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The Four Letter Word That Starts With "F" - What Could That Be?

The answer is FRAUD (OK,IT'S FIVE LETTERS.Please read the rest)

I am sure that I am not alone suspecting a massive fraud in vote counts. I think this is done not only in primary elections but also through local caucuses.

I know that there are people who will be quick to ask, "Do you have the proof?" Not personally, but there is a huge body of evidence if you care to look into this.

I think vote count fraud will only escalate at this point. Dr. Ron Paul popularity is growing at extremely fast pace. His presidency is basically a death sentence to the establishment and they know it.

I follow the trends online, its part of my business and I know that there are MUCH MORE people who support Ron Paul than mass farce media would like us to believe.

Here is a great little video giving a glimpse of how things really work. Please watch and post your thoughts.

Thank you


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I try to change people every day. Do You?

Voting Video

Thanks for this post and video.

That is AMAZING to see, even tho' I already knew.

1) What else can you tell us, please?!

2) Suggestions on what can be done?

3) Can that video be re-posted with all reference(s) to Ron Paul removed so that it has a better chance to go viral?

We need a marketing plan:
Do you vote? Do you want your vote counted? By a U.S. Citizen in the USA? The actual way you voted?

Vote to "Vote and Count it LIVE".


Dang it! that's 6

No...the problem is, you

No...the problem is, you don't follow the trends online...you follow the online trends. And guess what? MOST people do not spend (waste) their entire existence online. No one will EVER say on their deathbed "I really wish I spent MORE time on the internet when I was alive."

So...trying to extrapolate online popularity with general popularity shows that if that really IS part of your job, then you are not very good at it.

Ron Paul is popular online because he is an underdog and people are flooding the cheap (free) message boards with it. But supporters of the leading candidates don't feel the need to do this.

It is similar to consumer message boards. If you went by the internet, or even by calls/e-mails to their customer hotline, you would think that about 85% of Coca Cola drinkers are unhappy with their drink. Because people who get what they want are less likely to express that in words.

Underdogs are ALWAYS much more vocal. Look at baseball...until 2004, the Yankees and their fans didn't give a shit about the Red Sox. I know because I grew up in the NY City area and moved to Boston in 1999. It was HYSTERICAL to see the Boston newspapers whenever there was an upcoming Yankees/Red Sox series. For the ENTIRE WEEK before, that would be the FRONT page story. Not just the front of the sports page..the front page. And they honestly didn't realize that NY newspapers considered it just another series in a 162 game season. NYers didn't consider it a rivalry until 2004.

Could it be that there is something you don't get?

How much do you really know about Internet and it’s affect on current public opinion? Do you know that main stream TV losing to outlets like YouTube? Do you know that most people get their news from outlets like Drudge Report? Do you have any idea of the fact that your blithering is just showing your lack of understanding? Ron Paul is underdog only in the eyes of brain dead segment of the population which still represents a hefty chunk of the Americans but it is changing so quickly.

Modern day marketing research couldn’t exist without considering influence of the Internet. You sound like a marketing director from the past who said that TV is never going to take off.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by with your rant and baseball scores. Good luck with all that.

F A C E ...

... it.

Being able to see the truth is an indispensable part of the revolution.

There are many here who have yet to grasp the reality of what is happening ... and how ... and why.

No regrets over this election so far. Eyes open every day.

I'm not sure why this post is

I'm not sure why this post is getting voted down. This seems to be a very delicate subject here on the DP. It would seem many simply do not want to believe election fraud is possible. Or perhaps they equate discussions of election fraud with the whining attitude of the annoying defeatist. That I do understand. But let me be clear at the outset: when I discuss election fraud I AM NOT BEING DEFEATIST, nor am I throwing my hands up with an attitude of, why bother? On the contrary. I am merely being realistic about a very serious problem and attempting to face some unpleasant facts with determination and resolution. If we can resurrect an honest vote count, which seems very doable if only we first admit to ourselves and accept that our elections have indeed been hijacked, we can and will take our country back peacefully.

There is ample evidence of election fraud. There is more than ample motive. This subject is well documented. Election fraud is conclusive beyond any reasonable doubt. Given the stomach, one can connect the dots in HIGH RESOLUTION to demonstrate the election process is indeed rigged and fixed as necessary by the controlling interests. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy fact.

