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Washington State! Time is NOW for this to be Ron Paul's first state WIN!

This is it! If Ron Paul is going to continue a strong momentum going into Super Tuesday on March 6th, I truly hope the expectations of him winning in Washington state this Sat., March 3rd, do come true.

There are quite a few people that I have talked to, that still just don't get on board with Ron Paul, simply because he has not "Won" a state yet. As we all know, there are several people that don't do near as much research as some of us do, so all they want is "Anybody but Obama". They want someone "Who can Win."

I've been saying for a long time that once Ron Paul wins, it's going to swing a lot more momentum in his favor.

Don't give up yet. Let's MAKE SURE people come out this Sat. to caucus for Ron Paul in Washington.

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That is not true

There was a caucus in 2008 in the Republican Party, I know because I was elected a precinct delegate to the 43rd legislative district convention. The only difference this year is that there is not a primary which benefits us because Ron Paul did over 3 times better in the caucus in 2008 than in the primary in WA.

Washington is a Caucus State

Washington is a Caucus state which Ron Paul will gather more delegates to their county and state convention. If you live in Washington, please go to the caucus to vote for Ron Paul but most important, become a DELEGATE for county convention. This is most important part of the process if you want Ron Paul to win the nomination at the National GOP Convention in Tampa, FL. There is much to do a the convention other that electing delegates (very important)to help get the platform with Message of Liberty. If don't try to become a delegate in your county and state convention, then it doesn't help Ron Paul to win.

From the Blue Republican site:

At this stage the most

At this stage the most important part of the process is winning the vote totals in Washington. We will NOT win the nomination without winning a state. The best we can do is be able to swing our delegates to someone else.

Winning a state = winning the majority of delegates from state

Perhaps you should learn the rules of the game? You seem to think that winning a presidential preference poll means you won the state, that's not how it works; despite the false impression the media has instilled into your mind, delegates are the only way to win a state or a nomination. As the other commenter said the point is moot anyway as winning the majority of the state's delegates is not incompatible with winning the straw poll, there is no reason to think that we can't do both.

False dichotomy...

...debating whether the popular votes or the delegates are more important is a waste of time. It's not like we have to choose one to the exclusion of the other. Get everyone you can to vote, AND get everyone you can to run as a delegates.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

it is time

for the campaign to spend extra heavy on washington, we NEED a win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winning is Great

Winning is Great, winning delegates to the county and state convention is greater than winning a straw poll. Yes winning a straw poll is a moral booster which the campaign could use. Winning delegate spot in the overall picture will go a long way. So what are you doing to become a delegate to your county or state convention? You want Ron Paul to win the nomination at the National GOP Convention, right? Then become a delegate, if the delegate spot is all taken in your precinct, the be elected as an alternate delegate. And if there is no spot open either becoming delegate or alternate, then go and volunteer at campaign booth at the state convention, if there is one. Or volunteer for the Republican Party conventions or show to do a sign wave as delegates arrive at the convention. Help spread the Message of Liberty to the non-RP delegates to win them over to our side. Do Something to help Ron Paul WIN!!!

I disagree. I want to win the

I disagree.
I want to win the nomination and I think we still have a chance. The only chance is for us to WIN a state. The delegates are only valuable if we want to "get a speaking slot" at the convention. A speaking slot at the convention is C&@%. It will change nothing.

We have to WIN.


roversaurus, The entire primary/caucus process is to select DELEGATES to the national convention. Those DELEGATES select the nominee.

Read up, you need to learn some things.

"The delegates are only

"The delegates are only valuable if we want to "get a speaking slot" at the convention."

What are you talking about???

Please become more informed. So glad to have you on board and excited about the message of liberty but delegates have nothing to do with a speaking slot. Delegates are what chooses who will become the Presidential Nominee of the Republican Party!!!!!

Yes we need to win a state outright I agree. But Delegates are the name of the game.


To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

he is spewing so much crap around

it make one wonder if it is intentional

At this point I disagree.

At this point I disagree. Don't get me wrong winning delegates is what matters. BUT, wining the state in terms of votes cast in the caucus would mean a lot more right now than taking every delegate from the state of Washington.

The general public is now being told to see this as a two-man race. A win in Washington would put Ron Paul fresh in everyone's mind heading into Super Tuesday. That would be HUGE!

Yes I see that a Win is Important

Yes, I see your point that a Washington win is important. Since they are only doing Caucus and not primary this year, it is VERY IMPORTANT that all Ron Paul Supporter in Washington to show up at their Caucus and not pull a Nevada and hopely Washington GOP doesn't pull a Maine.

It is just important to win the majority of the county delegates.

I'll be using my PCO status to the fullest.

As an automatic delegate I will proudly represent Dr. Paul!


I hear he is coming back here this Friday night.

Gonna be fun!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Did they clone

another Charlie Webster in Washington? You know it might drizzle to heavy. They might have to postpone some caucuses!

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A win would be awesome