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Super Tuesday Open Thread

Ten states vote on Super Tuesday:

Post your news, observations and insights in the comment section below.

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No, I'm not that old.

Which is why I'd like to have civilization stick around for awhile. Everyone's future kinda depends on it... even the older folks should think about preserving it as well.

Sure he was cleared after he

Sure he was cleared after he accepted the offer to step down. it was either step down or be prosecuted.. seriously... you that naive?

But the 'ethics charge' was a clerical error...

... which was later dismissed by the IRS and FEC.

He didn't resign until a couple of years later after the midterms.

The establishment went through a million documents... and the only thing they could come up with was a clerical error.

The bigger story in this episode is WHY did the establishment throw anything against the wall to get some d!rt on Newt?

You are crying

like a weak minded. Austrian economics was created by Zionists. RP and others Libertarians wont be able to go too far if they called it "Jewish economics."
Debate the issues or stay out!

wtf are you talking talking

wtf are you talking talking about? created by zionists?

By the way...

I read through some of your previous comments. Some are pretty strange; especially the ones dealing with Israel and Zionists.

When you wrote: "Debate the issues or stay out!"; it raised a red flag for me. It made me think: why this overreaction and why zero in on my allusion to Neocon/Zionist when my point was to warn of an individual whom I've read elsewhere and whom I know could care less about Ron Paul and his policies and is trying to delude us regarding Gingrich who by the way is funded to the tune of millions by a Zionist Casino billionaire financier pushing for war with Iran.

So your previous comments confimed to me the reason why you jumped all over me. You've actually pulled the same kind of meanspirited stunt with others here.

In other words, the moment someone types the word Zionist; you spring to action. Hmmmm...

I also read some of your

bubbling. You make up definitions as you go. You remind me those Muslims who when they speak in Arabic ALWAYS use "Jews", but when they speak in English or translate from Arabic ALWAYS use "Zionists." Convenient....


Tell us what you really think...

I believe the comment I made previously was the first time I wrote the word 'Zionist'. You're the one making a big deal and obsessing over the issue, not only with me this time, but apparently with others you've snapped at who happened to include the word in a comment. Now you're accusing me of being an Arab or a Muslim. I'm neither, by the way; but you obviously have a problem with them.

if i zionist says something that you agree with...

first of all if a zionist says something you agree with it doesn't make you a zionist

secondly, being jewish does not make you a zionist!

he's not crying and you are not debating, just attempting to insult (but coming off like a dumb skinhead). so, do you think keynesian economics should be called "christian economics?"

So if

von Mises, Rothbard, Hazlitt, etc supported the State of Israel, they are not Zionists?
Check how real anti-Semites view Austrian economics as the work of Satan, Zionists or Illuminati.

Have you read the comments

the troll to whom kali is refering has posted all day? I belive that was the subject of the post.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Zionists are

into pre-emptive wars,intervention and social program dependency.

Paul: "It's a long shot."


So, Ron supporters... who are you going to support to prevent establishment Mitt from getting the nomination?

Who are we going to support?

Ron Paul, or none at all.

I don't play, I commission the league.

None. The GOP can have Romney

None. The GOP can have Romney or Santorum or Gingrich. It's quite obvious that the neocons or social conservatives have hijacked the GOP. Now they also hijacked the Tea Party whose very existence was brought about by Paul's fiscally conservative principles, not by social issues (that's why now they have no direction, have no clout and irrelevant). In fact, social issues were never a part of the original Tea Party Movement. Ron Paul should get it back to its original roots. In any case, all Ron Paul supporters will just jump ship and vote for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party especially if Paul endorses Johnson over whichever GOP nominee winner. To tell you the truth, Paul has nothing to lose if he does this as the GOP wants to separate him from them anyway.


The Republican establishment are thrilled that the non-Romney vote is still split.

The political reality of the situation is that the longer it stays split, the more it will ensure establishment Mitt gets the nomination.

The last thing on earth the Republican establishment wants is a Newt nomination. I would like to st!ck it to the Republican establishment... they've made a mess of things over the last decade or so, and they do not deserve to control the party anymore.

