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Penn Jillette: Why I Am A Libertarian

I'm surprised by the rather Conservative affiliations, but his attitude and philosophy are positive and sound:


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This part is the most telling, that exposes this guy...

"Well no I agree with you - I just think we need to force God to be taken off the dollar bill because not everyone believes in God."

Penn's real views:

Yeah, that's not freedom.
Look I don't care if you want to believe in God or the flying spaghetti monster, but the point is, you don't have a right to tell everyone else *what* to think. And taking "God" off the dollar bill crosses that line, or off the American Military's insignia...because it does exactly that using violence.

The slogan: "In God we trust" is appropriate

Money is our God.

But the dollar is a publicly

But the dollar is a publicly funded good.

Shouldn't it be absent of religion?

EDIT: Sorry if you were being sarcastic and I did not catch it.

God/No god

Nothing publicly made or funded should say "In God We Trust" or "There Are No Gods".

This is simple.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

I agree!

I agree!

Irony is... Glen Beck

Irony is...

Glen Beck bemoaning the fact that people are claiming to be libertarians and really aren't!

Serial Hypocracy

The "serial hypocracy" line in the Ron Paul campaign ad is Penn's line (listen to his voice).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Don't you mean "Serial Hypocrite" and liar?

(That would seem to accurately portray fake conservative Penn!!)

He said "I don't want my daughter associating with, or being near any people who are like that. At all."
Typical mantra of mainstream democrats.

So he doesn't just disagree, he WOULD take forceful action to make sure they aren't even associating together with anyone who has different beliefs.

He would kick others out of his home, who are contrary to his world view. That is downright authoritarian.

Some fighter for Liberty.


First, there are authoritarian and libertarian parents. There are liberal authoritarian parents, and conservative libertarian parents, and every other combination. Parenting styles vary. Don't get confused by Penn's being an authoritarian parent.

Ron Paul, for example, is a conservative in his personal beliefs.

Politically, an authoritarian is called a statist. They might want to enforce statist authority politically for liberal values, conservative values, or some weird combination of their own.

This is why libertarian politics attracts odd combinations of people: allowing each of us to be free to be authoritarian in our religion, our family, or our business dealings, or to be liberal, or libertarian, as we please. Freedom brings us together.

Second, this ad http://youtu.be/1Jzi3HBCS2M has Penn's voice, saying "It's about serial hypocracy."

Genuine or fake, conservative or liberal, none of this matters as long as he's not violating your rights.

Last I checked, parents have a right to decide their children's exposure to religion, and homeowners have a right to evict anyone they please.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I disagree that he's harmless, in any sense of the word.

I've already seen the oppressive state in action and this "Penn" fellow supports it, so this is no joke.

I think "Penn" is a snake oil salesmen.
He DID say on the news that he would support force(aka gov force) against people, to prevent them from sharing beliefs with each other.
He believes this very thing about his daughter.

Until I see Penn openly endorse Ron Paul or mention him, there is pretty much no way I would believe he's changed his ways.

"Until I see Penn openly

"Until I see Penn openly endorse Ron Paul or mention him, there is pretty much no way I would believe he's changed his ways."



p.s. youre giving theist libertarians a bad name, IMO. I know enough normal libertarian theists to know theyre all as closed minded and atheist-hating as you are (in fact most arent). but i fear that it may happen that youre the first example of a theist libertarian that a new atheist libertarian encounters. theyre liable to run the other way.

That's no endorsement, look between the lines of brainwashing...

That's Penn basically saying in a snarky way that Ron Paul is a nut, without talking about any of his views (READ: POSITIONS) on air at all.

Followed by Howard Stern agreeing that he is basically an unelectable nutcase, "but hey, I'd vote for him" which is ironic beyond belief...Because Stern is an aethiest.

Again, neither one here actually endorsed Ron Paul. They would have spoken on his plans for foreign policy, or his stance on personal property if it was an endorsement. All he did was call him nuts and said they're voting for him.

I don't know if he's changed at all since that time, but I would RATHER see/hear him talk about Ron Paul on his own by this point. Discuss his positions like private property on T.V, before I would ever trust he is pro "liberty".

"...or mention him" lying not

"...or mention him"

lying not a sin anymore?

Don'cha know

that Christians don't have to follow their own rules, but merely attempt to enforce them on others?

Sad to say, that's what I see from most "Christians". It's too bad really, because it gives the entire religion a bad name.

A signature used to be here!

Um, that quote you reference is not in that

link you give at all.

Your confusing gov't with personal preference

For example,I don't want my daughter hanging around drug dealers or crack addicts, that's my personal preference and right, that doesn't make me not a fighter for liberty. I am against the drug war and believe the government should not be able to tell you what you can consume, but I don't have to associate or allow my child to associate with drug users or dealers. Liberty doesn't mean you like everybody and everything or even that you are open to all beliefs, it means you are open to let others live as they wish and by the beliefs they wish to.

Apparently you missed his rant on Glenn Beck, he'd take force...

Apparently you missed his rant on Glenn Beck that he would take forceful action, to EVICT anyone/stop anyone from sharing views who have opposing viewpoints.

