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Ron Paul Draws 1100 Plus Crowd in Fairbanks Alaska

Ron Paul Draws 1100 Plus Crowd in Fairbanks Alaska

750-plus inside venue, over 200 in overflow areas, and over 100 outside brave cold to see Dr. Paul
ANCHORAGE, Alaska – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul drew more than 1,100 supporters to his Fairbanks town hall meeting, the first of two stops he is making in Alaska today.

The Congressman’s Fairbanks Town Hall Meeting took place at 1:00 p.m. AKST in the Gold Ballroom of the Westmark Hotel & Conference Center, located at 813 Noble Street, Fairbanks, AK 99701.

Below please find a photo of Dr. Paul’s visit with supporters from the greater Fairbanks area.


Ron Paul addresses voters at his Fairbanks town hall meeting.
The event was the first of two Alaska stops the 12-term Congressman from Texas is holding today. (Photo)

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1,100 over half of Ron's vote count from 2008

Mitt Romney ___ 5,177 _ 44.58%
Mike Huckabee _ 2,596 _ 22.35%
Ron Paul ______ 2,004 _ 17.26%
John McCain ___ 1,837 _ 15.82%

see Ron's numbers from 2008 compared to 2012.


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Why is this in California?


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great work, Alaska!

Now get out those VOTES for Doc!

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