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Ron Paul: The Mountain Comes to Muhammad

Ron Paul: The Mountain Comes to Muhammad
By David Weigel | Posted Monday, Feb. 27, 2012, at 11:25 AM ET

DETROIT -- Chris Moody traveled to the largest mosque in Michigan to find out whether any Republicans were courting Muslim votes. His answer: An Arabic flier for Ron Paul, and some fear and loathing of Paul's rivals.

Arab Republicans in the Detroit area say they are planning to announce a joint endorsement of Paul with about 150 mostly Muslim business leaders. In interviews with Yahoo News, those signing onto the pending endorsement expressed dismay with candidates like Newt Gingrich, who refers to Palestinians as an "invented people"--Arab Americans here jokingly call Gingrich "the invented candidate"--and Rick Santorum, for his hawkish stance on Iran and his stalwart defense of Israel.

"They've come out against practically every position that the Arabs in the community support," said Nasser Beydoun, the former head of American Arab Chamber of Commerce in Dearborn. "I don't think Republicans are focused on immigrants in general or Arab Americans. They're too busy catering to the fringes of the party."

Paul's focus on Detroit is a clear window into his campaign. Maximizing votes would be nice. Spreading the "message of liberty" to unmarked territory is even better. Because you don't ramp up your popular vote by winning over Muslims in a Michigan Republican primary. In 2008, when Democrats only held a token primary (Hillary Clinton and Dennis Kucinich appeared on the ballot, along with "uncommitted"), a whopping 0 percent of Republican voters identified as Muslims. Less than 2 percent were non-white.


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Why Every Muslim Should Vote For Ron Paul--article


Feel free to post and use. It was on DP somewhere, but can't find it. Email it to the mosques in your area or your friends. Let's have all the Muslim vote: it's achievable.

Reminds me of the old country story about

The old bull and the young bull. Well cant get into details now but either you know it or not>


Here's the Yahoo! article, it

Here's the Yahoo! article, it shows a copy of the translated flier: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/republican-candidates-avo...

One of my good friends actually came up with this idea, we got permission from the Dearborn coordinator to do it, but were going to do it regardless. I didn't help with the fliers, but I got people to help, and it ended up doing us a lot of good.

An important issue for the Muslims is Israel, and we made sure we let them know that Paul has never voted to send them money and as President he would put an end to it. Almost all of these guys are upset with Obama, and Bush. As you may know, Bush met with the Imam of that Mosque in 2000 and courted the Muslim vote, and got it!

Yesterdays rally in Dearborn was jam packed. People had to listen in, in a different room. It was amazing to see many from my community out to support him considering I was almost alone in 2007.

Today is our primary, so, wish us all luck!

Also forgot to mention, the

Also forgot to mention, the local Arab American News here endorsed Dr. Paul. The newspaper comes in Arabic and English and can be picked up for free from almost every Arabic owned store in the area.

Here's that article: http://www.arabamericannews.com/news/index.php?mod=article&c...

My family stopped

by a gas station in North Carolina a few years back that was run by Muslims. One thing about the store that impressed us was that there was absolutely no alcohol sold. As Baptist Christians, we are very much against the sale of liquor. Obviously, we believe Muslims are deceived in their belief system, but at least they practice what they preach. If only all Christian business owners who disagree with the sale of alcohol would have the same kind of consistency.

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Surprisingly postive Slate article and reader


Reality may be more ironic

Yes, RP message of equal protection under the law may appeal to some Muslims who may be singled out in post 9/11 USA. But since Sharia Law is the worst enemy to Ron Paul's individual liberty and free speech, the answer to Muslim support is found elsewhere.
The ironic reality is that most people (from Muslims to anti-Semites in RP camp to neo-cons & evangelicals outside RP camp) believe that RP's policies towards Israel will make her weaker.
At close examination, however, RP policies are automatically good for Israel with the exception of Israeli socialist-progressives.
1. Aid to Israel only grows local socialism in Israel and makes her weaker.
2. RP will take us out of UN. And UN is the bigger threat to Israel than Iran.
3. RP in May 2011 said he is not against Israel dealing with Iran by herself (Bush/Obama did not let Israel to act.)
4. RP will unshackle Israel from "Road Map."
5. Free-market will make Israel more prosperous and will hit hard governments of Sharia Law.

