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Ron Paul campaign reaches out to Hawaii, may snag first win in the islands

HAWAII, February 29, 2012 - In anticipation of Hawaii's upcoming, first-ever Republican presidential caucus, the Ron Paul campaign announced this afternoon that it would be hosting an event in Waikiki on Saturday, March 10 to be attended by Paul’s oldest son Ronnie and campaign manager, John Tate.

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Second win now

Second win now

A friend of mine who works

A friend of mine who works for a large local news station mentioned that many of his liberal coworkers say the only Republican they'd vote for is Ron Paul.

In Hawaii, that means a lot.

Hawaii Was Organized in 2008

I well remember the marches and sign waves from the Islands. The Meet-ups were very active.

Organization counts.

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super brochure

shouldnt cost much to do this state


The super-brochure is not currently designed properly for Hawaii. It would stick out like a sore thumb.

Let the locals decide the best approach.

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