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Ron Paul is Not the Future of the Revolution

We are. We need to make sure we are looking beyond this election (Win or Lose) and are ready to continue to stoke the fires of Revolution. If we can can keep bringing the most energy to the most mundane level of local politics then we will shape the future of this country. If all of you who have become delegates this cycle keep in the fight and become local officials next time we will retake our society from the ground up. Ron Paul brought us all together but lets make sure that this movement is bigger than him. When the good Dr. exits the picture we need to keep this community together and rebuild the future in the path of liberty.

You guys are heroes and make me wish I could be worthy of your company. Keep up the good work.

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Of course he is...

Just as Thomas Jefferson is mirrored in our movement today Ron Paul will be looked to and inspire countless freedom fighters in the future.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

As I understand the

Americans Elect process, you can't run with someone from the same party.

In one sense that would be a plus for Paul because if he ran as a third party
candidate he could run with (for instance) someone like Bernie Sanders and
potentially draw a lot of support from disaffected Obama people.

About the only poll I've seen for a third party run by Paul (and this was on
the assumption that Johnson and the Libertarians would support him, I think)
put his support at a little under twenty percent.

What I'm saying, I guess, is that the choice of running mate in those circumstances
might be a lot bigger factor than it typically would be for a major party nominee.

Haven't signed up to do it myself yet, but is there any downside to supporting
Dr. P on Americans Elect?

I was a Top Financial planner

Until in 2007 my congressman that I had been voting into office for decades told me that the federal reserve created the money and its a private corporation not a part of the government. Well that started a landslide of research and revelation. I learned about what they call "The Rabbit Hole" and I dove down it as deep as I could. I come to believe that humanity has been enslaved into debt slaves based upon false debt.
Much the same as if any criminal made an accausation that you owed them money and refused to pay. An Innocent man being prosecuted based upon false claims of debt. A tax payer.
For a while I went through many negative stages, seeing the election fraud for the first time in my life seeing the media propaganda many negative stages.

Then I became encouraged when I learned through research that for a change of direction it doesn’t take a majority but instead only a fraction, a critical mass, est. 5%.
I look to nature for truth and confirmation, I see a flock of birds, a school of fish, or a heard of elk. When they change direction, using slow motion film, it only takes a critical mass about 5% to accomplish and the change of direction does not always come from the front of the group.

I believe a leaderless world wide revolt to false debt slavery is underway. With Enlightened disengagement (which is the Ron Paul philosophy) a critical mass show the rest of humanity a competing way of life. When given the alternative I think most all of humanity will change direction and choose freedom and liberty over false debt slavery. I believe we are at the forefront of the dawn of a new era of peace and prosperity for humanity.


Ron Paul 2016

Ron Paul 2016!

Ron massively increased his support from 2008 to 2012. Don't quit now. 2016 will be HUGE.

Go Ron!

Keep up the fight America

As bleak as things may seem, please understand that the world has been waiitng for a philosophical revolution in the USA and you are the first seeds of that change. We are united with YOU.

If the war in Iran becomes a reality and the establishment pushes their agenda, you will see the droves of sheeple become awake when their children are being drafted and the economy is tanking.

We have to endure. Canada is with you!

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing - Edmund Burke

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We are fighting to liberate the world, you in

Canada, many in America, individuals in many lands. We are the future, we will continue to awaken humanity to its birthright -- its free and peaceable and loving potential.

An idea whose time has come...

You are correct.

The r3VOlution transcends Ron Paul; it transcends politics and political parties. It's a movement; an idea that is bringing people of all ages, from all walks of life together. All of these r3VOlutionaries are talking to one another, learning from one another. They're learning about such things as Austrian economics, firearms, organic gardening, beekeeping, Agorism, Voluntaryism, Ham Radios and other means of communication, the true value of money, canning, history, and so on and so on.

The future is about idealism, purism, beehives, anarchism, wiki-gov, communism, libertarianism, agorism; call it whatever you want, it is about hyper-decentralized but super tight and individually empowered voluntary collectives that achieve order and harmony through emergent means.

It is and will be these relationships that serve as the foundation and the walls that people will lean on and depend on when it becomes most necessary to do so. It will be these liberty folks; these r3VOlutionaries that will carry on and chart a new course for themselves regardless of what happens in 2012.

Tell you what...If Ron Paul is NOT nominated then I am DONE!

Ron Paul IS the future of the Revolution.

He is America's ONLY chance RIGHT NOW.

NOT the Banker-supported Romney.
Not the Nazi Santorum.
Not the Socialist Obama.
Not the Establishment/Hawk Gingrich.


ANY other result and I am dumping my republican party affiliation and going back to my apathetic ways.

In 2008, RON PAUL, NO ONE ELSE, cured my 34 years of apathy (meaning not voting at all).

So this is it for me.

If this country is that stupid not to realize the great privelige it has before them RIGHT NOW, then they'll continue to get what they deserve - ONLY WORSE.

It just will be a shame that all the great people who DO support Dr. Paul, will continue to be dragged along this Road to Serfdom with the sheeple-idiots who populate this country.

I think we're screwed.

But I won't let my fight until Dr. Paul quits.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I think...

"Christian Zionist" would be a better description of Santorum than "Nazi."

Minnesota Mary

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I agree

with your sentiment.
I'm in the Phoenix area to take care of some rental property. Walked through the old AZ capitol building on Monday complete with Ron Paul attire. The guy at the info desk...think his name was Ted, said something about getting our fiscal house in order and we have to beat Obama. I said, emphatically, We'll NEVER DO IT WITH ROMNEY!
I'm on schedule to be a delegate from WI to Tampa. After that?