Why should anyone in this country

care anything about IzUnReal? In fact from all the evidence Uss Liberty, 911, How the Rothschild, zionist, usurped that land from the people who were living there, the lobiest for IzUnReal. Overwhelming evidence that not only no support but in fact its an area of extreme threat to our values and way of life. Extreme threat to our freedom and sovereignty. No other group has caused such extensive damage to USA.


Keep bubbling

Do not forget to add that Zionists created Austrian school of economics. Otherwise, you parrot familiar line of socialists.

You can disparage my truth with any tag you like

You can twist the truth and not address the point I do not care. It still remains, IsUnReal is not real its a shill front for the bankgangster family Rothschild and that shill front of a state has done USA and this world unmeasurable harm. We can start with the weap of mazz destruct atom ic stolen from USA, you can avoid and I can repeat. You can call it socialist another zioist manufactured front or you can tell me to keep bubbling which I take as an insult but you can not avoid the truth of USS Liberty.



I don't pretend to know that much about the subject but, I must question whether the Austrian School was created by Zionists or Jews. There is a BIG difference between the two.

Just asking.

and Israel did 9-11

and that is very, very easy to prove. Wisely said, gee, we should apologize for Israel and hope for its best, while it gets away with bloody murder.

By the way, no one would dare deny it was the Israelis.

Dr., are you responding to me?

If so, I must be having a senior moment because I don't understand what it has to do with what I wrote.

And I still didn't get an answer to my question about the Austrian School of Economics.

A freer, friendlier America

A freer, friendlier America can only be better for the world as a whole. Remember, Iran had a democratically elected leader in the 50s until we meddled in their affairs. If Dr. Paul's foreign policy becomes a reality (and if that policy is continued by his successors) we can eventually expect to see more peace and prosperity in the world and more countries trying to emulate America's example like they used to long ago.

Tedy, very true

what you have said is correct. If you read my post, I never mentioned that RP policies will be bad for muslim people (of any ethnicity.) But RP policies will be bad for traditional muslim faith and governments that what to keep Sharia Law. Bad thing about Sharia Law is that it is jammed through throats of all others by force. A brother is obligated to kill his sister if she has a boyfriend, rape victim is punished, etc.


Peace, prosperity and liberty for all.

California Registration

California Registration Deadlines

Deadlines for Upcoming Elections Election Date

Your registration must be postmarked no later than: May 21, 2012. ***Remember have to register as a Republican.***

(Presidential Primary Election) June 5, 2012....................Vote For Ron Paul 2012

Republicans and Muslims

In this article back in Dec 2011, Muslim concerns about Repub candidates are voiced. Interesting what it says about Romney (obviously Santorum and Gingrich are frightening to Muslims). Also interesting that Ron Paul is not mentioned.


Not only is there no other candidate that Muslims should back, the Muslim vote would voice a huge plus for Ron Paul's foreign policy. He is not only for non-intervention, he is for diplomacy and maintaining open communication lines. Many if not most Muslim Americans have family in the Middle East and they are very looped into what is really happening.

Do we have any Muslims who visit the Daily Paul and are for Ron Paul? Please become active in your communities. We not only need your vote, but even more importantly we need your support right now. Both Ron Paul and you are unique in this political battle. Thanks McClarinJ.


