment to her kidneys. Sallie is TOTALLY devastated. This has happened just before her daughter's (my niece's) wedding mid-April. Everyone is devastated. We are desperately trying to find out as much as possible, as it is not curable. Still, there are many who are extending their lives. I'm SO WORRIED for her.

If you can help someone else, help away~~


I'm VERY happy for Jim and Susan too

My Father died of mantel cell lymphoma. He was diagnosed in 2001 and given 18 months to live. His CHOP/Chemo was harsh, lost all his hair, lost weight, but he survived, and was in remission for years, and then it came back and his chemo treatment was different, better, easier on him, and he went into remission a second time. A couple of years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I worried, and he said to me, "You can beat cancer with a good attitude and will to fight it. Look at me, I'm going strong!" It was true.

Worrying will not help. Chemo is better than it was, there are foods and suppliments, and there are many alternatives, In Other Words, there is tons of HOPE. This and PRAYER can go a long way in sustaining a good life for a long time.

Sallie is LOVED, and that goes a long long way. I fully believe my Mother's LOVE is what sustained my Dad best.

So cepivon, I lift Sallie and YOU up in prayer, that healing may begin and LOVE and happiness make your days worthy.

Cancer Free

People don't die because of cancer they die of the treatment of cancer ie... Chemo or Radiation. Google natural Therapys!!
Come on think about it multi millions of dollars spent in the research of cancer and no cure!! Or Heart Desease is caused by all the pharmaceutical drugs!! Think about that one, did you ever listen to all the side affects of each drug??

Buy a juicer and start giving

Buy a juicer and start giving her fresh vegetable juices. Look up alkaline food list. If the internal environment is more alkaline, cancer cells can't multiply as easily. Also the enzymes from the fresh juicing is needed. Cancer loves sugar, hates vit. D ( 15 min. of sunshine a day). Oxygenate the blood with exercise if possible. Go to cancertutor.com. Take medicinal mushrooms-shitake, maitake, reishi. Astragalus herb to support the immune system. Most of all have hope, cancer is only an infection and can be beaten. She needs to not stress please. I did all those things along with chemo, radiation, surg., my blood counts never went down and I never got sick or had an infection. She should follow her doctors advice but also do her homework on these other things. If she has to do chemo she will probably lose her hair but it will come back pretty. Best of luck.


Congradulations to Susan. So

Congradulations to Susan. So happy for her. I know how she feels. I have been cancer free for 2 yrs. I am actually glad I had it because I was home for the first time for 5 months and started watching the news which led to research which led to Ron Paul which led to an awakening. So grateful, I called it my weird vacation. Now I call it a blessing. Wish Susan all the best. Take Care.



Where's the original post? I want to send it to someone I know who has is going through this now. I could find it myself, but I'd like to see you add a link to it in this thread.

motorbike ride would be exactly my prescription

So pleased to hear she's well.

Hard to find the words:

I have been helping two of my friends in their battle for a couple of years now and have been watching what has been going on with you and yours.
Just when I think things are hopeless, on of my friends tells me he is recovering perfectly. The other is not so fortunate and it doesn't look like he is going to get back.
This is truly wonderful news Jim. Bless you both.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Glad to hear the great news.

The DP community may be more important to me than I realize. I certainly spend enough time on here...

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Bump Bump Bump..!

Good news indeed..
Just watched the Liberty movie screener a week or so ago, so we feel like we know you personally now.. having seen the DP World Headquarters;)


That's great news... I wish you and your wife a very happy and long life.

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such heartwarming news!

I am so happy I did not miss this thread! those were some pretty bleak times for me as well my friend. I almost felt guilty for asking you for a favor at one time...
I nearly got kilt in 98 in an industrial accident. and for a good while my motto was, "everyday above ground is a good day"
over time I seem to have forgotten that wisdom...
even though we are still strangers, I feel very relieved and happy at this news.