That includes his daughter, with or without her consent.
This sounds entirely dictatorial to me, because he also wants to force his belief on others. Just like government.

Beg to differ

I love Penn. ... There's a huge difference between wanting the government to get involved in everything and trample liberty and controling your own life, or the lives of your minor children. I don't know anything about his family, but if he has a minor child and doesn't want her to do drugs then he should use all rational means (grounding, lecturing, whatever) to do so. If he has an adult daughter and she's doing drugs at home that he told her not to, of course he should be able to evict her. It's his god damn house. Anyone should be able to evict anyone from anything they own at anytime, unless there is a contract in place that forbids it.

I don't use drugs, yet I want the government the hell out of it so that people can make their own decisions. That doesn't mean that if I had a roommate or tenant who was strung out on heroin and leaving dirty needles around that I wouldn't evict him. I would. People all get to, or really, SHOULD be able to, make choices and control their own lives (and to an extent, the lives of their minor children).

A certain group of people of

A certain group of people of people on this site are really starting to annoy me. I understand the philosophical importance of "questioning everything," but this is just absurd. Not everything is a conspiracy. Not every person with the least bit of influence (who isn't the Doc) is a puppet or working behind the curtain.
Penn and Teller were a big part of my libertarian epiphany...after I found Ron Paul, that is...so it's frustrating to see more of this "don't trust anyone" crap that permeates way too much of this community.

/end rant

Word. Upvote.

And concur. I love Penn & Teller.

wow, I thought it was just me

wow, I thought it was just me who was noticing it. I'm glad you posted this as it helps me realize I'm not as much in the minority around here as I had thought.

Also, sick username.

It Is All Theater

Actors and magicians lie for a living. No lover of freedom here. I would link to some of his quotes, but not worth your time to waste on this research. Do not be distracted, on with the fight.

He's no different than the leader of OWS, a Judas Goat....

Don't be deceived by any of these waste of time Judas's.
Saul wasn't.

Penn & Teller is just another Michael Moore, George Soros boondoggle and probably even crooks. You know that.

They also know we're surrounding them, so no, we don't need Penn & Teller until they one day wake up to real freedom..

So an atheist in favor of

So an atheist in favor of free markets and minimal government is no different than an atheist in favor of collective ownership of property where everyone is owned by the state?

So really all that matters in how you judge a person is whether they worship the same god as you? OR whether they worship a god at all?

I am an atheist libertrian. Is there room in your movement for me, or do we need separate movements?

No problem with atheist

The problem I have with Penn is his complete disdain for those who are not of his persuasion. He won't even let his daughter associate with Christians because of the taint we bring. Christians are not welcome in his home and he doesn't want her going to their homes. THAT is the kind of atheist that makes atheists suspect. Why the huge chip on your shoulder just because we don't believe (disbelieve) the same as you? Otherwise I wouldn't have a problem with him and he makes some good points.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

If Penn is how you describe

If Penn is how you describe then I agree it's kind of a shitty way to be. The whole Dawkins chip-on-the-shoulder thing.

However, I tend to think highly of Penn based on how he appears here:

granted this may be only half the picture, or he may have changed his views over time...

Either way, I think it's similar to how I view socialists, actually... I'm not willing to write off all people who think differently than I do as evil and decietful. Some truly do have their "heart in the right places" and just have their information incorrect. Or have misinterpereted the information incorrectly. This is not to say that I have to accept socialism based on alleged "good intentions" of the soclaiilst, but some socialists are well meaning "potential libertarians" who are just horribly misled about economics.

I tend to believe Penn is one of those types with regards to religion. he doesn't believe it, but if he senses truly genuine good will, he respects it.

Mr. Penn of Penn & Teller is exactly like Mark Levine....

He claims to be against the "State" system and supports it in the other hand!!

He claims that the Democrats are the party of peace and non nation-building, when that is the opposite of truth. They are the party of liars, nation-building & war!!!!
And then without saying so, they took over GOP(as liars do!)
Total opposite of Dr. Paul's tireless message.

Penn was interviewed several times on Glenn Beck and admitted that "if you come into my home, I will not respect your beliefs. aethiest, christian, or buddhist." Some freedom lover!!

So the only way this DECEIVER agrees with liberty, is if you share his precise world view of non-belief in God. If you in any way express a different belief about government, he will kick you out of his home. He is therefore a LYING, dogmatic, shill.

Penn is certainly not a

Penn is certainly not a Democrat. Do you have any sources?

Also, did Penn say he actually kicks people out of his home for being of a different religion? Or just that he doesn't respect their beliefs? And how is kicking someone out of your home anti-liberty anyway?

It's one thing to disagree with him about your religion.

But then engage him on this front. Don't just make stuff up please.

Penn said he would kick them out of his home, full stop...

He said "I don't want my daughter associating with, or being near any people who are like that. At all."
Typical mantra of mainstream democrats.

So he doesn't just disagree, he WOULD take forceful action to make sure they aren't even associating together with anyone who has different beliefs.

He would kick others out of his home, who are contrary to his world view. That is downright authoritarian.

Some fighter for Liberty. Don't go being surprised that so many doubt his epiphany...