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Help Compile List of Libertarian Newspapers

I'm so sick and tired of reading newspaper from the Left and Right deliberately blocking Ron Paul, and distorting the philosophy of Capitalism and Free-Markets.

I've tried looking all over the English-speaking web-world for Libertarian newspapers(dailys) and just can't seem to find any publications.

The Wall Street Journal seem to be a financial newspaper pushing the banking sector's interests. The Financial Times of London is another banking proponent against Gold, and pro-intervention in the markets.

The only one I have found reasonably good seems to be Reason Magazine, a monthly magazine.

Please post any publications you've come across (in any language) that supports Ron Paul's message of Free Markets, Gold, and Liberty.

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The U.S. Journal

It comes out once a month. It is filled with pretty well investigated articles, mind provoking views, and to me it is a newspaper reporting as it should.

You can subscribe online viewing and/or have a hard copy delivered. I've subscribed to both, although I love the hard copy, its seems to have the "content" like the papers of old. If you ever open today's papers most seem to be missing a quarter of the stories, fillers, etc. I like to leave the hard copy with others who may be interested as well, great tool for conversation.

This months newspaper had an in depth article about the real beginnings of the right to own guns, titled "Gun Rights Guard Democracy".

Other titles, "Inflation Is a Tax on the Poor", "The Political Use and Abuse of Children", "Armed School Guards vs True Liberty". "Why Aren't Men at Elementary Schools?" just to name a few in this months newspaper.


Its "A Conservative Newspaper Promoting Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

It also has published some of Ron Paul's writings.

Have a blessed day.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

The Orange County Register in

The Orange County Register in OC, California has a pretty libertarian-leaning op-ed section. I read that they were the largest newspaper to oppose the War in Iraq from the beginning.