The question I would ask anyone who still chooses to deny these facts, for whatever their reason or motive, is, if it is possible for the criminal faction who has hijacked our nation to defraud the vote, why on earth wouldn't they? Especially if a candidate is directly challenging their own criminality... How naive does one have to be to accept on faith--and on faith alone--that those who count the vote, and who have everything to lose, and who count the vote with absolutely no audit trail whatsoever, nor with any accountability whatsoever, would tally the vote honestly and per the public interest? That's like saying, if it was somehow possible for Marie Antoinette to make every guillotine across France to suddenly disappear right before her challengers stormed the Bastille, why on earth wouldn't she if she had the power to do so?

Come on folks. We need to talk about this without getting all worked up about it. Election fraud is obvious.

How does talking about it help?

Is talking about it convincing people to join the GOP?
Is talking about it convincing people to support Ron Paul?
Is talking about it motivating people to become delegates?
What good is talking about it?
The fraud is OBVIOUS. Talking about it is a waste of time.
I didn't vote down this thread, but I hesitated to open it because I see no good in discussing the OBVIOUS.
It doesn't motive me to join the GOP, or support Ron Paul or become a delegate. It makes me feel that I'm an idiot for doing all the above when THE OBVIOUS is something I have WITNESSED for over 30 years of voting. It's why I joined Ralph Nader in 96. It's not new. It's what we are fighting, so let's disscuss how we fight because that's not so obvious.

The Ron Paul rEVOLution IS NEW, and we are NOT OBVIOUS, and we have a hell of allot of work in from of us if we are going to take back this party and restore America with Ron Paul.

Yes, there's election fraud in every state. IT'S OBVIOUS.
Is that all we got to talk about?
I sure hope there's more to us than that.

What are you doing today to make Ron Paul our president? I'm still collecting signatures (even though I already have enough) for ballot access to be a delegate in Tampa, and passing out Super Brochures, one at a time, as if they are tickets to FREEDOM, they are.

I appreciate your input but...

this is obvious to you and me but not to all. There are all kinds of people joining Ron Paul movement and as I have noticed not all understand what is going on with the vote count. Many people like Ron Paul message but also many say that he can't win because of the lack of support.

THERE IS NO LACK OF SUPPOR FOR RON PAUL! Thanks to people like you. I command you for your efforts and contribution but please understand that your level of knowledge and understanding is not the same as people who just learning about freedom movement. So, may be talking about it is not a bad thing.

I agree

Talking about it isn't a bad thing.
Understanding Ron Paul takes a learning curve.
I didn't agree with Ron Paul on all his issues5 years ago, now I do.

It's just there is nothing that those who have not joined the GOP can do about the fraud. The fruad tells us in the GOP that we have to get more people in the GOP so we can repplace those committing the fraud.

It takes years to go after them legally, and the damage has already been done.

It takes years to get them by over taking them in power and that's our goal.

Have you joined the GOP? Are you on a RCC?


Keep telling 'em The Granger, it's a message which needs to sink in good.

These are good points. And I

These are good points. And I do understand why this is taboo to many of us who are in the ring fighting the good fight.

Not talking about it, however, is a subtle way of condoning the fraud and sanctioning the idea that these accuations are really only conspiracy theories and don't really exist.

Election fraud is not so obvious to a lot of people, most of this audience excluded. Yes, if we bitch and moan about election fraud it may dissuade others to do all they can to help Dr. Paul get elected today. I actually sympathize with that viewpoint. But at the same time, if more people were aware that Dr. Paul was being explicitly cheated they would be outraged. This may even wake up some people to the real state of politcal reality and actually serve to advance the cause for freedom.

T Smith

Election fraud is not taboo, it's wasting our time.

If you are discussing election fraud, YOUR APATHY IS SHOWING.

Apathy is taboo. Let's discuss what MOTIVATES YOU TO JOIN THE GOP and become a delegate for Ron Paul.

Eliminating election fraud.

Let's do it. Come on. I'm going to collect 4 signatures today, in hopes of collecting more than that. What about you? Whacha going to do today for the rEVOLution?

Have you joined the GOP? There's a great place to start eliminating election fraud, helping Ron Paul become PRESIDENT.

Totally dissagree on some points you made

Totally disagree on some points you made.

Exposing fraud is not apathy! Why in the world would you assume that we are whining here? We are pointing out that we are confronted with ongoing criminal actions. By discussing this and thinking together we can and will create solutions to confront this. If we just keep doing what they allow us to do which is submitting our votes into the corrupt system we are not going to serve the cause of liberty best.

