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Romney FAKE sign wave rally in a CHURCH! (video)

In the face of low crowd turn outs, the Romney campaign has resorted to passing out fake "grassroots" signs at his rallies to people seated in front of press cameras to make it appear as if he has real support. Filmed at a rally at the Tri-City Baptist church in Chandler, AZ on February 22nd, 2012.


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NOBODY cares about Mitt....

I am convinced that the only reAson people vote for Mitt is because the Media tells them to by constantly WAILING ABOUT HIS ELECTABILITY(WHICH IS NON-EXISTENT)...

Ron Paul'08


how sad! I wonder if they have people who have turned their whole cars into advertisements for Mitt like our guys too? It's sad they had to return the signs too.


Mr. Roboto is the PERFECT song for Mittens!!!! Ingenious!

Mr. Roboto!

Thanks, I didn't pay attention to the music the first time I watched it. But, you're right, Mr. Roboto - Styx

Clearly he doesn't have any

Clearly he doesn't have any MeetUp groups that make signs for him :( poor mittens.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.


So pathetic

Nothing has changed, Romney did it in 2008!

In Florida, we Ron Paul followers made the own signs. Romney paid to have a truck drive by and place a machine made sign every ten or so feet down the road in St Petersburg at the straw poll rally. He makes me sick to this day!


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...that is just embarrassing. Maybe Mitt should offer to jump on Ron Paul's ticket as VP!

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

WHAT? No end the Fed signs?

This is too funny, Romney wants it to look like a RP rally. Whats next? A Romney blimp? LMAO

I laughed 'til I cried

Incredulous laughter filled my room until it was consumed by sadness at how people can participate in something so disingenuous.

Perfectly scripted signs, same colors, same font style, devoid of passion or soul, created and distributed as if on an assembly line. How appropriate for this puppet candidate.

Mitt Romney = Manufactured Robot.

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This is EXACTLY what they did at the National....

This is EXACTLY what they did at the Republican National convention in 2008. (Mrs. Spacehabitats went as a delegate.) All those "homemade" signs for McCain were handed out at the door (after everyone was practically strip searched to remove any unauthorized signs of course).

Ron Paul unquestionably has the largest TRULY grassroots movement of any candidate in modern history. All the rest are AstroTurf.

The Virtual Conspiracy


I couldn't believe it then, now nothing surprises me with this process

The only other candidate I have seen do this was Obama

go figure

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Fake Mitt, Real Paul

Somebody should get a couple of these choice seats in one of his events, update the sign to read "Mitt gave me this sign" and a partner next to them should raise one saying "Ron Paul, Real Grassroots".

Remember this vid?

Romney Supporters PAID to be Romney Supporters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFczAKYHRM8

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So much is wrong with this

So much is wrong with this scenario... A devout Mormon as the main speaker at a Baptist church. Everyone inside worshiping and idolizing a flag while they listen to lies being espoused by a blatant deceiver. Using the church for a fake staged photo-op for a fake staged candidate that promotes theft, murder and financial slavery. What a disgrace - Romney, this church, and everyone in the video.

Yes...watching this caused me to have a sick feeling in the

stomach area. It is a dis-GRACE to see adults taking their young children into that porno exhibition. This is an example of why churches are losing attendance all across the USA. I don't know what to say after seeing that video...

Romney ought to just give it up and throw his support to our President. Mitt is just another Trick act...Mitt the Trick... something like Tricky Dick Nixon in my view.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

I'd forgotten all about the

I'd forgotten all about the song that the 'tune' went to. Later, I was in my kitchen fixing breakfast and remembered, and started laughing my @#% off. That TOTALLY needs to be our theme song for Mitt. It fits him SO perfectly.

It's Mr. Roboto!

Was wondering if anyone would notice that :)


People vote for him cuzz.they think he can beat obama. That's basically it. There's little passion or philosophical motivations. Were exactly opposite of mittens.

I was waiting for the Google Ron Paul sign.

I just couldn't stop laughing, I was thinking that some Ron Paul supporter might have smuggled themselves in their with a Google Ron Paul sign, I would have loved to see that video.

Best Regards
Nicholas Zounis - Director of Technology & Innovations

They were making everyone leave bags and purses outside.

They run a fascist gestapo show at these things. At least 15 secret service guys in plain clothes and uniform were hidden all throughout the venue.

One SS guy shoved a CSPAN audio tech for holding a microphone near Romney while he was greeting his "supporters" after his speech. They don't want anyone saying anything to Romney that could get out in the press, so they turn the music up real loud and make sure no networks can record audio while he gets close to the public (always with a barrier wall between them, and tons of security.)

It was a seriously oppressive event. It also seemed like the Romney camp had people planted in the audience to look and act like real supporters. There was a person in a Romney shirt who kept trying to get a chant of "Mitt Mitt Mitt" going, but no one would join in.

The people in the stands holding signs seemed straight from a temporary staffing agency. There was a definite lack of excitement when Romney came out. The bulk of attendance came from the school affiliated with the church. Half the crowd was students and their parents who were organized by the Baptist church hosting the event.

Compared to the excitement of a Ron Paul event, Romney has no real support. How he wins any elections is a mystery.

Oh...That's at LEAST 10 Hail Mary's!

Fraud in a Church by another fake *values* candidate - Priceless!

RP R3VOLution

If it looks like a duck,.....

swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck....LOL

You can't fake this stuff, if it doesn't come from the heart, then it's not real.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

I remember seeing this live

I remember seeing this live and thinking those signs looked fake. It wasn't funny to me though, I was just kind of sad that most Americans who saw the rally just figured they were real. Once you're awake, and you see all the deception and corruption, you tend to question nearly everything. Then you become a Paul supporter:).

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

"Undocumented Works" in CA

Just a prediction that when it gets to CA he'll be paying all the illegal aliens he can find to wave signs for $1-2 a day showing that he is the True Hispanic Candidate.

La Raza para Mitt.

Viva Aztlan. Viva Romney.

El Zeta Apoyar a Mitt.

And why shouldn't the Zetas support him. They profit from the war on drugs.

I had the same reaction

It made me sad also - that here is "THE" candidate of the GOP pretending to have even a tiny bit of the support that Dr. Paul has! Reminds me of the way they paid sign wavers in Florida so it would look like they had support.

Of course it also shows that the GOP and the Romney campaign is surely aware of the true grassroots movement that supports Dr. Paul. That is great though we cannot trust what they will try next.

Whoever got this video - GREAT JOB exposing him!!!


Mitt Zombie

recalls being at a parade which occurred before he was even born...


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Wow. There it is. Another

Wow. There it is. Another clear as day example of Mitt Romney, the most disingenuous person on the planet. Come to think of it, we've got quite a lot of those examples from Mitt to choose from.

My favorite is when he says in front of a crow that he never intended to be in politics and that he kind of backed into it when he felt he could help the community. Ugh. His own father was a governer and ran for president. His mother even ran for senate! He also often tells the story (on different occasions) that his father always told him to not run for office if you have to mortgage your house to do it.

So, who here thinks that Romney planned to make a lot of money, then get into politics and win that presidency that his father failed to win? Hmmm... no, politics never crossed his mind.

I can't stand that guy.

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