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NJ Delegate and Precinct leader info

I'm attending my first GOP meeting tomorrow and need all the info I can get. I have heard there is a form to become a delegate. Also, I am curious about how the position of Precinct chair or leader works.

I have read that at basically the end of the meeting the New Business section that I stand up and say how I'm determined to get rid of Obama or something and ask how I can since I'm new and if I can become a precinct leader. Can anyone elaborate more?

I'm be much more excited to hear someone else is coming to this meeting as well. It is the Middlesex GOP meeting in Woodbridge, NJ. If anyone else is attending we can easily meet at my house, only a few minutes away, and discuss our plan.

Thanks in advanced.

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Shameless, any helpful info??

Shameless, any helpful info??

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