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*This is the most important post I've ever created on the DP.*

*This is the most important post I've ever created on the DP.*

Start your own grassroots liberty networks in your State IF there's not one already setup. The national teams are not able to organize all of the states with enough advanced time to assemble the forces we require.

First. Make a spreadsheet of your states newly formed grass roots movement. Have it include Name, phone, email, address, how the supporter was found, volunteer positions, committee positions, etc.

Second. Appoint yourself the state chairperson of xyz RP grassroots state.

Third. Appoint yourself the congressional district organizer for your district.

Forth. Appoint yourself the county organizer for your county.

Fifth. Start filling in your spreadsheet and building your grassroots network. Start regular meetings. Build it and they will come. Merge with other liberty grassroots networks in your State as you find each other.

Sixth. Create positions that need to be filled. Outreach, treasurer, chair, vice chair, secretary, fundraising, transportation, location committee, education, etc.

National will love you when they show up in your state and you have a network ready for them to direct. They need our help.

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this is something I need to . . .

know/think about.

Only one of 1988vote can be out in 'public', so we didn't participate locally in the 2008 campaign in our area. We've signed up on ronpaul2012.com for our state and are waiting to hear back--

they have our phone number, address and e-mail address.

So . . . what more do we do?

The phone from home program is a blessing for us--

So, you are suggesting we get on C4L and find out what is happening in our state--

I'll check it out--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Do it via the C4L or do it

Do it via the C4L or do it via your own network if you haven't heard back from the campaign. Just get started now so that we are organized. It took months for National to get us lists. Don't wait. Just start and merge with other networks as you build.

Join C4L and become a Local Coordinator to start.


You start with

your 2008 lists if you have them. Those are your core. Once you find the core again you recruit them to find the rest.

And . . . if your C4L director is any good, that director has the best list of contacts in the state . . .

If you are in this for something other than the principle, you can be crushed by the politics that exist everywhere. If you expect special treatment for all your hard work (time with the candidate, etc) or expect accolades when the "official" folks hit the ground you may be disappointed and become disillusioned and ineffective.

C4L NEEDS YOU, more than you need them

If they were smart, they'd give you a paid position.

I doubt they could pay me

I doubt they could pay me enough to change my current lifestyle. It's much healthier to be a volunteer saving the world.

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I believe you're trying to replicate Campaign for Liberty

Why not just join C4L and become the county, district or regional coordinator?

Same diff.

Because the C4L wasn't doing

Because the C4L wasn't doing it in our state. I suspect it's the same in other states based on information I've gotten. The C4L lists would be great to access as built in people to plug into your networks.

The C4L is not some monolith...

...it's its members.

So if the C4L wasn't doing it in your state, that means you weren't.

You easily could. Contact your C4L state coordinator or BECOME your C4L state coordinator.

Why reinvent the wheel?

RP asked us to do this and created the C4L for us to do it with.

Great suggestion. Get the

Great suggestion. Get the C4L to be an active force. I guess the whole reason we started our own grassroots org in MO was because we are laser focused on our caucuses as a single issue. I would bet that most of our network is already part of the C4L. I know that I am.

The bottom line is this. The national teams are arriving in states and finding that they don't have activist networks actively preparing for their elections/caucuses.

Don't reinvent your state's network if C4L is working for you. Here's a question.

Could you had a list of names, emails, addresses, titles, and phone numbers large enough to win an election in your state to the national teams when they arrive?

Keep in mind...

C4L cannot feed a campaign (for elected office).

That said if it's the same people before and after and everyone knows each other already, you're done.

In terms of lists, coordinators keep and build their own. All good political activists do.

In terms of national campaign staff. Oy veh. No comment. I'll stop while we're ahead. :)

In terms of C4L in your state, if it ain't working, make it work! Become a local coordinator to be considered for a county, regional or state coordinator position. Additionally, C4L in my state does EXTENSIVE training for members to teach them how to get engaged in their party (of choice) business, their partys' processes and their partys' elected positions. If your C4L doesn't do that, again, make it do it or do it yourself within your state's C4L so you can leverage all the C4L resources.

