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[Picture] Ron Paul's Crowd vs. Mitt's Crowd in Michigan

First time posting here. Click picture for larger view:

Ron v Mitt


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Where's the rage

Are you who I think you are? If so, this is huge!

Panoramic comparison complete...

but I can't see a way to edit my original post. Is there a moderator who can help me out? Alternatively, shall I make an entirely new post?

Panorama Mitt v Ron

doesnt matter how big the crowd is

doesnt matter how big the crowd is
when the GOP can lie , cheat, steal, and stuff!!

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

And this defies logic


When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Ron Paul VS Rick Santorum

This pic inspired me to make one of my own.

I created it using two pics from the Huff Post. I assume that because they were both displayed as pics for the Arizona & Michigan primaries that the photos were, in fact, taken during those two events, but I can't confirm.

Here's you go:


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What I just don't understand

is why this doesn't translate to the election booth. Ron Paul gets the biggest, most energetic crowds, it it seems that most of these people can't be bothered to go vote for him in the primary. Where is the disconnect?

It is BOTH~~electorate ignorance AND... GOP cheating

with the final numbers. Just think. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if you do something like add up numbers BEHIND CLOSED DOORS that they come out just the way you want them to come out, especially in Diebold or electronic voting machine states.

The GOP controls it from beginning to end. Even if they "give" us Maine, it will be too late. And, we all know Ron should have won Iowa, but I believe in my gut that the GOP FLIPPED the VOTES and gave Santorum Ron's numbers. And, I think we all believe that Ron came in a FIRM SECOND PLACE in Nevada, too.

Translate to the election

Translate to the election booth? I guarantee you 90% or more of the people in that auditorium went and voted for Paul tonight. Just look at his numbers, he's going to end up with over 110,000 votes.

What happened is that the zombie voters who are voting the way their television tells them to vote are too lazy to go out and actually research the candidate they're being told to vote for. They don't research them, they don't go to their rallies, they don't do anything. They just get this information puked into their brains, and get up and go vote.


never underestimate the stupidity of man, although do not underestimate how dangerously cunning the elite are. They have trillions to lose if RP wins, they control the e-voting machines, and they are out for themselves.

Dude you rock.

Already retweeted! (I think... I'm still crazy new at this twitter thing.) ... regardless: GREAT JOB!


We May Not

win the nomination, or the general election....but we're gonna have a lot of company when the real revolution goes down.

That's a good sign. When I go to take back my money from the IRS, my gun from the ATF, and my property from the EPA...I'll need some backup.

F%&^ the MSM


Hey GOP, where's my vote?


there really is no reason to see somebody who people barely like and is on TV all the time, but its easy to do what they are told..vote for Romney or Santorum. On the other hand, Ron Paul.


The fact that so many people came to see Ron Paul means that there are tons more admiring from home... In Michigan.

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You are Right

Sadly, those who are going to vote for the Status Quo normally don't go to rallies or speaking engagements. I sure didn't when a candidate was coming to town in the past. With Ron Paul people will travel for miles to see him speak. The Message of Liberty is having a hard time to compete against the multi-billon dollar media machine.


The Multi-billion dollar media machine is the ultimate Super Pac, of Super-Pacs.

That's Worth

1,000 words.

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Yeah, no voter fraud, Ron Paul hasn't actually won every state

Nothing to see here, move along people, third place is just where your candidate is. I say so and I'm a trendy.

Be Fair

Romney's supporters weren't willing to travel more than a few blocks to see him.

Ron Paul's came from several states.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The battery on their Lark scooters

have a very limited range. They had to save enough charge to get home in time for Matlock...


Thank you for the compliments! I only spent a minute or two on it and if I had known I would have received such a warm reception I would have made it a little neater or put in a little more effort in the details. In fact, I had assumed many of these comparisons had already been done but figured I'd try my hand in making a quick version :)

I like the idea of the panoramas and will do so when I have the chance. Thanks for the suggestions

I'm on twitter at @WhereIsTheRage

Cheers everyone thank you again for the warm welcome

Daily Paul approaching 50,000 members!

Nice post! Let's make one with the new MSU panorama pic versus the "bird's eye" of Mitt's empty stadium pic :)

Whoops, if I'm not mistaken that IS MO STATE RALLY PIC!



Super Tuesday Media Coverage

How to increase media coverage of Ron Paul dramatically:
Super Tuesday Announcement To The Media

You think this could bring enough media attention to Ron Paul before Super Tuesday?

Are you sure that's Romney?

Are you sure that's Romney? Looks like newt bc of the gray hair and his blow up bimbo doll.. Lol

please be kind

Would Dr. Paul approve of personal attacks?

this is very funny, really--

and enjoyable to see!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

very nice

First post. I have been waitin on this pic.


great pic.

Money talks and dogs bark