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My wife voted in Tennessee today for Ron Paul

Today my wife went to early voting in our town of Columbia in Maury County Tennessee. Home of the 11th USA President James Polk.She wore her Ron Paul Revolution shirt inside the voting office.
They told her she had to cover up her T shirt because no campaign logos are allowed when she got to the register sign in..She explained to the voter clerk that she didn't know for all to be heard while smiling and using her Dixie charm .As she button her sweater so slowly she made it known what T shirt she was covering up smiling at the people behind her in line.The clerk that gave lead her to the electronic voting machine heard her and saw the shirt said it made his day.After that we went shopping and showing are T shirts then when up to the court house to pay our house taxes in the court house square.67 degrees today and a great day for campaigning for Ron Paul.

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It's our turn

in Arizona tomorrow. I plan to stake out our polling place with Ron Paul 2012 signs and will hand out brochures for as long as possible. Hopefully others will join me. Thanks for the great story.

we all voted For Ron paul In Tennessee as well

Ron Paul 2012