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Arizona & Michigan Primaries - Results Thread

Tuesday, 2/28

Arizona, Michigan, Primaries

Election Results:

Super Tuesday is a week from today. See the full GOP primary schedule here.

Please post your news, insights & observations in the comment section below.

RON PAUL 2012!

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Never in history has violent revolution produced good results.

Even the cost of the American Revolution put the new country in debt to the banking establishment.

I am supposed to fight and die in a something that's a proven failure?

Violence vandalism are the tools of government tyranny. The only way to win is not to play their game.

Free includes debt-free!

You have a point.

War seems to be what they want. Literally taunting and shoving fraud in our faces. They will not shrink at killing MILLIONS to establish their global utopia. And war with them means that a lot of intelligent liberty minded folks will be wiped out leaving docile Eloi to do their bidding. There are theories that some countries accept tyranny because they have been eugenicized, people with traits of questioning and individualism are killed off leaving the sheeplike masses who do as they are told without question. We will certainly be easily rounded up. They know us well through Facebook, forums, etc.

Yes, isn't this what the NDAA

Yes, isn't this what the NDAA was for, the final consequence.

Violent revolution makes it too easy for them. That is why they would have plants in protests to start violently protesting and in return all the innocents get mauled and arrested. Now you get put on lists and iris-scanned during the arrest. They did it to the Occupy LA group when they shut down their camp. It is quite a clever strategy to pin-point and eradicate groups against their tyrannical agenda since they make it ever so easy with NDAA floating around.

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶


Paul S

The right to be wrong cannot be abridged.

It is foolish to get between a fool and their folly.

Shall we sling epithets or might we produce arguments?

Free includes debt-free!

Well, then I guess

This country was built on a lie. I never agreed with Ayn Rand on military force. Though, it is starting to make sense.

When we, as a society, come to the understanding of liberty, the truth becomes apparent.


However, there is a big difference between military force & support by the military. In the sense that when soldiers refuse to fight for moral reasons & hold true to their oath they provide more influence and respect than when looking down the barrel of a weapon.

Never bothered with Ayn, Rothbard saw the bigger picture.

Rothbard was a historian by profession.

Free includes debt-free!

We should have expected these

We should have expected these results from primaries. Most control in these areas. The good news is positive press in Michigan and Arizona. The word is growing faster then we all think. I hope nobody here is thinking this is over yet.

Because we are only getting closer to winning, but to win we have to keep on as we are now. The campaign can't tell us everything...but we know our mission.

Keep spreading the word, keep working your district. Make sure you vote and bring people with you. Go check if your registered RIGHT NOW. I made the mistake of thinking I registered, but come voting time, I wasn't registered. Don't be as foolish as I am!

To keep from feeling guilty, I'll work even harder now at spreading the message and will begin donating on my next paycheck.

I'll also "Phone from home" to help the campaign out as much as I can.


Stay frosty and keep pushing forward, they want us to quit so the opposite needs to be done ... we are relentless!

Agreed, I don't believe the numbers for a second

But it only means we work harder to bring more people onboard for Dr. Paul!

How many are mad enough to act now? In a big way?

Mad enough to get a grassroots march organized in March or April (when people are mad aboout taxes). Mad enough for a:


Sick of being marginalized by corporate press?
Feel like this election is being stolen from us?
Feel like the polls are not accurate, media crowned front runner has pitiful 300 size crowds to Dr. Paul's 4000; yet vote totals never seem to match this?
Tired of watching the banksters fund both side and media preplanned story playing out?
Sick of GOP not getting it the No Body But Paul message?

If so, we need to act now. We can't wait. Take how mad you are and channel it into something big. Let's organize a nationwide event. A simultaneous Ron Paul march and rally at every State Capitol and every City/Town Hall; as well as DC. Have events after the march, with bands and speakers to raise money for Ron Paul 2012.

The press cannot ignore something so widespread. Ron Paul has support in every State across the nation. The fundsraised will help the campaign fight on. The visible numbers of supporters across the nation, of all ages, creeds, nationalities, etc will dispell the myth this is a youth only movement. We could have a powerful presence at each rally. For example,we clearly can get 4000 to a university speaking event, thus we should be able to get 4000 to a State Capitol or Cith Hall near by. I am sure Ron Paul has supporters everwhere. If there is value in such an idea, and people catch the vision and run with it, together we can make it happen.

Regardless if it is this idea or another; it seems to me we need to kick it up a notch. I think the reloveolution is much, much bigger than what is shown by msm, probably bigger than many even realize it is. We need to get out there soon and generate momentum, serious money, visiblity and suppport for upcoming state contests.

