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Jon Stewart mentions Ron Paul Again

Aired last night.

Jon Stewart talked about how Paul is polling better against Obama than any other GOP candidate but that none of the establishment wants to discuss it.

Quick mention but a funny bit nonetheless.


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Liberty is spreading

like wildfire.

Like him or not

Stewart is bringing liberals our Way!

I agree. And I do like him.

I agree. And I do like him.

Did anyone see Jay Leno last night?

It was a sketch about Ron not taking Secret Service protection and they made a clip of Ron...was rather cool. I'm not very good @ trying to post links to that...if someone can, it is quite enjoyable to watch!!!!!!!!!!!

Just watched it, pretty

Just watched it, pretty funny. I think its so cool that he is not taking it because it would waste tax payer money. Jay didn't mention that part, but the kung fu Paul was cool enough.


Capt. USAF

Found it !


@3:08 of the video on that page

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CNN news = ehhh *rocks

CNN news = ehhh *rocks hand*
FOX news = ewww eeee , uh uh *shakes head*
CBS news = ugghhh yikes *throws up a little*
Daily Show = mmm haaa maa haa *nods head in agreement*

Capt. USAF

I watched this on hulu... his

I watched this on hulu... his moment of Zen also had a Ron Paul moment that was cool. Wolf Blitzer asked if he wanted to know what someone said about him, and Paul said "well if you want to" pretty much saying not really, but your going to anyway hahaha.

Capt. USAF

I usually don't enjoy John

I usually don't enjoy John Oliver's segments, but he killed it here. The GOP is trying their best to lose the election. There are numerous potential reasons for why they are doing it, which have been discussed at length on this site, it's just funny how transparent it has become.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

I literally laughed out loud!

That was amazing! Stewart is amazing. If he registered to voted in the Primary in NY I bet he's voting Ron Paul (he voted McCain in 2000, so he definitely is nonpartisan).

Jack Wagner

That was funny!!!!!!!!!

Definitely worth watching.

Can someone please

can some please post this video on youtube? I cant watch it on here nor the daily show site. Thanks.

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

These guys are great. Comedy

These guys are great. Comedy is about honesty, I guess.

AHAH Loved it! Once again the

AHAH Loved it! Once again the only major media outlet actually promoting Paul. The rest are eehhh!

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MSM News Show...The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. RP2012 Blitzing Blitzer

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

That was more like a glowing endorsement


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We need a shorter snippet for

We need a shorter snippet for low attention span Facebook friends/sheep.

Cos Cob, CT

So true.

I have too many friends and family who just don't get it, nor as it appears, want to. But I will continue to spam em in FB. And short clips is probably all they can handle, if they even click on my post to watch the vids. I've become quite angry at almost everyone I know for not giving a damn or not getting informed or involved in the political process. I just want to live somewhere with smart people. I am so tired of this rampant ignorance.

Well Said

Short term attention span & apathy, years of MSM have done the dirty work on the masses unfortunately.

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There is no duration defined in the Oath

video: http://www.thedailysho



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That's Kinda Major...

Dude let the cat outta the bag. It's pretty big news...it's the reality that will have to be brought to the table. Frothy can't win...Rom can't...but Ron can? Whaaaa....how do YOU define electable, GOP?

hey man

any major dude can tell ya

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

any major dude with half a heart

surely would tell you my friend

Trying to find it but

Trying to find it but Mediaite and some of my other gotos don't have it up yet...

Essentially, he and John Oliver are using grunting noises to mock Bill O'Reilly's and the media's lame attempts to find narrative parallels between old movies and the Michigan primary.

He asked Oliver his opinions of each candidate and when he got to Paul, Oliver picked up the enthusiasm. Stewart mentioned Paul's national polling against Obama and followed it by mentioning that they probably shouldn't talk about that publicly. Oliver agreed and the audience laughed.

i'll be watching!

as per usual

glad he mentioned it! the best journalist lol smh