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Moving to Madison, WI Area

We're getting ready to move to Madison, WI for a new job position. Does anyone know of any areas/suburbs that might have a Ron Paul support base, or I am out of luck.

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Thanks to All

I really appreciate the info. I've been fortunate to live in Ron Paul country in the past in both Washington state and New Hampshire, so I know this is going to be a change culturally (I've lived in places like Madison before too). Anyway, thanks for responses.

Little Moscow RP connection

Why on God's earth would any sane person move to Little Moscow? Since you are, the answer is yes, there are several Ron Paul groups. Send me an email and I will give you the name of a guy who is a major player in Campaign for Liberty and is active in the local group.

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You can try Winona or the West Side....or Middleton

the whole city is pretty liberal....I think you will not have any trouble finding people who are supporters....right in greater Madison...if you want a small town you might try McFarland...pretty liberal.....

I GUARANTEE you will find friends who are supporters right from day one...and to help you out, you can visit the University Memorial Union and you will find postings for meetings for all kinds of things there. Keep in mind the University is essentially a city unto itself and at the Unions you not only have activity listings for students, but for alumni, townspeople, professors, adult students, and staff.

Have fun; ...and be sure your bicycle is working as there are plenty of bike trails in lovely areas, especially the arboretum.


I know the university has a

YAL chapter there..but that's all I know...

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