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The Importance of Gary Johnson

For a while now, Gary Johnson supporters have been pointing out one simple fact: even as a Republican, the media had completely blacked Gary Johnson out, even worse than what they did for the iconic Ron Paul. Now, after pondering that fact, I think I know why.

Gary Johnson, being so similar to Ron Paul, is a "second witness" to the political truths that Ron Paul expresses. Worse, he is evidence that those truths work.

Gary Johnson, as a libertarian-leaning Republican, ousted incumbant governor of New Mexico by a significant margin (at least 40% more than his opponent) in a state with a heavy Democrat voting population (2-1). This by itself doesn't prove much, but then he got reelected against a hispanic Democrat by a similarly significant margin, being the first NM governor in years to be elected a second consecutive term ever; in New Mexico, there was a law holding term limits to 1. That had changed in 1991, 2 years before Johnson was elected.

This is evidence that a libertarian-leaning Republican can easily compete and win against multiple establishment opponents. This record proves that freedom -- libertarianism -- is indeed popular. If Gary Johnson did it in New Mexico, Ron Paul can do it nation-wide.

While in office, Gary Johnson vetoed so many bills, and line item vetoed even more that he earned a nickname, "Governor Veto." Anytime someone approached him with a bill, he'd ask if government should be involved with that to begin with. Through cutting costs, he succeeded in balancing the budget, even as he cut taxes. He left NM with a surplus. I'm sure that if he had proposed a bill to get rid of the imposed term limits, he could have stayed in the office longer than 8 years.

Gary Johnson did this completely independent of Ron Paul. He was not a "Ron Paul Republican" following the footsteps of his hero. He probably didn't even know he was a libertarian. He just wanted to bring common sense to the governor's chair

Do you see how dangerous this story is to those trying to block Ron Paul out?

So long as Ron Paul stands alone in his convictions, and so long as his ideas remain as unproven theories, they can call him crazy and disregard his message, and that will work. In the public's mind, Ron Paul will remain an idealist, full of crazy ideas that don't work in real life (because "nobody's"implemented them in real life). They can say that a "Doctor No" in office wouldn't get anything done and would do no good. They can say that what worked for our Founding Fathers 200 years ago can't work today.

But here is Gary Johnson. Independently of Ron Paul, he had implemented those very same ideas, and they worked. Now "crazy Uncle Ron's" outlandish ideas no longer stand alone, reliant of words of obscure philosophiers from across the globe, or from heros long ago in a different life. Now we have a normal, ordinary American using those ideas on American soil, and it worked. Here and now, it has worked.

Ron Paul's iconic witness to his message does not stand alone. Gary Johnson's record and words stand with his.

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we're only allowed one Libertarian

that's why The Judge and Gary got fired. As our numbers keep growing they'll have to allow us a few more and look out then 'cause the floodgates of liberty will open

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

I don't want The Judge in the

I don't want The Judge in the VP slot because I want him on the Supreme Court.

The VP needs to be AT LEAST as solid a liberty promoter as Ron Paul - and preferably even more hard-line - so the opposition can't used assassination to reverse the will of the people. It's REALLY hard to find a major politician who qualifies. But Gary Johnson sure sounds like one.

So Paul / Johnson for the dream ticket and Napolitano for the first open Justice seat and, if possible, renominated for the Chief Justice slot if it comes open.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Gary Johnson was President of

Gary Johnson was President of New Mexico! and has a good record to stand on.
I would not like to be put in the position of voting for Paul/Nap. because I can't trust Nap. ( Fox) even though I like what he says, also he does not have a political record. P/J or J/P is the only option that makes sense to me.

Ron Paul Third Party Would Rock The World....

This crap about Rand Paul being damaged if Ron goes third party is a lie..

They just want to put doubt into the mix...

They don't want Ron Paul complicating things for them...

I say go for it!

Maybe with Ron Paul running third party, it will give the people a choice between an honest man and a corrupt 2 party system..

Wouldn't that be something..

However, lets see how thing go for Ron in Tampa first...Ya never know..

I totally agree!

The 2007 campaign was such a tough fight for Dr. Paul with the likes of Giuliani and McCain giggling and snickering at everything he said.
At the first debate of this season, I was so excited to hear Gary Johnson speak because it really seemed like we were going to hear the message of true constitutional government in stereo this time making it much harder for it to be ridiculed and ignored by lesser men. That excitement turned to dismay when he was basically driven from the GOP simply because he was successful and the GOP couldn't handle it. Tragic not only for Gov. Johnson, but also for the GOP or at least those of us that used to feel like we belonged in it.