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Yes and No...it is RP now but remember that

The Message is Bigger than the Man. We are the future of the Revolution. We must go on no matter what. If we don't, you are right, we are screwed.

Passion and commitment like yours are the fuel that fires this movement. Multiply that by millions and we cannot fail. Never give up, never give in!


Politics is like running with scissors!

Totally Agree..

Our Ron Paul group has become a non connected PAC and we are now turning our focus to the local level. If we all do this and apply what Ron Paul has taught us...we will take our country back one village, one town, one city, one county, one state at a time. Righton!

RON PAUL 2008 Jazzloversinc

You need to study

von Mises more carefully. Tactic is great, but until our ideology will spread sufficiently enough, we cannot get a stable free society. Consensus is needed. In free-market you will see many Asians and Jews occupy leading positions in private sector acquiring tremendous wealth. The rich-envy resentment and uneasiness about free-market from "ordinary Americans" will start anew with calls for "equality and justice."

First Post - We are the future.

Hey guys,

I've been happily "lurking" on DP for, something like 3-4 years now? This is the first post that motivated me to properly join up and add a brief comment.

Since my liberty inspiration, brought about by Paul in 2008 (I was fortunate enough to interview him in Missoula, MT for the press), I have been fortunate to work for a few liberty-oriented think tanks the last four years across the country.

Although we do the grunt research work to influence policymakers, I felt that I could do more. I remembered Paul saying the best way to advance a cause is to get elected.

I am further fortunate to be good friends with my local state representative, who is terming out this year after 8 successful years in the MT House.

I've put a maritime law career on hold to run for the legislature. At this moment no GOP has filed against me, if no one files for 12 more days I will be the nominee going into november.

I figure, in agreeing with this poster, we are the future.

I don't really like talking about myself on these forums, but just wanted my story to encourage you guys to not be disheartened and keep fighting - and if you have the chance, by all means run to get a lawmaker's seat! If Ron did it, you certainly can too!

If there are any montanans on here who want to give me a shout about liberty, feel free at nicholas.schwaderer@gmail.com

my website and donate page should be up properly by saturday... I've officially decided I'm going to invite ron to a bike ride for the June primary when he comes out!

For liberty! (be kind, I'm a first poster. :) )


Debut March 3rd



Good Luck!

Montana Rocks (especially the west)

BTW - what the heck happened with Jon Tester?

He was all about civil liberties and doing away with the Patriot Act
and there he is voting for NDAA? What do you make of the Senate
race in MT?

It's crazy

With Schweitzer (current Gov) and Rehberg (current rep) in the mix, it'll be ridiculous. I am very interested to see who the new Governor will be if Schweitzer (D) could keep the budget balanced through the recession, imagine how GOP would fair?

I'm lucky to be from west-MT.

Tester buckled and flipped on SOPA, so I think like most politicians he responds to carrot and stick. We need to be more aggressive calling in I think...

Will possibly let DP know when my site's up this week. Unless that departs from the Paul-theme.... But I am (as they say) a "Ron Paul Republican"... so...

Debut March 3rd

Best wishes. Country needs

Best wishes. Country needs people like you.

thank you!!


Debut March 3rd


congratulations and good luck!

I'm young, and you're a young Ron Paul. I aspire to be there in a few years. Let's fix the country already. After all, there are enough of us, and thanks to Dr. Paul we're smart enough to get this done. Maybe the average age of legislators will drop in the coming years. That would be a sign of a bright future.

Keep on inspiring us all!!!

Did you see the

Did you see the Springfield rally tonight??? The crowd was unbelievable! Almost too rowdy; yelling to the point that it was interrupting Ron Paul. This energy needs to be focused and it will spread. Not only will we be fighting for THE cause of causes, but the whole nation will become more intelligent in the process. The Ron Paul Revolution will change the planet, and maybe more.

Ayn Rand is!

Ayn Rand is!

Totally agree

This is important and needs to be emphasized. I saw a video this morning of a Ron Paul sign wave as he was driving by to an event, and the reactions of some of the people at the end after he drove by made me sick.


This movement is not about Ron Paul. We should be grateful for his role in pushing it along and bringing so many to the cause, but it's much more important and bigger than any one man, even Ron.

He is just the messenger.

He is just the messenger.

It's kind of like, "I don't agree with Ron Paul," but more like, "Ron Paul agrees with me!"

The latter phrase means a little bit more. The man is 76 years old and I for one hope to be in as good of health as he is when I'm that age. The cause is more important than the individual, like so many who were before him.

The fire rises.

"Ron Paul agrees with me."

"Ron Paul agrees with me."

Great slogan.

Candidates Will Seek Ron's Endorsement

Ron will likely remain the grandfather of this effort to restore constitutional liberty. Candidates will seek his endorsement. Thankfully, we can depend on Ron to NOT grant such endorsements cavalierly.

Ron Paul is still alive.

Without Ron Paul, RP movement will break up into different groups. For example, anti-Semites and muslims who joined RP camp, are more interested to curb Jews and Israel than to restore free-market economy (where Jews will automatically occupy many top spots due to their skills and abilities.) Therefore, that segment of RP supporters will join socialist-progressives of OWS type complaining that speculation and free-banking is a usury and the whole Austrian economics thingy is a Zionists plot to rob hard-working people.