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4 letter word for "rising gas prices" - IRAN! (clip)

Hearing people b*tch about high gas prices is becoming increasingly annoying. Not because prices are high, but because most don't understand WHY! Within the last month I have come across many Americans asking, "why, why us?" or " how can these giant oil companies control everything?" etc. What they aren't grasping is the connection between this past month of WAR propaganda, by our so called "leaders," and the increase price in oil. How? Beats me, it seems so damn obvious. I do know the connection refuses to be shared on the MSM or by pundits alike, why? Well, many reasons which I know don't need to be reiterated with this community. I recommend continuing to educate those less adherent to how the world as well as Washington truly work. Which, in part is why I decided to create this Forum Topic and to release/blow off steam on this issue that NO ONE seems to be understanding and which the MSM refuses to focus on.

Keep up the good work fellow DPers, no one said it would be easy!

Bill Maher is the first vocal public figure i've heard get it right. And thought i'd be a good clip to add. Jump to the 8 minute mark for his answer.


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TITLE FIX: "8 letter

TITLE FIX: "8 letter word"


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0% interest rates, money printing.

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It's a 5 letter word---Obama

He has a Maoist vision of us tooling around in little tin cans. He's made it clear from day one he wants hydrocarbons out of business. If he were leading, rather than trying to impose his ideal, he would foment an initiative to convert to natural gas. This economy would turn on a dime with such an effort.
Sure, Iran is in the price mix now to a degree, but if the Strait gets messed with, prices will rocket. In the meantime, most oil price increase at present is, like noted by others, a monetary issue.

Undo what Wilson did

Jeez...it ain't Iran....it's inflation

and a fu*ked up monetary system. Ron Paul has explained this numerous times.

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"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Iran has the second largest

Iran has the second largest oil field. The war propaganda with Iran is definitely a big reason. But I do agree it's also our monetary system and inflation. Ill admit I was just so frustrated no one discuses this issue, I may have jumped the gun too quick on it ONLY being Iran! And the non-threat of Iran as a whole.