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Ron Paul Voter Values Debate Audio MP3 Posted

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Ron Paul Voter Values Debate 091707 (18 min)


3 Hours to capture 18 minutes.....Ron must be wiped out.... I KNOW I am!!!

He did great!


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Beyond impressed

Ron Paul's answer to the "personal faith" question was, for me, the absolute, ultimate answer. I'm sure many people in the audience consider the US to be a Christian nation, or that it was at one time, but Dr. Paul forces them to consider how a true Christian nation would behave - turn the cheeck, peace, not about geography, etc. This contrast reveals to me that the Christain political movement is about power and influence and not really about Christianity at all.

There is tremendous strength and dignity in his words of truth. As he spoke forcefully to the people, he also spoke reverently, without condemnation. This is a man I will trust my vote to. Seeing how he does not waiver in his message, no matter who he is talking to, gives me complete confidence that he can definitely hold his ground when meeting with world leaders and powerful people. He is fearless!

Thanks be to God for Ron Paul!


Values debate

Kick A Dr. P.
Wow, what a performance! That's even with the loaded knuckle-head balls they threw him. He just keeps telling it like it is.

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thank you for the mp3


Ron Paul spoke the most Christian truth I have ever heard spoken ,anywhere. True Christianity is spread not though force or by laws but through example. And ,I have been to alot of churches. We need to have a revival of thought and review our foreign policy and our principles. And as Dr. Paul says it's not complicated. The constitution is a pretty moral document even though its not the Bible, but its straight forward and we need to go back and take a look at it. Also, I ask WWJD? Love.

You said it!

I have to confess I was very disappointed with the format of the debate. I was even more disturbed by the down right rudeness of some of the attendees. But the worst part was that I realized that a true Christian, who understands Jesus' words 'he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword' was being ridiculed for believing those words,and by those who supposedly confess Jesus' name. We have become a bunch of self -righteous hypocrites. I'm sure Jesus wept at this sham of a debate.


what took so long?

I'm kiddin! Thanks!


He really hit home with me, and alot of the audience. He might should of not brought up marijuana from a political standpoint, but that just shows that he panders to no one!

Ron Paul 08

Ron Paul 08