You are just frightening

You are just frightening wacko.

First of all..you do realize that AT LEAST half of the people at rallies are there for the "party atmosphere" and have NO intention of voting. And some are voting for someone else. Youy see...worthless fucks like you have no life. No real reason to live whatsoever. None. No family love. ABsolutely nothing to prevent you from eating a bullet. But at a rally, you can kid yourself into thinking that others would be at all sad if you went through with it. But that doesn't mean they want to vote.

Did you REALLY think Ron Paul had ANY chance of winning today?

No wonder you are considered a delusional joke.

Hi Troll.

You spelled a few words wrong.

"Always vote your principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams.

Feel better now?

Does creating an account then going on a multi-thread Trolling spree help you somehow?

Anger is the path to the Dark side.

The press are private business, the can do what they want. I can shun them if I want, and I do.

Free includes debt-free!

UNCONTROLLED anger (rage) is

UNCONTROLLED anger (rage) is the path to the dark side. Anger can be funneled into useful purposes when controlled. For example, I use anger from various aspects of life to motivate me in the gym.

I would not appreciate if you used that anger on me or others.

One can only do so by presuming to be a ruler over others. Anarchy means no ruler, It doesn't mean no rules.

Free includes debt-free!

Alas, this R3VOLution will NOT be televised.

Most everything in the Mainstream media is an advertisement. You want news coverage then you pay for news coverage. The most coverage goes to those that pay the most money. Shun the MSM.

There is a better way.

Google Trends Primer from 2008 contest

As of Midnight Leapday

Ron Paul is the man! Thanks Dr. Paul for encouraging over a 115,688 of my Michigan neighbors. I will sleep a bit easier tonight.

Free includes debt-free!


Just graph the growth rate of REVOLUTION VOTERS.....it will overtake the mainstream in only a few years...I'm not a person of patience...but Dr. Paul sure has been....that's how we win....go get the young people....teach them the basics, and the next year go get the young people, teach them the basics, and then go do it again. Eventually EVERYONE is a member of the REVOLUTION.



Woof Blitzer and Bill' O'Reilly just fainted..soon to go the way of the pinhead and extinct "T" Rex..

Someday, we will look back and say, "you see those big flesh eating monsters grazing on the grass, they use to devour our flesh, crush out bones and dominate our lives. Now, they have to go out and fend for themselves..

I see you are all about tactics

But to keep a stable free society is a paramount task. For one, children usually rebel against their parents. In addition, the old dynamics is at play - In free-market you will see many Asians and Jews occupy leading positions in private sector acquiring tremendous wealth. The rich-envy resentment and uneasiness about free-market from "ordinary Americans" (who expected the rich would be of their faith heavily donating to their local community) will start anew with calls for "equality and justice."

Well, we got 2 choices here - Or 3

1-Brokered convention is looking more and more like a possibility meaning that we have a good chance there if the campaign plays its del game right, which I think they are well on top of it

2-Focus on the electors :P No the delegates

3-If we don't get 1rst at the convention, possible good deal for Ron Paul.

Holy shit...WHY do you just

Holy shit...WHY do you just not CARE about looking like an ignorant child?>

Explain tpo me how a brokered convetnion is looking MORE likely now that Romney just took the momentum back and Ron Paul had a dismal showing. (And yes...averaging 10% is dismal and all you ahve to do is look at THIS SITE pedicting at least 15% in each.)

One more time for the idiots..THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A BROKERED CONVENTION! This year is NOT unusual. Tehre have been SEVERAL primary seasons that have been CLOSER that this year. And ZERO have ended in brokered conventions.

I know immature little children wat to FEEL like they are part of something special...but other than the bus you ride to school...there is nothing special about this election year.

Yes Americans

are doomed. the results are not as rigged as much as I thought.. The people are brainwashed..



REXOROOTER, How dare you speak of us(the younger ones like that!) like that!!! Your the IDIOT people who allowed this take over of our country by your complacency. YOU *YOU* my idiot a$$hole are the reason our country is so screwed!!! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK about the young NEEDING/HAVING to take the country back when it was yourselves who FUCKED IT UP!!!!!!!!! Youve got some damn nerve! FUCK YOU!

Um... Unless I'm mistaken,

Um... Unless I'm mistaken, you are about 5 seconds from being permanently banned by someone here.

i think it's past your

i think it's past your bedtime. If not go get some coffee.

Wow the trolls are out

Wow the trolls are out tonight! Watch out for the mindlessness!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Agreed...don't drink the poisoned water