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Washington Caucus Results Open Thread - Paul Takes Second Place

Please post your news, insights & observations in the comment section below. Info & results from the following links:

Super Tuesday is next Tuesday. See the full GOP primary schedule here.

RON PAUL 2012!

From the campaign:

The help of fellow patriots from OUTSIDE Washington State is desperately needed on caucus day March 3rd. In Washington State, most caucuses are held in pooled locations where in many cases over 200 precincts meet in one location. We have a need for 150 out of state patriots to help keep the caucus counts honest, man tables and be a presence at pooled locations in the Seattle area from 8:30 AM to approx 11:30 AM. The most important things that anyone out of state can do to help Washington right now is:

  • Travel in if you can afford it and help at the pooled caucus
  • Phone from home
  • Contact every RP supporter you know in Washington State and go to www.waronpaul.com and “submit a supporter”

Many caucus goers don’t understand how the caucus process works and have never been to one before. By volunteering you’ll have the chance to keep the process honest, help new caucus goers and be a big part in delivering a WIN for Dr. Ron Paul!

For more info, please contact: thomaspaine4ronpaul@gmail.com

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How the hell did Bob Marley die. Brain Cancer?

The only time he was sober is when he woke up!

Freedom may be worth searching for.

I have given up on my fellow Americans, (not DPers) as I will not shed one more calorie trying to awaken anyone else who is not a critical thinker and does not have the inherent feeling that something is wrong.

And Not Only That!

It can cure a hangover!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

The problem is that it

The problem is that it infringes on the medical industries profits.

They make sinthetic versions, which don't work well so that they can say that mariguana isn't that good for medicinal purposes. They can then make big money on all their other fake and expensive cancer, etc. treatments.

It's actually called

"the devil's lettuce. Get it right, lol. I can give a flying frog what the government says or puts into law anymore. I told myself I won't ever follow a law that deprives me of my individual rights anymore. The constitution is my law. Not some bearucrat following orders of special interest groups. Call me a criminal, but i don't think I came with a set of rules when I was born, other than natural law. Why should I let some politician dictate to me, otherwise. I admire Dr. Paul. But,either way, you shouldn't let this system, that we have in place at the moment, control you.

When we, as a society, come to the understanding of liberty, the truth becomes apparent.


Second it is...

Not electable my ass.....

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"......

Final Count is in!

Paul came in a good 2nd. Slightly over 25% in King Co. with Satorum a flat 18%.

But like I said---this doesn't pick ANY delegates. The next round of delegates will be won or lost at the County Convention, so make sure you've got your registration in by Thurs. so you can secure Ron Paul's delegates.

Look here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/03/washington-caucus-r...

You Guys Don't Know Washington Politics

I had to suffer the Gregoire debacle, and I'm well aware of how the vote is manipulated in this state. In every election it happens the same way, all the other counties report, except for King/Pierce.

They are perfectly capable of reporting tallies quickly, but they don't. This is so that those counties can "smooth" the numbers, and decide the outcome.

But this is exactly what puzzles me, this time they used that advantage to take from Santorum and give to Paul. I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it happening. Does someone up in Seattle like Ron Paul or just hate Santorum?

Is this a tipping point for the not-Romneys in favor of Paul?

Possibly because Ron Paul

Possibly because Ron Paul should have gotten waaaaayyyyy more votes than he did, and it would be utter BS if he didn't at least come in 2nd.

I mean from the way everyone was reporting the turnout, it sounded like a truly massive landslide for Paul.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

It doesn't give ANY delegates

This vote doesn't give ANY delegates.

The next round of delegates will be chosen at the County Convention. You have to register and pay a small fee (to cover food costs) to go but any registered voter can attend and vote on delegates to go to the State Convention.

Important-Important-Important! Ron Paul could LOSE all delegates if we don't have a big enough turn out at the County Conventions!!! Not scare tactics---and know Romney's camp will be running scared at this point and trying to get all their people to register before Thurs.

There's no limit to how many can go to the County Conventions; you just have to register by Thurs.


You have been posting all night about how anyone can go
to the county convention and vote for state delegates but
that is not true.Only delegates can vote for who goes on to the state convention.

It sure did take a long time to throw out the last 20% of votes

The candidate percentages stayed approximately the same and we jumped from 80% reported to 100%...in the middle of the night.

Because the % of precincts

Because the % of precincts reporting is not the same as a % of the votes. There was only a little over a thousand people in the last county to report, which had 86 precincts.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

No, there were two big counties that were last to fully report

King which was waiting on about 1,000, and Pierce which was waiting on about 150.

media is spinning it this

media is spinning it this way:

"Romney wins state caucuses; Paul, Santorum tied at 2nd"


Nice spin...

At one point they were saying Romney is winning, but Santorum is catching up - this, when Ron Paul was clearly second. It's the 13th floor syndrome, I guess!

Let 'em

Most news agencies are based on the East Coast---where virtually none of them have Caucuses (esp for Republicans) and the votes in the Primaries are where State Delegates are chosen. They don't understand how it works here.

(1)Precincts vote delegates to go to the county convention---(2)county convention votes all over again on delegates to the state convention---(3)state convention votes all over again to chose delegates that go to the (4)National Convention.

Delegates can be won or lost at each level. Each is important! Don't forget to register (by Thurs. for most) for the county convention to vote on next round of delegates!

Paul could lose almost all Delegates at the County Convention

Not to scare people but it absolutely could happen----if people don't register for their county convention this coming week (Pierce Co. cut off is Thurs).

We will vote all over again at the County Convention on delegates. Let's not lose any---but have enough turn out to GAIN delegates.

This is why the remaining percentage matters!

Ron Paul has to finish with a solid percentage over Santorum because the media rounds up on the decimals.

Ron Paul needs to stay at 24.5% and above and Santorum needs to stay below 24.5%

WA's got 95.3% in right now

Paul's at 24.6% aka 25%
Santorum's at 23.9% aka 24%

Officially came in 2nd!!!!

Ron Paul 24.8% aka 25%

Frothy 23.8% aka 24%

The MSM can shove the "tie" BS up their ass now!


Thanks for info.

Romney suddenly jumped about

Romney suddenly jumped about 800 votes (1%) on CNN. 99% reporting.

"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.

It is a lie

It is a lie because the media does'nt cover Ron Paul. Romney won a lot of states because of the media, who would vote for a ignorant billionare like him. You know the media is lying about everything what you need to do is keep in mind that Ron Paul is right for America and don't listen to the media. If Ron Paul does not win we can have a revolution in place to keep the government in place from hurting American people and any one else in the world. Wake Up You Fucking Sheep vote Ron Paul for 2012.

Did CNN take down the live results feed for WA state GOP?

I couldn't get it to reload, had to close the browser, and now can't find anything on it at all.

Not that there's a final to report yet, as it looks like they've all gone for coffee.

We beat Frothy!!!

Fox news is showing 99% reporting with Dr. Paul 2nd. Just click on the Fox link in the original post.

I'm so sorry I wasn't clear

I meant the one where the state GOP chair, Kirby Wilbur, was giving the press updates on the results---which is where Fox and others were getting their numbers.

I'm really tired. I'm up til midnight-1am on Fridays and it was not easy to be at the caucus site and checked in by 9 am. I'm committed to pick someone up at work soon and my brain's starting to check out for the day.

looks like we got

second. Fox is now reporting 97% in

Ron Paul ahead of Frothy 323 votes

I don't get it.

Can someone please explain to me how it's possible for Dr Paul to hold a rally in Spokane County with 2300+ in attendance and yet only receive 1340 votes in the caucus?


not everyone who attended the rally was from Spokane !!!