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Ron Paul receives major endorsement in North Dakota (Vote on Poll)

The Ron Paul for President Campaign released the following statement:

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was endorsed today by Paul Maloney, one of North Dakota’s most prominent pro-life leaders.

Mr. Maloney serves as Executive Director of the North Dakota Right to Life Association. Established in May 1971, North Dakota Right to Life is the largest and oldest pro-life organization in North Dakota. In making his endorsement, Mr. Maloney stated he was doing so as a private citizen and not on behalf of any prolife organization.

Read more: http://www.thestatecolumn.com/articles/2012/02/28/ron-paul-r...

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Super Tuesday Media Coverage

How to increase media coverage of Ron Paul dramatically:
Super Tuesday Announcement To The Media

You think this could bring enough media attention to Ron Paul before Super Tuesday?

Bump for North Dakota

Beautiful state, beautiful that such a respected pro-life leader in ND supports RP. North Dakota was one of the candidates for the Free State Project as well. (Live free, ND!)

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BUMP!! I read in a BS MSM

BUMP!! I read in a BS MSM Newsweek the other day that RP raised more money in ND than both BO and Mitts. It was the only state. That is good news for RP in ND. Keep talking to people :)!!

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Thank You Mr. Maloney, North Dakota

...Mr. Maloney is respected in Right to Life Groups and we appreciate his endorsement.

DPers..so often when something "good" happens *some people* immediately flock to the thread to post something irrelevant to the original post. Please show your respect for Mr. Maloney's endorsement by commenting and pushing the thread crashers downhill. Anybody who just *uses* a new thread with great news in this manner is rude at best.


We May Win North Dakota

Search recent articles on the DP about North Dakota and show appreciation to Mr. Maloney and all those folks who have been working hard for us there by bumping this thread and commenting. Recent reports from North Dakota indicate that fundraising has brought in more RP $ than any other candidate and thousands saw Ron as he swung through.


Please bump and understand why this thread was immediately visited by those who choose to sabotage a thread with great news.


My Mistake Songman & President Paul

When I read the article, I didn't scroll down to or see the poll. Now I have and voted. I am editing my two comments...my mistake.

And, great news from North Dakota. Maybe my screw-up will bump this again.


Woops ...

...too late to edit. Again, sorry Songman, Pres Paul and original poster and hope at least this re-bumps as I am excityed about N. Dakota!


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ron in 12!

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