Muslim Americans

Hi I am a Muslim American, and frequent pretty much every Ron Paul site on the internet! Saying "I'm a Muslim and I support Ron Paul," isn't something a lot of Muslims want to do for fear that others will be turned off by Paul if he is supported by Muslims. I hate to say this but I think when other Americans hear that Muslims are supporting a specific candidate then they think twice about supporting the same candidate. However I have convinced my family to support Ron Paul, as well as passing out fliers about Ron Paul in our place of worship. We volunteer at phone banks and try to talk to our friends, who are Muslim and non-Muslim about why Ron Paul is the best, and only candidate to vote for. Super Tuesday is only one week away. We live in Ohio and will do everything we can to get the votes that Ron Paul needs. You don't have to be religious to know that Ron Paul is the only candidate on the ballot that will turn this country around in the right direction!


Hey, my friend, let me know how I can help

If you send me your address today, I'll send you a case of SB and some bumper stickers. Please let me know quickly: time's a wastin!! God almighty bless you in your efforts for peace!

Thank you!

larakhalil, Your support and that of your family and friends is appreciated and welcome. Thank you for all you are doing!

Hi and Thank You Lara

Your post made me sad. I am very grateful that I have Muslim friends who have helped me fill in valuable information about parts of the country that the mass media distorts.

I feel that listening to people whose roots are from countries I was never taught about in school are invaluable as far as understanding a foreign policy that could result in worldwide peace being something once again openly longed for and worked toward instead of peace being a politically incorrect stance.

Those of us who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will always stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters who are Americans, entitled to all the rights of Americans. What would I feel if I was a second or third generation Muslim or if I had brought my family here thinking I was giving them a better life.

You, as Muslims are under surveillance as we all are. Ron Paul is against that. While he states that non-interventionism means allowing countries to self-determine, he is also very aware that the trouble being stirred up many places in the name of "democracy" is a farce.

Do not be afraid EVER of stating that you are for liberty and, therefore, for Ron Paul to anyone. You are one of us!Anyone who does not understand that just needs to wake up!
Thank you for posting.

BTW. The song "Let There Be Peace On Earth" used to be sung by little children everywhere. The person who wrote it had never written a song. In fact, she was contemplating suicide, but instead wrote a song that has been translated in more languages than any other song. We, in this country and all over the world, are, consciously or unconsciously bringing about the destruction of liberty and hope. We who are for Ron Paul choose instead to unify...and in the name of freedom, liberty and peace (which all religious texts hold up in their "core" undistorted texts)... and work toward peace through liberty and understanding.


Thank You

When I lived in Detroit I was a PC service tech. I would often work at homes in Dearborn. The vast majority of those homes were Muslim, and I was never made to feel more welcome by anyone in my life. People are frightened by what they don't know, and sometimes by what they do (even when it's wrong). We don't need to fear people becuase they are from a differnt place, have a different language, or have a different religion. We need to fear becoming a nation that treats people poorly because they are different, when it was seeing past those differences to unite as one people under one flag that made this nation so great. We need an America that votes for a president who is accepted by all, not just a select few. Please speak your mind, and I will be right here with you. All of you who love this country and want to make it a better place to live are my brothers and sisters. Together we can lead the way to peace.

Yesterday in Dearborn, Osama

Yesterday in Dearborn, Osama Siblani, the founder of the Arab American said it best, Ron Paul breaks barriers, we are all American's and there are no divisions.

Thank You For Supporting And

Thank You For Supporting And Helping Ron Paul. Ron Paul Support From N. California.

Thank you!

It's truly sad to see so many hateful and uneducated people, when it comes to faith and your probably right the average person might be turned off.. But, i want to thank you for your hard work and persistence! There's people who talk about the change they want to see and then there's people who are the change! For Liberty!

It goes to show that Gingrich, Romney and Santorum

are candidates who do not embrace the US Constitution as it is shown how they treat Muslims. And tells me that anyone who swears to uphold the US Constitution and does not recognize Muslims are based in trickery.

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Once again

you see that the message of liberty appeals to all. Muslims make up around 2% of the population, though I have no idea how many are Arab Muslims. Regardless, the message keeps spreading, lets just hope it is in time.

Muslims they breath air to

someone has to see that Muslims have the right to liberty as well, I always wonder what would happen if we just sat and shared some time