If anyone is reading this from LP of Ca

and can pull any strings I would love to hear Gary Johnson and Peter Schiff speak in Ventura this weekend! We could make a deal and I could help out in some way in lieu of the required registration fee! scuderiaferre@gmail.com

Santa Maria, Ca

Gary Johnson

is one of us, unfortunately we can only handle one front at this time, there are too many stupid Americans giving us multiple fronts. Gary Johnson needs to hang in there with all of us, we are working towards it, we just have to remain patient.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Gary Johnson and the future

I think Gary Johnson will have a profoundly significant part to play in the revolution for liberty that lies ahead. Unfortunately, we're looking at a short-term time horizon right now: the next 30 days... and for that month, Ron Paul's effort has to trump Johnson's effort.

In an ideal world, Paul will become President, and Gary Johnson, Rand Paul, Judge Napolitano, and a few others will have powerful roles in ensuring that the message of liberty spreads throughout America.

Rand Paul, Judge Napolitano & Gary Johnson

Now I like where you are going with that Mary1. Would be nice to have people grounded on liberty principles in the halls of our gov't. Instead we have people voting to curb people's rights to protest......

I seriously

just tried to vote this up AGAIN! Nice work! You will never hear from Gary Johnson again now that the Judge is off the air. The establishment definitely FEARS Ron Paul, and Gov. Johnson is the proof that a Ron Paul presidency would WORK!

Sorry to comment on my own article ...

I read the comments, and I wonder how many read the entire thing. I wasn't saying "vote Gary Johnson if Ron Paul doesn't make it." I was saying to use GJ's record to add validity to RP's message.

Say someone says to you that the Constitution is outdated. You point to this recent governor of NM and say that he followed the rule of law, and it worked.

Someone say that RP's ideas are outlandish and crazy, that you can't run a country vetoing everything. Point to GJ's record as Governor Veto, and how well off NM was because of it.

RP's financial plan of cutting spending AND reducing taxes at the same time was voted as workable. Now you can also add GJ's record of doing just that and say it can happen in real life.

They say that Ron Paul is unelectable. Point out that GJ was a libertarian-leaning Republican in a heavily Democratic state. Show them what happened, and how Ron Paul is in a similar boat, and how if GJ did it, RP can do it.

Get creative. This is solid evidence to support Ron Paul's outlandish ideas! Use them!

Gary Johnson already sacrificed quite a bit of glory for himself by promoting Ron Paul more than himself, not wanting to split RP's votes. I'm sure he wouldn't mind us honoring him by using his story to promote the cause of liberty and common sense.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

I hear you

You make a great point - that Johnson is a great example of Paul's principles in action through an executive branch (at the state level) of gov't. It is a great and wonderful point. And it shows - not only do the principles work - but the people like them - he was overwhelmingly re-elected...but maybe that is the point of what we are seeing happening from the media and the power centers in washington - they don't want these things to come to washington and change the country. They don't want the people to "like" these things. They can't have them work and be effective - they can't have the people like them.....cause that means their power bases will be broken up - it means their influence will be diminished......but we have to keep plugging along in spite of them.

I don't think anyone is out there using Gary Johnson's record in New Mexico as a way to plug Ron Paul....but Redgyl is right we should be doing that ..... maybe a video comparing the two - showing what johnson's action in NM did - how it helped the state - and then show Paul giving speeches or floor speeches or interviews where he also advocates these same principles that we can show were successful in New Mexico under Gary Johnson

That would be pretty cool

Insightful stuff - great angle - dont think anyone has brought this idea up before (at least I haven't seen it) and its def not being used. You are spot on Redgyl. Awesome idea.

Im a big Gary Johnson fan

I have been keeping him in the back of my mind if Ron doesn't get the nomination and he doesn't run third party. As the libertarian candidate Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states come the presidential election. I take issue with his pro choice stance - but I don't think he would dictate it from the federal level. If it was left back to the states - in my opinion - over 50% of the states would ban it and still more would only allow it in the case of rape/incest/threat to the mother's life - or some other overly unusual circumstances. In anycase - in my mind - that would be a huge step forward from where we are now.

Anyway - Johnson I think gives us somewhere to go (again my opinion) come election time if Paul doesn't win the nomination and he does not run third party. Paul is my choice and I am still toying with the idea of writing Ron in .....but I wouldn't feel like I was throwing my vote away by voting for Gary Johnson. He strikes me as thoughtful, intelligent, and honestly interested in shrinking gov't - including shrinking our global footprint and dialing back our insane foreign policy back.....as well as domestically with all the insane things the feds have their fingers into ...oddly our domestic policy mirrors our foreign policy -constant meddling, constant growth, constant bullying.....one to foreign countries and the other to its own citizens.

Just some thoughts - I welcome comments in response


From the Comments I see..

I think we need to change how we look at some of our Paul "lite" friends. Some would make good VP's, some could use a tweak here and there, but overall perhaps we should abstain from dictating the best places for them under the doctor. Maybe we should just embrace them period. Those that fight for economic and personal liberty as one and the same are our brothers and sisters.

Everything and every one can be critiqued and should be, but looking at where we are right now, there are many great things that can happen that aren't part of the Ron Paul plan.

