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Wolf Blitzer Interviews Ron Paul 2-28-2012

Ron Paul killed it. Wolf asked what his strategy would be in Virginia, and he said it is going to be the same as it is in any state, sound money, personal freedom, etc etc. Loved it!

Video thanks to SaveOurSovereignty


Airing Date Feb.28, 2012

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Jon Stewart moment of Zen

The Daily show just had that long pause when Blitzer asked "do you know what they say about you and Romney?". He used it as his moment of Zen, AND talked about how Ron Paul does best against Obama during his show!



He said some people are too far into conspiracy theories ... great line, lol.


old BS questions from Bull Shitzer. What's your strategy in VA, how come your not bashing Romney. Romney does a fine job bashing himself every time he opens his mouth. Santourum is a total punk that has the IQ of Palin. RP2012 Blitzing Blitzer

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Eternal Flame of Liberty!

and flowers for the 1st Lady...Happy Leap Year Birthday Carol!

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

Then there were two....

... I honestly think that Gin-Grinch and Sans-Scrotum should drop out.

I also think Wolf Spritzer is a condescending Knob.

There, I just wanted to share my morning thoughts..... ;~)

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!

More rumors, gossip, fishing for strategies ...


Ron was great with what they give him, but ...

He needs to get aggressive and stop answering the phony questions they always feed him until his time is up.

Take the question and then completely turn it into something that actually matters.

We've seen him do it. He doesn't do it enough and its costing him.

Yawn at the fake, big colorful media set presentation of distraction and false 'journalism' they shovel out day after day after day.

Thank god we are canceling cable over this.

"you wanna know what he

"you wanna know what he said?". Ron Paul says nothing lmao! What is this middle school? That is not journalism. What about the doctor's stances on issues that matter? Wolf is such a moron y'all!

juan maldonado

loved it, he made wolf so uncomfortable

Ron marginalized wolf without saying a word.

Look at the woman in the background

Ron's cracking her up!


haha yes, I think Ron just got her vote!


Kooky Conspiracy Theorists

Is what Frothy Supporters are. Not to mention that they themselves are being led into the Nut House by the Head Lunatic himself, Frothy

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

You know, Ron Paul never

You know, Ron Paul never fails in these interviews...he's always on point, and finds/makes the opportunity to make a principled stand on issues. I'm proud to support Ron Paul.

We should start editing out media's dishonest delegate counts

Every little way the media can distort things and deceive the American people they do. So why not black out their lies?

Blitzer is a TOOL

I hope someday he is forced to look in the mirror as part of the neo cons that have destroyed this great nation.

Sad sad sad.

Zev Barak

We need to start calling

We need to start calling Santorum and the MSM conspiracy theorists!

Springfield VA rally

I was there, and so were 2000 of our closest friends, with 500 whom had to be turned away by the fire Marshall. Rand introduced him, it was great. The crowd was so enthusiastic. I hope we do well in VA next week. Props to Chris Spears for pulling the rally together.

Do any Virginians out there have any idea how the polling......

looks in Va. between Romney and Dr. Paul? Does Ron Paul have a feasible strategy in place in Virginia to do well? My God, there are ONLY TWO candidates competing! Is there any chance whatsoever he can actually beat Romney in Virginia? My concern (living in Maryland), is the geographic proximity of Virginia to D.C. The feedback I have gotten has not been positive in reference to Dr. Paul's chances. Please reassure me that what I have heard is absolutely hearsay.

Awsome BACKDROP for the good doctor Paul!

Who ever did that, a tip of the hat to you!

Flowers, nice fireplace...very warm and friendly.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

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3 minutes of BS before Wolf

3 minutes of BS before Wolf starts talking substance.

We know what the other candidates are against, but what are they for?

The Fire Rises.

The fire rises.

He DOES look like Eddie Munster...

except pervier (is that a word?)--more perverted.

Nice job on making/finding

Nice job on making/finding the video. I am not set up to record off my TV for all to see!

Delegate counts

CNN is putting up bogus delegate counts again.This needs to stop ASAP!

What an embarrassment Wolf Blitzer is.

Is it journalism, his rhetorical question if Ron Paul knew what people were saying about Romney and Ron Paul's plans? Is it really appropriate to try to bait out of a presidential candidate that there are rumors that his son might be on the ticket for the other guy? Wolf looked like an idiot.

Why would Rand even want to

Why would Rand even want to be Romney's VP?

Did he really say

He would be honored to be considered?

Frankly I don't see an upside for him, even if Romney did make the offer. Sure according to establishment standards he would be "well placed" in 2016. But he would be forced to toe the corporatist/big govt/warfare line. This would compromise his already imperfect record.

The establishment threw their best shot at him in KY and lost. McConnell has more to fear from him than the other way around.

If anything it shows how desperate the establishment is to keep us "happy". They know they can't win without us. Shows how little they actually understand about the Revolution.


SteveMT's picture

Ratings week sweep conversation:

CNN: You need to pick your ratings up out of the garbage again, Blitzer. You better have that Ron Paul on your program for an interview again. It's true that he makes you look like a fool, but we don't care. You've already sold your soul and lost all credibility, it's all about the ratings. We are the only network that would have ever hired you anyway, so just take it. It doesn't matter what questions you ask him, he's going to wipe the floor up with you with his answers, so just be gracious in defeat. We'll scrape-up what's left of you later. Just remember that this interview will buy you another week on the air.
Blitzer: O.K.

Amazing that Wolf was able to

Amazing that Wolf was able to locate Santorum supporters to get their opinion...has anyone here ever met one?

Unfortunately, yes.

Still working on her and the "anyone, but Obama" crowd.