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Ron Paul: Solving Detroit's Crisis: A Town Hall (Video)

Little Rock Baptist Church
Woodward Ave Detroit, MI
2/27/2012 11:00am


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Finally part 2

is up. the whole 2 minutes

Ron Paul: Solving Detroit's Crisis: A Town Hall part 2

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The United States Can be the Industrial Giant of the World Again

Urban America along with the rest of the country won't come alive until taxpayers aren't FORCED to subsidize losers who should be allowed to go bankrupt and their assets sold to more productive buyers. Urban America won't come alive until capital is encouraged to return to the US which will drive private enterprise and employment. Very, very few people alive today can grasp the magnitude of the INDUSTRIAL capacity of the once mighty United States. Unfortunately, the United States has been exporting it's industrial base to other countries for decades with bad, BAD trade policy and the economic drain of foreign wars. Where are the great industrial marvels of brilliance that marked the dawn of the 20th century?

Stolen by the members of the Federal Reserve and their cronies.


Free includes debt-free!

Thanks Steve!

I am looking forward to seeing how many of my friends and neighbors will venture forth and make their mark for this man of ideas.

If nothing else a vote for Ron Paul is a vote to redefine the kind of men and women we want to run this country.

Wanted: Those that work to protect our individual lives, liberties and properties. (Politicians need not apply).

If you see me out and about flash a sign language "R" "P" followed by a waggled "V". (pronate and supinate, repeat).
Ron Paul Victory!

See all of you at the polls!

Free includes debt-free!

Being native to a 'Rust Belt' city

it's wonderful to see Dr. Paul speak without trepidation in a setting where sound political ideology is so badly needed.

I've chatted with others about this subject before, but I hope to see the day when dear old Buffalo, NY freely revives to become a 'City of Light' (hosting the 1901 Pan American Exposition with early commercial electricity) once again

Paul in Detriot. Wow!

Young, and largely poor, people end up going off to war to escape bad economic futures because they were educated by a poor inner city school district.

If schools were funded as well as the military, people wouldn't see economic opportunities in, to be very frank, selling their bodies as chattel for the Pentagon. Without hope for their future, they are willing to bleed to death in war. And No Child Left Behind and the Department of Education only makes it that much worse for all of us.

In 1957, the Little Rock Nine are enrolled at Little Rock Central High School after public protests, and the Arkansas National Guard under the direction of Governor Orval Faubus, prevents their first attempt at enrollment. At the time, Arkansas was the third most segregated state in the country (behind Mississippi and Alabama respectively). President Dwight Eisenhower dispatches federal troops to ensure the students' safety and enforce their right to attend school. These events are collectively referred to as the Crisis at Central High.

Little Rock is a bilingual poem written in 1958 by Cuban writer Nicolás Guillén in direct response to this now-historic crisis in the civil rights movement. It reads:


Can someone please post this

Can someone please post this to any Detroit centered social networks or websites? I searched facebook for "detroit" and I'm not coming up with anything.

The Change in Venue

lead to a slightly different delivery which I greatly enjoyed. Ron's emphasis on the causes and solution to racial and poverty problems was beautifully linked to the judicial system, inflation of the monetary system and taxation at both federal and state levels. Hopefully, the people in the audience were as inspired by Ron's speech as I was watching a replay on video. I only regret not being able to hear all of the question and answer session. Great!

Always impressive...

I think it speaks volumes of our young Americans supporting Dr. Paul. I had to do 5 months of personal research just to get caught up to the real world. The fact that our youth are educated and care about their future and the future of this country gives me great hope. I've said many times...this is not the time to pandor to our college grads...there's a ton of 'em, and they're asking, "Why can't I get a job?". If I knew then, what I know now...I'm glad our best and brightest won't have to ask that at my age. I repeat...do NOT underestimate the educations our grads have received...their loans depend on it!

P.S. I dig the way he continues to answer the question through applause...I'm sometimes (secretly) disappointed when the audience cuts him off...classy is cool by any measure

Thanks for posting,

I watched the video, and I kept thinking what Dr. Paul always says, "The message of Liberty doesn't divide us, it unites us."

He was speaking to the poorest area code, and was warmly received.

part 2?

part 2?

I have to return some videotapes...

I'm proud of Dr. Paul...

for coming to his venue. Although the audience was mostly white, at least he is there offering his solutions and ideas to the area. I loved the way he answered the young girls' questions, no talking down to them, went right into economics. Loved it.

It's hard to

focus on what Ron is saying. What is that - a TV in the background?

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

noticed that too, it's

noticed that too, it's annoying. sounds like there were reporters.

Fox news Bret Baier was there

they ask me to move so they could have a clear shot. I told them no.

Exercise Your Rights. If You Don't Use Them, You Will Lose Them.
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Oh, darn

I hope there is a part two, I would like to see the rest of the question and answer period.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

I'll post part 2 soon

but it's real short. only 3 questions were taken.

Exercise Your Rights. If You Don't Use Them, You Will Lose Them.
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Thanks Steve

Posted on Twitter.

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OK, I learned something.

He did learn to fly in the Air Force. Great video and audio quality BTW. I was anxious to see some video of this event.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Video working now

processing complete

Exercise Your Rights. If You Don't Use Them, You Will Lose Them.
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New to me

Good old youtube

Video being processed?

New to me.



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