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My New Bumper Stickers Arrived

Images are embedded below...



I am giving these away free to locals who can provide their own adhesive.

Also, I can't remember where I got my R3VOLUTION magnets (on the door) from back in 2007. If anyone recognizes these great magnets and can post contact info I would like to order a few more of these.


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I love Washington state people.


A trucks tailgate makes a

A trucks tailgate makes a perfect billboard lol.

Thanks, I think so too.

I use one rubber strap with hooks and wrap it all the way around the sign and tail gate.

I can take the sign on / off in seconds if I'm going somewhere that I don't want people to see the sign. I try not to go to those places as I prefer to advertise big.

Used to have a yard sign zip tied to the front grill also. I need to get it back on there too.