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Super Tuesday Open Thread

Ten states vote on Super Tuesday:

Post your news, observations and insights in the comment section below.

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Finally Convinced

My wife keeps telling me the elections are fixed. Ron Paul cannot win. I have always tried to believe in my heart that elections do work. Even when I see corruption. I think the biggest problem was when Ron Paul team announced his plan for delegates. Had we all been informed early on that we needed to be delegates even if we had to wear a Romney button when we went to the county republican committee meetings. We might have had many more delegates. We should have been quiet and just done it. No one would have been the wiser until the national convention. We lost our only chance. It has been documented software has been coded that can determine any election and has been capable since 2001. I heard a conversation several months ago about 3rd party runs that stated if someone could capture over 38% of the popular vote they could win the general election. My question is how could that happen without fraud. Is it possible? We already know we are in for 4 more years of Obama because none of the status quo candidates can beat him. Should we try to figure out a way or is it impossible. I am trying to decide wheater to put my donations into food and bullets or Save for airplane tickets to no where.

Can someone please check this video out!

Found this video on this site.

SUPER TUESDAY: CNN Televised VOTE FRAUD against Ron Paul?


That's good video

An extensive version of this. Maybe you should put it in it's own thread.


Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

It's too early to say who has the delegates

They are just giving results of a straw poll...they want you to tnink that it's over. It's far from over! I've had this talk with alot of people recently, we need to put something out so RP supporters understand the process. We don't need to get all Debbie Downer on our situation. We are doing a great job, and I'm proud of my fellow RP supporters. Hang tough we will come out strong. Our voice will be heard...just not until we do the congressional districts and State conventions later on. We need to focus on a strong finish in the caucuses. I live in Missouri and we will have ours March 17th. We elect slates of delegates to go to congressional who will elect delegates for state and then they will be elected to the National Convention.

I just don't get it anymore, please help me understand.

Ron Paul has so far not received a first place win, out of roughly 20 States so far. I get that the RP campaign's strategy is for Delegates, I get it.

BUT, I'm seeing numbers that RP is dead last in delegates, and he is averaging dead last in caucuses and primaries. So what am I missing here? Is it the "HOPE" that a brokered convention will untie delegates and they'll magically show out of the woodwork for him? Where are these hidden delegates?

Are we fooling ourselves with wishful thinking? I feel like my fellow RP supporters are in a bubble, and I don't see what they see. If I'm ignorant somehow please enlighten me because I'm feeling more out of touch with the whole thing day by day.

Friend to Minarchists, AnCaps, Voluntaryists, Agorists, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Paul Supporters, Free Marketeers, Jeffersonians, Status Quo Buckers, and Ron Paul Fans.

Pax Libertas. Semper Veritas. Semper Res Publica.

The delegates that are bound to

The other candidates are Ron Paul supporters, many of them, not all. If there is a brokered convention they will be free to vote for Ron Paul. If you were to count the number of delegates that are Ron Paul supporters we would probably be a close second to Romney. Someone more knowledgable can probably explain it better.

My scolding from the Alaska state GOP Chairman -

These elitists are not going to go down without a fight. In Alaska the GOP charges more than they ever have to become a delegate for this presidential election, $250. (plus the plane ticket to get to Anchorage for the state convention)

I have a time limit of Thursday noon to pay that fee. I just called the GOP Alaska state Chairman to pay and and as soon as I said my name to say I got an earful would be an understatement. He was completely enraged saying, "You Ron Paul people are trying to overthrow the whole thing, I won't have people that aren't republicans!! Ron Paul people are anarchists!!" It went on and on and on. Name calling and all.

They know who the Ron Paul supporters are, they came to my caucus with a list of people who not to vote for. I lost some of my delegates I would have had, but still was able to secure the majority.

Another one of the delegates secured tried to call to pay his fee and his call was ignored. I'm afraid that we will continue to be ignored so they force us to miss the deadline.

No one can find a safe way out if society is sweeping towards destruction. Everyone,in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. - LvM

I am truly astonished that a

I am truly astonished that a Chairman would rail against a Republican Congressman like that. The bias is unprofessional and he should be outed. That is unfair and not at all professional. He should support all candidates running. Boot HIM! Bring it up at GOP meeting and get it on the record.

That's hilarious and sad all at once.

"Anarchists?" Because we don't like massive bureaucracy and tyrannical Marxist government?

Because we want to live in Freedom with our Liberty intact?

Because we insist on following the Constitution?

Because we demand that THE RULE OF LAW be upheld?

Wow. Rod Serling couldn't have written it better himself.

Whomever said that to you should have someone explain to them very simply and very slowly (so they will understand) just how stupid they are. How do people get this dumb? Can they walk and breathe at the same time?

It's the GOP that's full of anarchists. They want to do whatever they please, rules and laws be damned, and then they want to bomb, murder, and pillage anyone who is brown and lives near oil.

Anarchists. What morons!

You should tell this to Ben Swann asap!

Easy to contact him on FB or Twitter @Fox19BenSwann

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Time to drain the cesspool here

See my comment (under Topic: "Why we lost Alaska - and probably every state)about what I experienced yesterday. The RINO's DO know who we are and will stop at nothing to keep us out of the game. Beyond shameful.

Grambo2, Anchorage AK
"Freedom is never free!"


