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Encouraging Ground Reports of Victory: Sample Precinct Delegate Math from a Washington State Pooled Caucus

Spread the good news, stay positive, we are winning battles across the country despite what the media is not telling you...As Jack Hunter said "Y'all keep your chins up, let's keep fighting." Resistance is Victory!

I was a pooled caucus leader so I gave out tally sheets to Ron Paul supporters in each precinct. Here are some very encouraging results.

In one precinct there were 4 people for Romney, 2 for Santorum, and 2 for Ron Paul. Guess who took the two delegate slots? Both for Ron Paul!

In another case there were 5 Romney, 4 Ron Paul, with 2 delegate slots up for grabs, once again the Ron Paul supporters filled both slots!

Amazingly in yet another precinct a Ron Paul supporter became a delegate even though he was the only RP supporter versus 4 for Romney and 2 for Santorum!

Rest assured even if the unnofficial straw poll results are 100% accurate (which I am pretty sure they are not given the fact I personally found numerous discrepancies in my pooled caucus, for one thing a local reporter counted more people there than the unofficial straw poll indicated...), we are likely to have won the precinct delegate battle. Our people are generally more committed, informed, and organized in my personal experience.

I'm confident that if all of our precinct delegates organize and show up prepared at their respective district and county conventions we can win at the State Convention and elect all RP delegates to national from WA state!

Romney didn't win WA, the straw poll is a nonbinding beauty contest don't believe the media lies, you can only win a state by getting more delegates than any other candidate.

Edit: I forgot to mention that there were many other precincts where we won both the straw poll and the delegate count, all told as I wrote in the comments over half of our supporters became delegates on Saturday at my pooled caucus. My fiance and I became delegates thanks to our friend we brought and a nice elderly couple (the woman was a known supporter but her husband was undecided until he saw how organized I was, and how I was dressed up in a suit and tie, he said "you looked so sharp and had everything all together so I decided to vote for Ron Paul"! We ending up winning the precinct by one vote so this conversion was crucial, the moral of the story is put on your best digs DPers it can make the difference)

update: if you want to read what else happened at my pooled caucus I posted another story http://www.dailypaul.com/219984/corrupt-chair-prevents-forme...

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Mixed feelings about the MSM blackout!

I have some very mixed feelings about the MSM blackout of Ron Paul. On the one hand it’s very frustrating to see your candidate being marginalized week-in and week-out, month-in and month-out.

But there is one benefit we have all forgotten about, and that is we’ve been able to fly under the radar screen of both the MSM and their minion sheeple followers (viewers), which definitely has proven to have some big benefits.

Just as we don’t like being lied about, the main steam sheeple have bought into the MSM lies. As a result the sheeple in this country are not taking their responsibilities towards their own candidates seriously enough.

Example and case in point: The precincts in Clark County, Nevada overwhelmingly went for Mitt, according to their straw poll vote. But look what is being reported from their county convention, these precinct delegates over whelmingly elected Ron Paul delegates to their State convention.

As we all remember Nevada was declared a disaster for Ron Paul, but as it turns out we are the BIG winners. The reason I can say this is because 60% of Nevada’s voter’s live in Clark County. I’m sure the rest of Nevada’s counties will have similar results. Ron Paul has now officially won Nevada!

This is how you win caucus states. By flying under the radar, and with the help from the MSM lies, the Mitt campaign supporters left their guard down.

For me personally this is a God thing. I say “Thank you MSM”, God took your evil intentions and turn them against you for our good.

We can win this, stay focused!

The Winds of Change!

Silver lining

way to look on the bright side, when life deals you lemons, make lemonade!

I saw this too

At Skamania caucus, Paul supporters grabbed delegate slots even though they were outnumbered in some precincts.

Nice this seems to be a pattern

I'm thinking this is why we won so many delegates conventions this weekend in Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, Colorado, and even Georgia!

what district?

We took the 36th the same way! The support for these other hacks is sooooooooooo paper thin. I was flipping neo-con supporters left and right :). They may not show up to slate but our real supporters will!