Everyone has his talents and his aspirations. Everyone contributes as they see fit. Please continue with your actions and please understand that some of us concentrate on the issues which we consider to be top priorities. This is what freedom means.

The solution is to join the GOP

The solution is to join the GOP and take the party away from the corrupt.

What more is there to discuss?

Do you have something from your RCC?

If not, what kind of solution are you seeking?

That's What Bolsheviks Did - And Yes It Worked...

Taking the party from within is not a new concept, has been done more than once.

Do you know that you don't have the time to infiltrate the GOP one by one?

You are quick to state "what's there to talk about?", who are you to tell me not to talk things that matter to me?

Unless we create a mass awakening in this country fast, we may not have the chance to vote again.

Just joining GOP means nothing. Running for office means something, spreading and planting the concept of Liberty in peoples' minds and hearts is most powerful weapon in the world.

I'm not saying it's a new concept.

No, I didn't know that I didn't have time to infiltrate the GOP, since I've been busy infiltrating mine. How are you doing on yours?

I'm not telling you not to talk about things that matter to you, afterall, you are not the only person here, eh?

I am presently petitioning, even though I have more than enough valid signatures, for my ballot access, June 5th CA, to be seated on the Republican Central Committee, because being a Republican is not enough. By petitioning, I am opening people's hearts and minds to Ron Paul's message.

As for voter fraud, I guess when I was a prescinct inspector for the L.A. County Registrar's office in 1992, and I had 10K marked ballots in a locked box, in the back of my car, with dozens of headlights behind me, representing cars all across CA, WA, OR, NV, HI, and I heard Tom Brokaw announce that Clinton was winner. That got me. I worked for Ralph Nader for three elections battling voter corruption and fraud. All that got was 22 law suits we lost in 17 states.

But by all means, knock yourself out talking about it.

Peace be with you.

Thank you

I am in CA as well. I see your points. This is what I think, media and vote counters do fear when vote rigging is too apparent. By keeping a watchful eye on the vote counting process we keep them inline. As much as we can.

The system which counts votes in a different location, by "special" people is ridiculous. What would be wrong with counting votes publicly, filming the count and transmitting to the world?

Watching today's results from WA, I have noticed the same pattern as it happened in almost every state. Ron Paul leads, then right before larger counties start reporting there is a pause 40minutes or so, then he is in the second, then Santorum starts getting closer. 20minutes later Paul is in the third. Then second again...

This is what I think; Daily Paul, Facebook, Twitter dominate many Google searches when it comes to the Ron Paul vote count and because of the efforts of many people who have reported their precinct results here Ron Paul has the chance to get to the second place, otherwise if we are not talking about voter fraud in real time during the vote count, he would be lucky to be in third.

I know many and Ron Paul himself is saying that delegates is the name of the game. True but when your average folk is watching the tube and they see downgraded popularity of our champion of freedom this really doesn't help to spread the message and grow Dr. Paul's supporters numbers. Would you agree with that?

Listen, I do work online and happy to help in this area if you need any, no charge. We are all contribute in a way we can.

Thanks again.

De Nada Amigo

I just returned from my Republican Central Committee meetings, where we had a Dad Roberts, Marin, give us a pitch for congress in our area. He was talking like Ron Paul, which made me smile. Question and answer time, I asked about the Federal Reserve Bank, and he says, he had 44 minutes with Ron Paul, so I had a huge smile... And as the evening wore on, the chair makes a joke about me being a Ron Paul Republican, and two others, joined me... "Oh I Loke Ron paul... He's the only one who makes sense".

I passed out 7 voter registration cards to Indys to have them switch to GOP.

I admire your work as I am technologically dumb. Anyways, I hope to inspire YOU to get involved, go to meetings, be part of it, becaue that's how we beat voter fraud.. by being the ball of wax.

JOIN ME! And THANK YOU for your kindness.

Thank you for your input

I truly appreciate your insightful comment. I am glad to see that some people understand the true magnitude of the situation we face.

People who have designed and oversee current voting process have EVERYTHING to lose if America is Restored.

The current voting process, in my humble opinion, is a perfect system to assure predetermined selection of the candidates and presidents.

If you think about it, does Santorum or Gingrich have a chance to be nominated? No. Do they have any chance of beating Obama? No. Why so much media coverage is dedicated to them then?

