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GOP Party opposes delegates / Ron Paul campaign using national strategy to get votes at convention.

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Any way to counter this and

Any way to counter this and get more support from our people on this issue which seems to be going on nationwide? Obviously the memo was sent out to the county and state GOP leadership from the higher ups.

Yes you counter it by showing

Yes, you counter by showing up in full force and learning roberts rules of order as well as your county/district bylaws. This is the only way to counter their tactics.



"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

"We make the rules up

as we go". Sound familiar? For those who keep saying we need work within the GOP and change it from the inside, I hate to say it but, I told ya so. Every state GOP will make sure Ron Paul delegates are removed. Really, did you think it would turn out any other way? Freedom is not a popular concept amongst he establishment rank and file.

The Oligarch-Neo-Con GOP wil never relinquish power. They will crash the party before they let you under their supposed "big tent". It's time to kill the beast.

If we are a 2/3 majority in

If we are a 2/3 majority in the local GOP, WE make the rules, that's how it works, your comments confirm that too many here are too damn lazy to put in the time to change things and then, sit behind a keyboard and bitch about what needs to be done and to what we shouldn't be doing. It is comical the logic that comes from the lazy fucking people around here.


And that 1/3 of the party

will still continue to change the rules and you will be left in the cold. This isn't my first rodeo - been there, done that. Keep fooling yourself. You must not have been here in 2008.

BTW, nice language. Let's hear you sing this tune when you're crying that the GOP commited fraud, bla, bla, bla.

It's a private party, and guess what?
YOU"RE NOT INVITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WRONG, the 1/3 has no control

WRONG, the 1/3 has no control to change the bylaws or do anything else for that matter, the problem is people like YOU, that complain without taking the time to understand how the delegate system and rules of order works.

It is only a private party when you are not a member smart guy.

If you actually took the time to learn how the game is played you wouldn't be making such idiotic statements.

For the record I was here in 2007 and I am a parliamentarian, I understand just fine, YOU however do not.

You are just a lazy whiner, nothing more. LEAD, FOLLOW or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY BUD!

Stop your whining and do something about it.

Guess They Shold Eliminate Romney Too

"He said two people didn’t receive a necessary waiver and one voted in the last Democrat Party primary." I guess this should disqualify Mitt Romney since he's acknowledged voting in Massachusetts Democratic primaries.

Did anyone else notice they referenced the Daily Paul? They are so blatant about being biased against Ron Paul. "I
m confident these are Ron Paul people."

It's more of the same "Ron Paul is not a real Republican" nonsense. What do they want -- a primary where there is no real choice because everyone agrees on every issue? Why can't voters have an actual choice?

If you're anti-war, I guess you're not a "real" Republican.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


This brings me back to a point I have been making for a long time. You need to be active in the GOP not just for Ron Paul. The conventions determine local candidates as well and if you go to the GOP meetings and get a rapport with the candidates and leadership this type of thing will not happen as much. My local GOP would never stand against me because I have been so active in the republican party. How many of you have even attended a republican party event?

Sorry, bo

I do NOT need to be active in the GOP.

I need the government to get the hell out of my way and stop hurting people, and that's it.

I'm not going to snuffle some old pols' butts to try to schmooze them into liking the only non-crooked politician with a 30 year track record of honesty.

Of course, you are free to. No offense, but when you come out with a 'You Need To', yer just askin for it

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'

Sadly, you are mistaken, too

Sadly, you are mistaken, too many around here seem to forget that our founders gave us a republic and told us we were responsible to keep it. We which includes YOU are the government, you want it changed YOU need to do it.

I love how so many around here claim they want things but aren't even willing to put the work in to get what they want.

YOU, have just admitted that you are too lazy and would rather have someone else to do it for you.

NEWS FLASH : Your attitude is exactly how the current government has been able to take control the way they have.

LEAD, FOLLOW or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY. You don't want to be involved and chage things? Then quit your bitching about what needs to be done and what you want, you are part of the problem my lost friend and until you become part of the solution quit bitching.