It's not my, or any of our first choices, but is it really terrible to have Johnson, the Judge, Karen Kwiatkowski, Justin Amash, Rand, etc to be VP, President, Sec. of State, Fed Chairman, etc.? Is this glass as half full outlook really taking our eyes off the prize? If it's really all about having fun, then I think focusing on the good things, no matter if it's plan 1, 1a, 1b, or whatever, should be seen as positive.


Paul/Napolitano - LP 2012.

Johnson is a likeable fellow, but the Judge is a more dynamic spokesman.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Real Libertarians are already Ron Paul Supporters

The rest are just idealists fantasizing about utopias and freedom.

They're only useful as crackpot anarchists when a government needs to stage a revolution/riot... or to get rid of copies of that rag Reason.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Ron Paul needs a game changer.

After Super Tuesday, the media and the GOP hacks will have thwarted Ron Paul again, or so it would seem. He'll not get nary a mention in the media. He ought to take the top of the ticket with Gary Johnson as a VP running mate, and give it hell on the Libertarian ticket. Maybe, just maybe, this would ignite a public movement AGAINST the Democrats and Republicans that everybody so disdains....or so they say. The GOP isn't going to let Ron Paul anywhere near the nomination. Sorry.

alan laney

Judge Napolitano

What if the dear Judge jumped in right now, heated up the rhetoric, then tossed his delegates to Dr. Paul! Or if people "like" him more and he could win it then Dr. Paul could throw his support behind His Honor.

Commentators have been saying that the people aren't happy with their choices, "will Christy throw his hat in the ring?, they ask." How about another libertarian throwing his(her) hat in now?

Double your pleasure, double your fun!

RJ Harris is better than Gary

RJ Harris is better than Gary Johnson. RJ Harris' positions are practically identical to Ron Paul and he's running for the LP nomination as well. I encourage everyone to look into RJ Harris. He ran for Congress in 2010 and had much support from the DP and the Ron Paul movement. Debra Medina, John Dennis, Adam Kokesh and Rand Paul all endorsed him in 2010 for Congress.


He's also campaigned for Paul and supported him during this election, see:



Full disclosure: my business runs RJ Harris' current campaign website and I served as his campaign manager in 2010. I like Gary Johnson but I think he's wrong about supporting the Fair Tax, GITMO, FDA-like regulations and a variety of other things. Objectively, and as a die-hard Paul supporter first, I'd put RJ second out of all the other candidates currently running.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

Gary Johnson just doesn't have the chemistry to add anything..

The truth is any VP running mate would do fine with Dr. Paul out front WINNING--but it would be best to have a candidate who brings in extra icing on the cake. Johnson has the gubernatorial background, but I don't think that's very crucial at this stage in the game.

My opinion--the top five choices would be:

(1) Judge Andrew Napolitano

(2) Debra Medina

(3) Jack Hunter

(4) Tom Woods

(5) R Lee Wrights

Support the Constitution of the United States

I'd love to see the Judge

I'd love to see the Judge and/or Medina run. Hunter and Woods I think are better as educators and I like Wrights. Wrights is very honest, consistent and principled.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

his support base is too whimsical and too old

we are the future right here in the paul movement.. anyone who wants power has to come begging, that includes gj

uh, ya

look at those comments left on reason's facebook page and reason's home site

harping endlessly about federal involvement in marriage at all, turn around then invite gays to the party but not invite dog&humans or humans&dolls

endless harping about free birth control being "free" and not preventing it from falling out of the sky is a hit against women's 'freedom', which, of course, came from the sky as well

that part about being whimsical, uh, ya.


Really now? Principles mean nothing then? Someone has excellent outlook on the role of government AND successfully implemented it as a governor and they need to beg for our approval?
I was, at first, a Johnson supporter, and it was attitudes like yours, libertarian elitism, that initially turned my off Paul. This is not the attitude we need here, we should welcome any Johnson supporters warmly, as they can still vote for Paul in the primaries, and Johnson stated he would stand down from his run if Paul won the nomination.

I think you are missing something. . .

besides tact and humility in your comment. If GJ has influence with an age group that RP is lacking in, why not welcome GJ aboard with respect and appreciation?

Ron Paul is the focus today. But we haven't forgotten Gary...

not by a long shot

Frankly, I'm not quite sure what the OP is about.

I like GJ, BUT.....

...he is no Ron Paul, not even in the same league either in terms of political/national stature, nor as steeped in understanding of the traditional principles. In other words, he still has areas to learn, RP already KNOWS.

Gary Johnson has to put in his time.

YEs I did enjoy G Johnson I loved his humor and youth his calm and his Ron Paul Libertiarian ways, but ROn Paul needs to be the messenger and we need to help him to carry that message as far as possible even to the potus. Gary keep up the good work meybe next time.


Most intuitive freedom lovers

Figured this out a long time ago. It's a no-brainer as to why GJ was blacklisted.