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Super Tuesday Prediction

Ok, so here are my predictions.
- a win in Virginia
- a second/win in Idaho
-Gingrich drops out
- a win in North Dakota
That's all I can predict for now, what do you think?

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If we take Washington

ahead of Super Tuesday I think a win or two might be possible.


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

he has to come to Tennessee,

to have a chance

I think

Washington, Virgina, Idaho, North Dakota, maybe Ohio


What makes you think Ohio?

Ive read alot of people support Paul there, and Ben Swaan is

There, so it might all change,


maybe alaska

sounds like a

good prediction to me ,i would add Sanitary drops also


Don't think he'll drop, addelson wants him to stick around to prevent votes from going to santorum to help out mitt.