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Ron Paul Campaign Claims 'Irregularities' with Delegate Appointments

I fear that this is only the beginning. Stop the GOP Machine.


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My response re the article/Chairman Sotero

Now this is rich: Sotelo said she's never worked against Paul, but she anticipated his campaign would trot out conspiracy theories before the Saturday caucuses. She pointed to similar accusations in other states [Iowa, New Hampshire and Maine; Iowa and NH chairs resigned over massive election (not voter) fraud/irregularities], as well as the disruptive behavior of some Paul supporters at the state's 2008 caucuses.[The disruptive behavior in 2008 was when the GOP delegates thought they had enough supporters to deny a quorum if they left, so they left, and guess what, there was still a quorum and they high tailed it back there most disruptively when they discovered that some real change (for the better) was being transacted after they fled.

Kirby said last week 2/14 on the John Carlsen show that "we told the Paul people and the Gingrich people as well if they have someone coming out we will help them any way we can because they don't have people on the ground, that's what we're here for." False. The Paul HQ is probably less than 2 miles away and the WSRP has been acutely aware of their presence for months now. I have been volunteering since last Fall.

Kirby also remarked in the same broadcast that Santorum had 1500-2000 people at his rally in Olympia. The uwelectioneye in the seattletimes same day reported that Santorum was greeted by hundreds of supporters, but a check of the WA State History Museum's funfacts page states that the amphitheater holds 200. I have to be honest and say that the surrounding plaza could hold a few hundred perhaps, but I have it on good authority that 4-500 people were there.

Interesting that Dr. Paul has such limited coverage in all forms of media. One would think that there is a purposeful black out: reportedly only one member-a photographer- of the national press following Paul regularly now in spite of the fact that Dr. Paul has had immense crowds attending his rallies: over 4200 at MSU day before yesterday, 1300 in Grand Rapids this past week, over 2000 in Virginia yesterday, all of these with overflow crowds and people aching to hear the message of freedom.

So I was a little surprised to see Lori Sotelo at Dr. Paul's speech last week in Seattle. Don't take my word for it, of course there is video! On youtube look for Ron Paul Rally in WA state and at 11-14 seconds there she is! A closeted Ron Paul supporter??? I have to say she did not look as though she was enjoying herself. And the two accomplices-er I mean- folks she had with her videotaping everyone- hope they got a good look because we are not going away.

? The GOP Machine?

It should be clear by now that there is no difference between the GOP and the DNC. They Are both bought and payed for by the status quo. Looking at the problem with a narrow view is not as helpful as looking at the problem with a comprehensive view.

hope for the best

GOP corruption at work

"I think they are looking for a way to discredit the process," said Sotelo, who pointed to spelling and grammatical errors in the Paul campaign's letter and accompanying news release. (For instance, the Paul campaign misspelled her last name as "Sotero.")

I read the linked document and I didn't see any reference to a "Sotero".

What a stupid liar

that woman is. Read the letter the Paul campaign lawyer sent, and I can find ONE misplaced comma, and definitely no reference to a "Sotero" either. Caveat: But maybe its in the "accompanying news release" somewhere?

So she wants to hide the PCOs until the very last minute?

Also note how she can't even hide her hatred of RP supporters. Yup, corruption. Lets hound 'em til they repent of their wicked ways.