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New Rasmussen Poll: Ron Paul Beats Obama - Newt and Rick do not!

This is Awesome! It's spreading like wildfire..

RASMUSSEN POLL: Obama Approval at 45%, Lowest in Month—President Falls Behind Romney and Paul...

Romney 45% Obama 43%...
Paul 43% Obama 41%
Obama 45% Santorum 43%
Obama 49% Gingrich 39%...


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Thanks to zerohedge.com for showing this graph.


Complete BS

If you look at the Rasmussen poll this story quotes. Now that it has been revised "coincidentally" after the Arizona/Michigan primary has taken place the ONLY candidate who beats Obama is Ron Paul! Romney is only tied now he does NOT beat Obama! This would have made a much different headline 2 days ago....

This is a complete sham!


My how Obama has fallen

According to that poll, even Santorum has a statistical chance of beating Obama. I guess Ron Paul was right again: ANY of the GOP candidates can beat Obama. I think Gingrich is only low because he hasn't had another surge yet. That, and the voters don't want to vote for someone they loath.

I must make a confession: I actually cheered Gingrich on in his superpacs' ads, saying that I hope the anti-Romney ads would take some Santorum votes away. Now I feel a terrible need to repent and wash my hands of playing politics like that. Ew.

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A sick joke

That's what that poll is!


We should make this our weapon to win some of those people who want anybody but Obama at the white house. Let's just show them how well Ron fares against Obama. We must talk this specially to the Gingrich's crowd.

Seems pretty awful to me

It looks like to me, that Rasmussen completely left the fact that Ron Paul beat Obama in the latest poll off of their poll summary. It says how Romney tied Obama AND how Santorum lost to Obama but no mention of Paul at all even though he beat Obama. Pretty gross if I'm right here. Check out the poll summary, search results for "paul" = none.


Yesterday's poll...

I talked about, and have a link to, yesterday's poll where both Romney and Paul beat Obama here: http://ingotnews.com/post/18391190351/ron-paul-leads-obama-i...

I've been trying to find today's numbers on Rasmussen

but can't find them anywhere. Fox just quoted today's numbers as

Romney 44% Obama 44%

Santorum 43% Obama 46%

No mention of where Paul is today vs yesterday. Go figure on the day of the primaries they don't mention if Paul is between Romney and Santorum.

Does anyone have today's updated numbers?

They removed it

However, when you search in Google for

site:www.rasmussenreports.com paul 43

it will find http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obam...

and cites

"For the first time ever, Texas Congressman Ron Paul also leads the president. In that matchup, 43% prefer Paul and 41% Obama. Ten percent ..."

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Different polling days

According to the Rasmussen Reports data, the polls comparing the Republicans to Obama were done on different days for different candidates. Here are the 3 most recent results for each Republican candidate, vs. Obama, following the specified methodology:

Romney (1,500 likely voters, +/-3%):

Feb 25-27: 44/44 (tied)
Feb 24-26: 45/43 (leading)
Feb 23-25: 43/45 (trailing)

Santorum (1,500 likely voters, +/-3%):

Feb 25-27: 43/46 (trailing)
Feb 24-26: 43/45 (trailing)
Feb 23-25: 42/47 (trailing)

Gingrich (1,500 likely voters, 1,000 for 2-day poll, +/-3%):

Feb 24-25: 39/49 (trailing)
Feb 14-15: 37/51 (trailing)
Feb 06-07: 43/46 (trailing)

Paul (polling methodology unspecified!):

Feb 24-25: 43/41 (leading)
Feb 14-15: 39/44 (trailing)
Feb 04-05: 38/50 (trailing)

The data goes back as far as January 2011 but with much more frequent polling in 2012, almost daily for Romney and Santorum in February. However, for Gingrich and Paul, it is closer to biweekly, than daily, polling.


Gotcha. Thanks!

Too bad Paul's numbers couldn't come out today. They might have gotten more traction

Megyn Kelly did show a graph....This is how it looked..

Rasmussen Poll

Barack Obama 41

Ron Paul 43

Notice how obama's name is on top...

This segment had a split screen of Baier, Kelly and Rasmussen, left to right respectively..

So yesterday's numbers for Paul are the same as today?

Just trying to verify.

Rasmussen Report

I've been trying to find the survey results on Rasmussen's website that says Ron Paul beat Obama, but the link to the report goes to the Daily Presidential tracking poll and that doesn't even mention Paul anywhere on the sight. Can someone point me to the survey results on Rasmussen's website that backs up this claim?

I am trying to show someone who doesn't believe that Dr. Paul stands a chance against Obama.

No one...

can point me to the actual article on Rasmussen that shows these numbers?

Daily Only I Think

I think the Rasmussen polls are daily only for non-subscribers (and not permalinked) and it was yesterday's poll. I bookmarked it, but when I went to the poll again this morning it was Tuesday's update with no way to go to Monday's post. This was the link:


Perhaps a subscriber could print to pdf or send you a link.

Commentary from Rasmussen

The most interesting part of the poll was in the commentary from Rasmussen:

For the first time ever, Texas Congressman Ron Paul also leads the president. In that matchup, 43% prefer Paul and 41% Obama. Ten percent (10%) would vote for some other option, a figure that includes 17% of Republicans.

17% of Republicans would vote for a third option in a head-to-head of Paul vs. Obama! Am I reading that right?

I hate to ask for this ...

but I feel a little ganged up on on this thread:


Anyone wanna jump in?


This is VERY good news, but~~~

don't expect the Media to tout it.

We need to make a positive

We need to make a positive article like this go viral spread it everywhere we have to ram this narrative down the medias throat, call limbaugh hannity levin pose as santorum supporters converting to ron paul because of electability. We could put a huge dent in santorum with this info plastered everywhere

Paul's win over Obama is as wide as Romney's

Even with a larger number of undecided voters, the tipping point appears to be with Paul beating Obama by the same amount as Mitt did.

With only his private individual support, and little friendly media coverage; Ron Paul's appeal among the whole spectrum of American voters is greater than all three corporate-sponsored, media-favored candidates can win, even with their help.

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Excellent points, and that

is extremely encouraging! I AM EXCITED!

Thank you guys for posting this info!

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