Do we really want to start again in 2016 when Rand runs? Or do we want all our people to be GOP state chairs, county chairs, credentialling committee chairs, vote counters, caucus organizers etc.?

I suggest the above, rather than being back here in 4 years with people whining about how the party was "unfair" to them. Where were they the past 4 years?

Another comment is to join

Another comment is to join your C4L if it is an active network in your state. Otherwise, start a network and be ready to pass on your volunteers when National arrives.



More detail

I get the impression that lots of supporters are getting involved for the first time. I think you need to point people to a campaign manual, or give more detail on canvassing door to door (the best way to get new supporters, imo).

Also as far as raising money, some of us should help the campaign and target liberty minded businesses, maybe those historically attacked by big gov, big corporations. Like the vitamin biz (they should be able to donate a lot of money)

Good suggestion. I think

Good suggestion. I think it's more important at this stage to build the framework. Create a position called "outreach" and then find the person to do that job. I can tell you that walking around in a crowd of people with a RP hat/shirt almost always finds more supporters. It's been one of the easiest ways to grow our network.

Important SEVENTH!!!!!!!!!!!

Find one person for EVERY county, who will insert themselves into the republican party for that county. This person from all appearances will be a benign Romney supporter who is a teamplayer. This person needs to ingratieate themselves to the county republican party, volunteer, answer phones, put out donuts, etc. so that they can get close enough to the powers that be to know if they plan to pull any crap on RP. Also, after delegates are elected, sometimes it's hard to get the lists of those delegates. If a person is already inserted & trusted, they can get those lists.

This is a really important job, & the mole just have nothing to do with RP. You REALLY need a person like this in each county.

Why be a mole when you can

Why be a mole when you can just walk right in and sit down at the table. Our county central republican committee is half empty. It's just waiting for people to step up and help out. We are getting more and more RP supporters in the committee as we find people in those open slots.


get the other people informed that are dependant of the mass media.
they just dont know better

check this out:


great pdfs that this guy worked out and its for free.
when we inform everyone then everyone will be a liberty peace and prosperity loving paulbot.. :) how could they not.

Paul for president

bump for activism


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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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The campaign needs money!!!

The campaign needs money!!! Midnight deadline to raise 1 million.. See my donate immediately post

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

money is important. even more

money is important. even more is free information to educate the people:

No one profits other then the people.
If we get all the information out that is available then they can only choose the Dr. !!!


National may need money, but

National may need money, but we need to start organizing for them first. You don't depend on the cops to protect your house. Why depend on the National team to organizing your county? Trust me. They would rather have a well organized grassroots team setup across the nation instead of being the wealthiest in dollar terms.

Hmmmmm. yet money IS needed

-- to get these ADS on the air.
You'd be surprised how many folk vote for the NAME MOST FAMILIAR to them.
No, I'd never do that. I consider my vote more important than that (even if "they" are changing my vote into something else).. But, many people have NO idea what game is being played and what IS at stake, especially this time.
It's amazing that people don't pay attention, but, the majority of Americans are pretty stupid.
Along with money, the Paul campaign NEEDS volunteers, though. Sign on with RonPaul2012.com and volunteer to DO THAT. Believe me, a real person calling beats a robo-call (rombot) every time!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Absolutely, National needs

Absolutely, National needs money. They would have been setup months ago in states if they had enough of it to spread around. Thus, we are in the spot we are in today. National is short on funds and we have no organization apart from what grassroots supporters setup on their own. Keep donating to National. Setup your own states grassroots organizations in the mean time.

Does your state have an RP organization setup and ready to win your states elections/caucuses?

the grassroots organization suggested here ...

will increase donations to national

That's a definite side

That's a definite side benefit. We pass the hat at every meeting and get cash for our local activities. We do things like radio ads, print ads, flyers, outreach, meals for phone banks. We can all do the same things in our own spheres.

Start today if there isn't anything already started in your area.

Agreed...Organize your STATE

Don't wait for National...Help them out. Bump. Bump. Bump!



ANd donate today

this is very important, even if its $5

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.