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Don't give up yet. Read this Article About Michigan Vote Fraud.

There are DOZENS of ways to suppress Dr. Paul's votes. Let's help him win the caucus states. Meanwhile, let's work on proving the fraud. Also, it's high time that we, Paul People, man the polls and do our own verifiable exit polls. Why pay out money for this? We can do it ourselves. Get the form at:

www.healthfreedom2012.com. We need Paul supporter-confirmed precinct results from here forward. I have the plan. If you're interested in being a counter and verifier, email me: drkresearch@hotmail.com


More will be posted to this thread as it is found. READ this. It gives hope. The 'results' are FAKE!!! The suppression has been prepared well in advance. We need to fight this. It's time to fight back.

Note this, also: The Detroit Free Press (2004) reported that “overzealous or unscrupulous campaign workers in several Michigan counties are under investigation for voter-registration fraud, suspected of attempting to register nonexistent people or forging applications for already-registered voters.” ACORN-affiliate Project Vote was one of two groups suspected of turning in the documents.

You know Santorum and Romney do dirty tricks. FAKE votes to prop up Santorum and Romney. Time to prove it. Remember: all results are meaningless unless they are independently verified, the proof including an exact count of the total voters plus who they voted for, confirmed ideally with photos and video.

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Really great article and links!

Hope it reaches a lot of new people who are unaware how much election fraud evidence we are dealing with.

Something I also want to mention about Michigan

What it really comes down to is $$$$. I live in Metro Detroit. I didn't see one ad for Ron. I know they played somewhere here in Michigan but Santorum and Romney just spent a ton of money here in this state. People are zombies. If we spent the type of money here that they did it would have been a completely different outcome. We can all learn from this and donate, campaign locally, and get out the votes if we want to make the next state different for our side.

Kinda right

Yes, money makes a huge difference in this campaign. However, Ron Paul and RevPac spent $0.00 in television and radio ads according to CNN. But yes, Romney and Santorum shot out ads like crazy and if we did that it could have made a difference. The campaign feels the money could be spent better elsewhere.

There is truth to this but don't rule out fraud..

Why not? That's what the machines are for. And there is a history of it: in both NH and SC for sure.

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Video~How to have transparent vote counts

Posted this earlier but it fell off. Good little video IMO.



If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

I witnessed them take out the tape and read it

at my precinct. I was very nice and chatted with them. I said that I'm concerned with all of the problems in the other states and that I just wanted to make sure that my precinct doesn't have the problems. They argued slightly then gave in. I actually got a tape from the two precincts that shared the polling site. My precinct gave Dr. Paul 22 votes and the other precinct gave him 20. Mitt and Santorum "flipped flopped" votes between both of these precincts. I asked if I could see the paper ballots inside. She told me that they are not allowed to remove them because they are counted somewhere else. I saw them remove the memory cards and secure them in envelopes too. That is really how the slight of hand takes place. You get a tape read out of the "votes". The paper ballots are removed from eyesight and are kept somewhere else removing the ability to see what the truth is. The smart cards where proven to be able to be hacked years ago. Whoever has connections with the voting machine company has the ability to sway the elections.

Al you have to do is do a good job selling public perception in the media. Make it seem like everyone is going to vote your way and you leave the rest up to the voting machine. It's amazing what they can come up with. Shame on the American people for allowing the election system to be taken over like this.



Talked to the Bureau of Elections in Lansing

And they confirmed the following:

--that they don't know who Scytl is and even laughed when I mentioned them
--that the state is responsible alone for the accumulated results (so they believe)
--that ALL Michigan is computerized voting, using the following machines, confirmed:

* ES&S iVotronic touch screen
* Sequoia Optech
* Diebold
* AccuVote, now owned by Canada's Dominion

The votes are entirely 'counted' at the precinct and then a tabulation is made for each county. The County numbers are now available online. The purpose of these machines is vote rigging, not vote counting. Criminal charges have been filed previously against Sequoia and ES&S. AccuVote was used exclusively in the UP.

We all know that these machines can be pre-programmed to switch votes. Now, you freedom fighters in Michigan, tell us what you know. What about the Paul-heavy Counties, the College Counties (Ingham), Dearborn (Islamic people). Pile on the data.

i saw on the city website for Dearborn...

They have Ron Paul coming in third here in a hugely Arab demographic. I was at the Dearborn Doctors for Ron Paul rally the night before the elections. They had the Arab American News guy there speaking out loud and clear how they endorse RP. How can it be that we came in third in this city? They have the same results that I have in NEOCON CENTRAL "Oakland County".

