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Is Corn Gluten Really Safe For Those With Gluten Sensitivity? Corn Maize (Gluten) Found to Cause Harm Again…

February 23, 2012

Since 1978 there have been a number of studies investigating whether or not corn gluten is a problem for patients with gluten sensitivity. The answer many give is that corn is perfectly safe for celiac patients. The big question is why would this advise be given if there are multiple studies showing quite the opposite? So many products that are labeled gluten free contain corn gluten or corn byproducts.

With the rise of the booming gluten free food market (billions in revenue annually), the question needs to be asked with more scrutiny. Why?

Much of the processed gluten free junk frood (Frankenfood) is derived from genetically modified corn.
There is a huge increase in patients with refractory celiac disease (these people do not respond to a traditional gluten free diet.)
Multiple studies have shown that traditional gluten free diets fail to heal patients even after many years on the diet.
Corn is used in the production of sweeteners, shampoos, soaps, plastics, fuels, etc. The potential for cross contamination is dangerously high.
There are more studies showing that corn gluten is a problem than there are studies showing that it is not.
All of our domesticated farm animals are fed staple diets of genetically modified corn. Our meat and dairy industry revolves around this.

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Yep, corn is bad news.

Yep, corn is bad news.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.