This is a made up story

You're baaaa-aak.

Please, if you are going to stay here, post something useful for a change. And I don't mean the negative posts you've become famous for, either.


Ok here's a useful tip, you're all delusional.


just a straight up douche...

Do you have no one near state party HQ who can walk in the fees?


And why would the state party chair have any idea you are a Ron Paul supporter in the first place?

We won my warmongering district in a huge upset

The same old GOP establishment drones go to the convention every single cycle. These people have all been buddies for 30+ years. I'm not surprised they were able to find out.

They expected us Paul people to be there, but not with such force. They had a list of names of known Paul supporters not to vote for. My entire family of 6 are delegates and alternates for Paul. My last name is on their radar.

No one can find a safe way out if society is sweeping towards destruction. Everyone,in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. - LvM

record phone calls on speaker phone!

this kind of crap needs to be exposed!


A golden opportunity missed ...

Although it wouldn't help in this particular instance, everyone should have a mobile recorder, i.e. audio, video, or a combination, present during every political confrontation. I have difficulty understanding why people attending political events fail to use such devices. Being a geek isn't the issue. Capturing liars IS the issue. ;)

Example: Try this Mobile Eye-wear Recorder (Currently Sold Out): *


These eyeglasses work great in crowds where bumping into others is so common with a handheld camera. Just hold your head as still as possible and buy a 16 GB to 32 GB micro SDHC card depending on the actual model of recorder.

* Search Deal Extreme's website for similar sunglasses with pinhole cameras as they sell thousands of similar items.

I was going to record my brothers call for payment

but the automatic recording told him to say his name. He should have just said his first name, but he said his whole name and the call rain a few times and went to voicemail. I hope he was just out of the office.

Even the payment deadline was a huge deal at my caucus. We were supposed to pay the $250 that night but a motion was made to put off the payment till Thursday Noon. The district chairwoman and other officers were very angry about this. For some reason because of this put off in payment, the chairwoman told us to call the State GOP to pay it. His secretary didn't answer and the call went straight to Randy Ruedrich.

No one can find a safe way out if society is sweeping towards destruction. Everyone,in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. - LvM

Don't trust flossophy!!!

I've seen him on another blog pushing a Neocon/Zionist agenda, perpetual war and nation building.

He's up to no good! Do not feed!

Ha! even worse... Flossy is one of those liberal imperialists

Neocons are shortsighted lightweights and Z!onists only want their small sliver of land.

Whereas liberal imperialists want to use non-vioIent, non-militaristic means to spread the principles that Ron Paul embraces: liberty, rule of law, property & individual rights, market economies and limited government to all parts of the globe that don't have these things.

Primarily because liberal imperialists don't want to be the Global Police in perpetuity... this country simply can't afford it.

So the quickest way for us to get out of our global policing duties... is to spread freedom.

You guys have a problem with that?


you're lying because you're pushing Gingrich on us and he stands for perpetual war, war with Iran, expanding debt, the Patriot Act and a slew of anti-Constitutional policy.

Give it up already; you're outed.

Where do you get your "info" about Newt?

He's incessantly talked about using Ronnie/Maggie techniques to bring down the Iranian regime without firing a sh0t.

And lately he's expressed that he'd like to get out of Afghanistan if Karzai continues to behave like a tw.erp.

His economic growth plan is the most aggressive of the bunch according to the WSJ, and royalties from his energy plan could pay off the debt in a generation.

What else you got?

any moron who pushes gingrich

any moron who pushes gingrich needs to be ... well... lets just say.. the Idiot was booted out of the CONgress because of ethics violations. The moron has been married 3 times. Anyone who supports this dolt must be braindead. OR has the same moral character..

Good grief... where are you getting this "info"?

Newt was cleared of ALL "ethics charges" that the establishment threw at him in an effort to slow down his rollbacks of their power and spending.

PeIosi and the Democrats politicized the House Ethics Committee and went through a million documents, and came up with 84 'ethics charges'... 83 of which were tossed out because they were frivoIous... and the last one was a clerical error on a tax exempt form for a college course he was teaching called:

"Renewing American Civilization"

The IRS and FEC later dismissed it as there was no wrongdoing.

He resigned several years later after the GOP lost 5 seats in the house.

So let me repeat, Newt was cleared of all 'ethics charges'. The Democrats were just bitter that Newt waIIoped them in the '94 midterms, which ended 40 years of Democratic control of congress.


Regardless of past ethics charges, less than a few months ago Newt stated on National TV for the entire world to see, that he thinks the US should assassinate scientists of other countries. If that doesn't represent a complete lack of good judgement and morals, I don't know what does! So in my book he has NOT been cleared of ethics violations.

The best place to shop around is in the marketplace of ideas.

Preventing the vaporization of millions of innocent civilians...

... is not an 'ethics violation'.

Iran has been at war with civilization for many years. The Iranian regime is the largest State-sponsor of terrrryrism on the globe. It would be irresponsible for humanity to allow this regime to have access to nukuIar wea.p0ns.

Are you really that nigh_eve?

if I had to guess...

I would bet that you are a 40-something trying desperately to hold on to youth.

It's all about feeding the ego isn't it?

"look at me!! look how clever I am because I know some political history and spell like I'm 16"

you are pathetic, really.