34th district

I heard good things from other pooled caucus leaders I think they dominated in those areas.

The others can have all the

The others can have all the "my tv told me how to vote" votes they want. It does not translate into real on the ground support. The system was set up this way to prevent exactly what is happening now. The people controlling the media can pretend like we dont exist and make everone else think we dont exist but since those people have already been trained to be docile (in terms of being politically actuve) we dont have to worry about it... Except for the possible backlash when the media reality doesnt match with the actual results. I just hope the people realize the media dupped them instead of falling for the nonsense that will be fed to them about Paul stealing the nomination.


That is what I'm saying.



Thanks for your support

We need to get the message out, we are winning flood the polls and delegate slots!

As this campaign rolls on turnouts will be lower and lower allowing our people to dominate more easily, never give up, never surrender!

Don't leave the GOP, become the GOP, overwhelm and kick out the corrupt goons lying about straw poll results and "accidentally" not planning for large turnouts at pooled caucus locations leading to people being told they could not vote.

Leaving the GOP will only ensure that the cronies maintain their positions allowing them to disenfranchise us again if another pro-liberty candidate runs in the future.

I was at a pooled caucus in Everett WA (5th most popular city)

at my precinct of the 40 or so in the school lunch room, we had 10 people show up. 8 were for mitt, 2 for ron paul. I ended up being a delegate.

I also noticed at some of the others that we were slightly out numbered either getting the majority or even.

We might of lost the overall straw vote at my pooled caucus but walked away with by far the most delegates. high-fiving each other afterwards.

awesome that is great news

now just make sure you organize with all your fellow precinct delegates to the county convention, also keep in touch with the campaign as they may form an official slate for everyone to vote for to be delegates to the state convention from your county.

done and done..

done and done..

Glad to hear it

just wanted to make sure you never know...

Great news!

I bet NV, MN, NH, ME, VT, ND, CO, and MO are the same.

You got that right

We heard some great news out of conventions all across the country today. Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, even Georgia!

Can I get some comments

we seem to be getting a lot of defeatism on this site today, the trolls are out in force, let's try to keep up morale by bumping this post the war is not over there are many battles left to be fought.


to that

Thanks for your support

People need to realize that the straw poll is not necessarily indicative of the precinct delegate count, even if there weren't cases like I found above there would still be the fact that Ron Paul support has a much broader base than Romney whose support is concentrated in the urban and suburban areas.

Thank you very much for your efforts!!

I like the suit and tie touch!


I figured I ought to go all out and it turned out that donning the suit and tie made the difference in my precinct!

when you're stacked with Romney people?

and show up looking like a boss, you get to run it! Plus, it's harder for anyone to say you're a dirty hippie that just wants to legalize pot or something once they see you in a suit. People are weird that way.

I was surprised Romney got 4 people to show up

We were getting nervous when we saw so many people sitting at the table, but thanks to me, my fiance, my friend and the nice elderly couple Betty and Donald we won Dilworth precinct. We made my fiance chairwoman of the precinct. It was the largest turnout ever statewide, 9 people were in our precinct. In 2008 there were no people that showed up. They never even had a caucus here on Vashon before.

HA HA: And this is how we WIN

Same thing happened in our precint. two delegates for Dr. Paul, one for Newt, with first alternate for Paul.

The Winds of Change!


Glad to hear it, what were the straw poll numbers in your precinct?

the media lies and spins

Lets do a push for SUPER TUESDAY!!

Blackout the mass Media and put these flyers everywhere around your neighbourhood(mailboxes, cars..) voting places and everywhere you think they can change some minds and hearts.
they are free to print!

They inform the masses about what the candidates stand for and how great the ideas and integrity of americas future president Ron Paul is compared to his opponents:


good idea



Yeah I was going to make a post about all the shenanigans

And everything I coulda, woulda, and shoulda done, but it is a long story and I want to boost morale by focusing on the positives rather than focusing on all the negatives. Suffice to say that many people I know personally across the state are delegates, I have very heard good things from the people I spoke with at official campaign ;) and I believe we won the precinct delegate battle overall.