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Unbelievable document proves vote fraud?


Here is a report with graphics that matches the video posted about a week ago. If it is true, it must be investigated and followed up on. It makes perfect sense.


What could come as a shock to most may be the truth that this is actually happening before us, and nothing is being done to arrest this problem.

What to do about it is the next step.








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I like the graphics on this one

I don't know if this is the same guy or not, but he posted a google docs on here a few weeks ago. Now he is posting more graphs on RPforums. Scroll down the whole page to see all the graphs.


more damning, it holds true

more damning, it holds true in virtually every state, MN, MI, NV, AR all followed this trend.

I agree. It's rigged. And this analysis is very telling.

But to nitpick a little - What about a combination of the arguments that were presented? For example, these two combined would explain the disparity, right? Again, just being devil's advocate. I agree, the fraud is rampant.

2) "Romney supporters flooded the larger precincts"

3) "Smaller precincts tend to be non-republican that have more RP supporters"

looks scientific. Ben Swann

looks scientific. Ben Swann and that one lady with the short hair that has Doug Wead on sometimes? This totally should go viral.


Thanks for posting.

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Woah...that at least merits

Woah...that at least merits investigation.


I think we all agree that our elections are being fraudulent at every turn...But collectively lets get some leadership to tell us what to do with this information..How do we stop it?