If Republican poohbahs were

If Republican poohbahs were hoping that Super Tuesday's 10 contests would settle the Republican primary contest, they woke up Wednesday disappointed.

Republican elites are aching to declare this race over and take aim at Mr. Obama. The fear is that the intraparty debate is hurting the GOP brand and the image of the candidates.

Maybe their "GOP Leader", Rush Limbaugh, would be drafted since apparently there is no candidate strong enough to unify the Republicans. Palin of course have been very outspoken about wanting to have a a brokered convention so she can join the fracas to save the day and become the hero.

Why are you on Daily Paul? You will have no support here.

Every one of your posts since you got here yesterday has been about Gingrich. We are not the Daily Gingrich.

Congratulations, you're the Troll for a Day!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Thank you.

I figured it would be a good idea to have a discussion about the race... and what's at stake going forward.

We all want to save this great country, yes?

No. New World Order whores like you and Gingrich...

...want to profit from the DEMISE of this country.

So, no, you (Gingrich supporters) do not all want to save this country.

New World Order? *chuckIe*

Explain to me how anyone profits if the country collapses?

You consp!racy guys gotta think this stuff through.

STOP FEEDING THE TROLL!! hes the wrong one to convince

do something that matters and bomb your neighbourhood with flyers to educate them about the unhuman individual gingrich who screwed wifes while they had cancer and wants to send americans to death overseas.


http://www.mediafire.com/?1wxwtdnlzulo5oy <- .pdf link

The problem with Newt is

he´s a war monger selling fear and the fraudulent "War on Terror" in service of the military-Security establishment. (Same as Reagan)
Jon Stewart makes it pretty grafic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxsaDOyJIa4

Dave Mann

The problem is getting your political info from Jon Stewart.

Newt prefers to use alternative means to weaken or bring down despotic regimes... War would be the very last option.

It's more about supporting the opposition, using covert operations and other non-military means to undermine these regimes.

A nukuIar-armed Iran would be a civilizational game changer for the worse. It's not 'selling fear'... it's being sober about the implications of the largest State-sponsor of terrrryrism having their the0cratic hands on nooks.

As I see it

each RP supporter (united by Liberty) will use their liberty the way they choose. I definitely want to kick balls of GOP establishment. Therefore, I will contemplate on the following 1) Write-in Ron Paul; 2) Vote for Gary Johnson; 3) Stay home; 4) Vote for Obama as a way to give Rand Paul or another Libertarian a chance to run from within GOP in 2016.

Hmm... that's not a very good strategery though.

If you want to give a swift kick to the Republican establishment... then you should support the candidate that they loathe more than anything in the world.

By continuing to split the non-Romney vote... the Republican establishment will be able to slide their weak candidate through the primaries without majority support.

This would be a disaster in the Fall.

Keep in mind that 2012 is the most important election of the modern era. If Obama is able to win a second term... he will do whatever he can to push government dependency past the tipping point to where it is irreversible... Just like in the UK and Europe.

Too much is at stake in this election to be fataIistic.

You miss simple fact

that none of other republicans are proposing any real cuts. If you know about exponential math, the downfall will be sooner or later no matter what, either under DEM or GOP. It is better that the collapse occurs under Democrats, so the public will switch to the right.

Who says the other candidates are not proposing real cuts?

The only way to get out of this hole is to grow our way out.

Newt has the most aggressive economic growth plan.

I don't think you're understanding the consequences of a collapse. It wouldn't be a political game that we could hang around the Democrat's neck. We don't have to go through it if we turn this thing around asap. The problem is that we're approaching the point of no return... a point that the UK and Europe have passed quite a while ago. That's why we cannot afford to lose in November.

The 90's were prosperous for a reason... and it was no coincidence that Newt was Speaker.

I do not agree with

your facts. You cannot have a stable economic growth (making American workers more competitive) with a plan created by a wise central planner(s), Gingrich or not. That was proven by conservative economists. But most importantly, Gingrich himself has no personal credibility. Just check this

Here, watch the whole clip...


His comment was about GHW Bush's campaign strategy... not about Reagan.

Btw, Newt's plan is not to have a State-led economy... but to unleash the economy and the people from the grip of government control.