Here is my take, they are in this race to detract public's attention from Dr. Paul's message and to cover up vote fraud (yes, 5 letter word, I know). It is much easier to do that when you have four candidates running and much harder when you have only two.

That's what I think and I am not a defeatist but to think in terms "we can win this thing" without confronting the obvious signs of voter fraud is to allow your votes to be stolen.

So, has anyone watched the vid?

Again, the explanation of the 'blatant mistake" in the title of my post. I wanted to attract more readers and see what they think about the video because that's what important. Everyone is enjoying my 'error' and no one yet talked about the issue.
Oh well...

Yes, I have seen this video.

Yes, I have seen this video. It is a segment of a complete documentary over an hour long that was produced by Bev Harris. The entire documentary is quite compelling. Although viewers should understand that whoever edited this segment inserted the part where 16,000 votes were subtracted from Ron Paul. That was not part of the original documentary and whoever made this particular you tube segment is taking liberties in implying the documentary exposes that Ron Paul was explicitly cheated out of 16,000 votes.

Not that I don't believe it however. Of course Ron Paul is being cheated votes. But just to be fair, people should understand that the person who edited this video inserted that part.

Bev Harris is fantastic

I admire her work and I was following it for quite sometime. I know that there was inserted footage at the beginning and I only can say that I am not the author of that video.

I work online and I started watching Dr. Paul's growing popularity and compare it with the media response and polls, online search metrics, event attendee counts, etc.

Basically, I have come to a conclusion that he is being cheated and the more popular he gets the more cheating will take place and I think this is very important.

Your conclusion is spot

Your conclusion is spot on.

We can only hope that it becomes transparent to enough people so that a movement might ensue with serious legs to fight back and expose these crimes.

I will continue to give 110% to Dr. Paul's campaign in every way possible. These crimes will not dissuade me, and in fact will make me push harder. But when I hear otherwise very aware people say things like, "ohh well, we just don't have the numbers," or "Ron Paul supporters just go to rallies but don't vote," or "it's easier to call foul than work harder," they do not fully understand the dynamic of what is going on here and are denying very serious facts about why Dr. Paul is not winning some of these contests. This is very troubling to me.

The reality is the vast majority of people follow the herd. This is simply human nature. This is what the term "critical mass" is all about. All historical movements, indeed all elections and all cultural development in general are determined by a tireless minority of visionaries -- once that minority reaches a certain point, the herd begins to follow and history galvanizes accordingly.

With election fraud, social engineers can tweak this process. They effectively disenfranchise the critical mass by artificially suppressing it below a certain tipping point, which effectively demobilizes the direction of the herd. That's all. It's really very simple. And that's all that’s going on here. Right now this is entirely an engineered process. Consent is manufactured and the herd is being led per the social engineers who have commandeered the election. Bear in mind, you don't have to steal too many votes to achieve this. A few thousand here and there, in this or that caucus or primary, effectively tips the scale. The more popular Dr. Paul becomes, the more blatant the fraud to achieve this objective.

It is clear we have already achieved the critical mass that would otherwise secure a landslide victory for Dr. Paul. That is obvious to anyone who has a deep understanding of social science and who has studied this election in depth. People who are in denial about what is going on are quick to point out that we do not yet have a majority, but that is nearly impossible to achieve. It is virtually impossible to achieve a majority coalition of independent-thinking visionaries all vying for the same manifestation—whatever it is. That’s not how human nature works. Manifestation requires the herd to follow. It requires the bandwagon, the tipping point, the critical mass, and all that. That’s what is being manipulated here. And that’s what we need to expose.

Fe, Fi, Fo...

Frum. Hey, it's a dirty word, and it's four letters.

Ron Paul Support Dominates The Internet And Public Square

These other candidates have no ostensible support.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

That's my point because we know that Dr. Paul is gaining an

incredible momentum and having his votes stolen. It is clear that if Paul is not nominated, its a second term for Obama

So Does An Outside Nation Have The Right To Invade

and bring democracy to us?

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Yes, I know Fraud is Five Letters

So here is my little social experiment, I wanted to see if anyone would watch the video. Looks like no one did.

That means that most are easily distracted by headlines and don't pay attention to details.

You all heard Stallin's famous line, "it's who counts the votes" and no one really addresses that, so keep hoping that one day a true candidate will win in this system. The voting system has to be changed first.