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New Song: The Politically Wise Jive by The Constitutional Cats.

Here's a great, funky new tune from The Constitutional Cats, called The Politically Wise Jive. Click here to listen.

Keep the songs coming! We have such a great diversity of music and support - better than anything money can buy!

Excellent lyrics, here:

When Ron Paul gets the nomination,
We will get good legislation
Reducing needless litigation
He’s the one to fight inflation
Go back to a great tradition
Dr. Paul has the prescription

I see the money, and its right in front of me
Ron Paul is the one for the economy,
I’m convinced, Ive been sold,
Ron Paul is worth his weight in Gold.
Worth his weight in gold when
Gold is the standard
Soft warm Cash legally tendered
Backed by precious metals for services rendered

I'm an American, a citizen, I'm a resident
Working all day for pictures of ex presidents,
Waiting in the workroom for contracts and faxes
Vote Ron Paul and I'll pay lower taxes.

He's the one to get it right
Following the Constitution
Elect Ron Paul
He's the Fair tax solution

We all think Ron Paul is great
Hes the one we should nominate
Hes the one we appreciate
He's the Doc!
He is the greatest candidate

He is a Republi-CAN
Not a Republi-CAN'T

In a time when war will end
My enemy becomes my friend
Theres no need to hate for oil
America is our sacred soil
In America I live and breathe
I stand for truth and liberty

End the torture
End the treason
In the United States the government must not break the law for any reason

Ron Paul is my champion of individual rights

Hes Got the knowledge and the wisdom of the ages
The deepness of the modern sages.

Ron Paul's what's right in the world today
They say all my heroes have gone away
Will you do the right thing through it all?
Stand tall, support our freedoms and vote Ron Paul.

The soldiers true in all their youth
Should have the chance to fight for truth
I support the troops, they shouldn’t die
Would you bring them back, to love their wives,
Would you bring them back to their families,
Would you be strong enough inside to make peace?

The commandment is “You Shall not kill”
You neocons you make me ill
you make war and say its God’s will
You claim your message from above
I tell you now: God is love.

(Blessed are the peace makers)

We travel to the distant lands
And the blood for oil is on our hands
People cant you understand
Theres no foundation in the sand

Run back to our great country
Get in your car to the DMV
Rock the vote, or the library
Vote for Ron in the Primary

Because the Truth will set us free
Washington and Lincoln too,
Kept the constitution true
America is for me and you

Who spammed the polls? It was my cat
Who wants to bring the country back

Ron Paul!

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Super Lyrics...great beat

As wife of a musician, I am absolutely loving all of these Ron Paul songs. Just a suggestion, I'd bring the voice up an iota so the lyrics are heard easier. I'm 58...some of us older supporters...have never heard a word of rap and not cuz we didn't try. Just a tad up would do it.

The songs are a little like a balancer, to me. Another great place to get the same feeling is The Spoof. Go there and type Ron Paul in the subject. There are five or six that will make you all laugh. Very pro Ron. Just good fun...but what a message some of them pack.See what you think.

Thanks again Constitutional Cats. Wow. Compare these songs to the waaaay
over done and always made me gag "Proud to Be An American" Like this song says...There is no foundation in the sand. We are all going for a foundation with Ron Paul.