Yes you do need to be active in the GOP

If you want Government to do something, in this case..."get the hell out of my way and stop hurting people, and that's it." then you are going to need government to change. It would be grossly naive and childish for one to expect government to change because one wants it to do so. It has to be changed.. what you are really saying is "everyone else go do this for me, I'm too prideful or lazy to do it myself."

Get involved, become the GOP, and the what you want government to do will happen.

Funny how Indiana bends over backwards...

...when the pre-selected fruntrunner Santorum fails to even get on their ballot. What do they do? Change the rules to insure he can get on.

We see through this GOP. We know that you are part of the same corrupt system that includes the Dems, MSM, et el....no difference.

You have a choice, realy, lead, follow, or watch out because we are trying for a Peacefull Revolution and when you make a peacefull Revolution impossible the blowback is unavoidably NOT.

...And we ALL have backyards.

not buying it

i call bs as well! they say the delegates being contested have never voted in a republic primary , but that is bs becauee they said four years ago these same people were delegates for paul and that thete were tricks being used 4 yrs ago as well. SMells fishy , gop be getting dirty. One more thing , how can you agree with this article without looking into these.guys being accused backgrounds, also how do we know this chairman isnt another charlie webster of indiana , lets look into this

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

I would imagine that these

I would imagine that these delegates would also endorse who would be the Republican nominee for US Senate. These establishment guys also figure that Ron Paul delegates would also vote for Richard Mourdock for Senate over liberal Dick Lugar. They also want to keep their aged establishment lackey in power too.

I would imagine they wouldn't

I would imagine they wouldn't want the shame of losing unanimously in the general election if the delegates dishonestly (and not at ALL in line with "liberty" voted for someone that didn't win any state and didn't EARN the delegates.

Saying "Fuck you!" to the voters is not a good way to win the battle. It would DESTROY every single Ron Paul minded politician than runs for the foreseeable future.

It's clear that you don't

It's clear that you don't understand the process in the GOP. The delegates vote for the candidate for the nominee. Educated Republican voters know this. Thankfully, this is a way to get past the election fraud that is happening with great regularity.

You have much homework to do grasshopper.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

LMFAO, you have been a member

LMFAO, you have been a member here for 1 hour go back into your hole TROLL!

As much as I hate to say it,

As much as I hate to say it, technically the GOP is right about the rules being broken. These people should never have become delegates when they knew they weren't elegible to do so. It only makes Paul supporters look bad and gives the GOP more ammo for their "zomg paulbots breaking rules and taking over" narrative.

I was also not elegible to be a delegate this year, but I accepted it and found other ways to support RP. I want him to win, but breaking the rules is not the way.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.


How did they break rules? If you become a delegate you are elected by the party in some form ( depends on the state). They are mad because we actually play by the rules that they impossed and they are mad because not even they fully understand the rules, they are mad because we are smarter. This is what its going to take to win. to complain that we dont follow the rules is like the pot calling the kettle black. They have a huge handicap over us, and still commit fraud! iM A RON PAUL DELEGATE AND I DIDNT CHEAT I WAS ELECTED FAIR AND SQUARE BY THE REP PARTY.

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.” - F.A. Hayek

According to the article,

According to the article, these people were not elegible because they did not have the required paperwork and had not voted in the GOP primary, and one had even voted Democrat. They KNEW they were not elegible, and those who elected them surely knew this as well. This sort of behavior does not reflect well on us.

I am not trying to attack you or anyone else, if you became a delegate fair and square that's great. All I am saying is that we shouldn't cheat to get Ron elected. Like it or not, we are playing in the GOP's club and we have to follow their rules (ridiculous and biased as they may be) if we want to win.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

Hence, says the member of

Hence, says the member of only 3 weeks.

Just because I haven't been

Just because I haven't been here as long as you, my opinion is somehow less valid? Give me a break.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

This is a revolution

Not a boy scout outing. Wake up or become a slave of the police state they are pushing so hard.

They put Slick Rick on the ballot but they pull

this CRAP