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Liberals, Consider Ron Paul

I finally finished a lengthy blog post about Ron Paul for my liberal community. There have already been many fantastic short articles, like Robin Koerner's pieces, so I wanted to do something as comprehensive as possible, addressing all objections directly.


If you know any of the more intellectual sort of liberals, I hope you'll share this with them. Thanks!

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wow Victoria, you really laid it all out,

very articulately, accurately though we can debate over varying degrees and difference in opinion of why and how vs practical consequentialist view to more doctrinaire ones, but even then, those would be more of an intellectual disagreement.

and not to mention, thoroughly, with relevant links, unlike some who often pack their posts with massive number of links for the sole sake of making one seem like there are a lot of 'evidence' to support their positions.

thanks Vic. Frankly, if I were on the fence and my primary concerns were peace, and could admit that Obama was a complete warmongering corporatist fraud, purely based on his actions and record as the POTUS alone, I'd be convinced by your arguments, on a purely intellectual level, but perhaps on a moral argument, as well. but that's just me.

however, lucky for you and me, seems like many more are taking your cue.o)


Former Obama backers now supporting Ron Paul

Some voters who supported Barack Obama for president four years ago are now backing Republican Ron Paul. They've been dubbed Blue Republicans...

thank you for doing such a thorough, sound rational intellectual outreach, on behalf of Dr. Paul and the R3VOLtuion.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Excellent piece

I have posted it to my blog and facebook. I will be, with your permission, referring to it on the various progressive websites I lurk in (Commondreams, Truthdig, Alternet, and most of all Huffpost.)

Some suggestions to anyone trying to convince progressive friends of Ron Paul in terms of attitude:
Remember to be polite don't insult,
do not take offense and when you are attacked try turning them around with innocent and inoffensive questions
don't rant or spam
don't use caps locks for more than a word
don't swear
don't name call or generalize ("you liberals" or "Liberals are...")
admit your own mistakes or factual errors
compliment good points


I would love it if you referenced the post on progressive sites!

And I totally agree about the attitude suggestions.

If any of you don't naturally share the basic bleeding-heart tendencies of liberals, you need to be careful. It's offensive (even to me) if you say the newsletters aren't offensive. It's offensive if you say LGBT issues don't matter. If you can't be sympathetic about these sorts of issues, and if you can't stay calm when someone makes inaccurate comments about Paul, then maybe stick to talking RP with your conservative friends.