I even made a joke with one of the guys that I met at the Dearborn event who sat next to me. Man, I think we have this congressional district locked up. Can you imagine anyone pulling a victory away from us with this kind of turnout? It was largely Arab people there. Dearborn is the home of the Islamic Center of America Mosque. The whole city has pretty much been taken over by Arab people and almost all signs are written in Arabic. How could SANTORUM BEAT US HERE?

Here are the results: http://www.cityofdearborn.org/government/city-clerk/303-cler...

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Discrepancy being investigated

On the spur of the moment, my wife and I decided to go to our polling location last night to witness the vote count. The poll workers would not give us the full results (although we have now learned they should have), but they told us 393 votes were cast. They told us that several times.

Today I looked up the results online and for our precinct, there are 362 votes counted.

We just called the county elections coordinator and he did some investigating. On a paper he got with handwritten numbers, for our precinct it does say 393. However he was at a loss to explain why/how the online "official" count is 362. He took our name and number and told us he would let us know when he found out.

I'll follow up with drkresearch@hotmail.com with all the information we have.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

EXCELLENT WORK!!! If everyone did this, we would have won

already. People, take C_T_CZ's lead and do this. It is your total right. More than this, it is an obligation. Even more than this it is our right to view the BALLOTS. Now, that would be something.

Get those iPhones out and record. Record their GUTS. Let's win and win big!!

I thought from what I had read yeasterday that.......

Rev-PAC (the super PAC) was supposed to be providing individuals with smart phones with ballot counting apps in both Michigan and Arizona in each precinct to acurately observe/count the exit polling. They were going to compare their data with the data from the one research firm that does this allegedley state by state (forgot their name at this point). Does anyone know anything about this and whether they were able to actually retrieve some data?

It's probably a random sampling exit poll

What is really needed is Paul people manning the polls. The focus must be the large precincts. These thieves are desperate. They see those large crowds. They clandestinely alter the vote. Every Paul-heavy precinct, in fact, all large ones should be manned, not by exit pollsters but by us. This is essential for Super Tuesday. Many of these states have massive Paul voting blocks. (Still, we should increase this).

If we just get an honest count of the Paul voters in major population precincts, plus the total voters, that's the minimum. Best is to use an exit poll and get the whole lot of them. Get the free exit poll at: www.healthfreedom2012.com.

Look,we just have to coordinate it. Anyone who wants to man a big precinct post it so on this site. The project is accumulating Paul monitors at this time.

The GOP has been instructed to intimidate us. They did so in Michigan, telling Paul people they couldn't see the Diebold tape, because it would "interfere" with the process. They are ready for us; we have to be ready for them.

FWIW - I and others observed

this glitch on the New York Times site when checking the by-county returns
on an interactive map where the results display as you move a cursor across it.
Other people commented on this as well - not sure what it means. Probably
nothing good.

The first - and obviously bizarre - set of results showed at about 10:20 PM Eastern Time.
Five minutes or so later I checked again and the second set of results was showing. unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a screen shot.

The results with two of my comments (on NYT) collapsed together below:

Gonewest Hamamatsu, Japan

Hillsdale County 96% Reporting

Santorum 4137 votes 13%
Romney 3887 votes 12.2%
Roemer 3637 votes 11.4%
Perry 3387 votes 10.7%
Others 16753 votes 52.7%

Somebody better get on the horn to Diebold - looks like one of their algorithms has gone rogue...

That was at about 10:20 PM.
When I looked again about 5 minutes later it had changed to:

Hillsdale County 40% Reporting

Santorum 947 votes 43.5%
Romney 727 votes 33.4%
Paul 342 votes 15.7%
Gingrich 134 votes 6.2%
Others 25 votes 1%

Nothing to see here folks, let's just move along, now.



“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Contrast this


When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Voter Fraud....probably...but

We cant just keep Claiming voter fraud in ever state every time. i think it is highly likely that they plan on suppressing some of his vote well ahead of time, at least in some locations, but we cant just keep claiming that without solid proof, or people will start to not pay attention and just think conspiracy nuts are going crazy.... I wish we had some solid PROOF.

About 100 links in this one article.


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Well, it IS true in every

Well, it IS true in every state. The proof? The elections are rigged with BS electronic voting machines and other nonsense - otherwise, we would have fair, transparent elections.


The older voter in the MN.caucus I was at. They all seem to vote for Santorum. We need too reach out to this group 60+ the MSM feast on this age group. SAN 35 Paul 32 Flip flop 7 and Ging 2 I'am a Delagate for Ron Paul!!