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Ignored by local media (NBC) in MI at Republican Voting Party

A group of friends and i decided to attend the local republican primary party. We were ignored by the media and the other party members. So we decided to do some clever camera view maneuvering. Check the video at 20 sec as the reporter says Romney and Santorum supporters are here and you can clearly see our backs.


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Nicely done -- Free advertizing is always good

Here in Arizona, right-wing talk radio host Barry Young is laughing at us big time. Talking about how their radio phones blow up the minute they say one thing about ron paul, good or bad, and yet there is only 38 thousand of them out there ... ha,ha,ha.

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Very nicely done!


Funny as He**


Nice job fellow

Nice job fellow Mid-michigander! I did the frontal assault the local media facebook pages for about 3 or 4 days leading up the vote. My name is Paul Thornton, a friend of liberty is a friend of mine if you get my drift.


That was very well done, I got a nice chuckle out of it..

me too!


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