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Super Tuesday Open Thread

Ten states vote on Super Tuesday:

Post your news, observations and insights in the comment section below.

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I can't seem to reply

Find me on Huffpost... and I'll respond to your query.

If you haven't noticed, the world is a dangerous place.

I think the better question to ask is WHY are we 'b0mb!ng innocent folks in troubled countries'?

The answer to this is long and complicated... and goes back far into history. But the short answer goes like this:

America reluctantly inherited the role of providing global security and preserving civilization after the British empire collapsed. Since we took over this responsibility, over the last half century or so, we didn't bother to export the institutions of civil society around the globe (rule of law, property/individual rights, market economies, etc) like the British were successfully doing up until the war. America preferred to conduct foreign policy and buffer against the spread of Soviet imperialism by propping up western-friendly clients (mostly despots)... because Americans didn't have an appetite for marching around the globe and it was cheaper this way.

So after decades of this foreign policy approach, we see that many of these regions have not developed... and in many cases, things have gone backwards.

The British empire was not in the Middle East long enough to implant the institutions of civil society, so they didn't take root. This process usually takes decades, if not a century or two (It took almost 2 centuries for them to take root in America before we became independent). So essentially the Middle East has been festering ever since the Brits collapsed... and America inherited this problem and has done a rather poor job of managing it over the decades.

Our interventions in the Middle East are a last-ditch effort to nudge the region in a liberal democratic direction before we go into permanent relative decline and lose the ability to have a positive impact on the region into the long term future. Or in other words, we're attempting to stave off another dark age.

Look, I agree with you and Ron, it is awfuI that we're stuck with this mess of b0mb!ng other countries. But it's important to understand the historical context and the reasons we're doing this in the first place: America has been a Iousy liberal empire for the last half century... and we had better start exporting the institutions of civil society to parts of the globe that don't have them, otherwise we are in for a very bIeak long term future.

Whether we like it or not, we are the last liberal empire on the planet... and we're in decline... so we had better start getting our act together before we fumble civilization. We have a responsibility to keep this thing going into the future.

Don't Give Up!

I think things are going really good. Don’t give up! We have already achieve a lot of success without the MSM. As the saying say: Is not over until the fat lady signs . . . These character-less opponents you never know what they will find in their closet... I used to run a lot of races and they were times when I would be in 3rd, 4th or 5th overall during the whole race and at the very end I would spring and guess what? I would get the first place! Let’s keep our support and don’t as N. Maxwell said “Discouragement is not the absence of adequacy but the absence of courage.”

A good way to defend your freedoms: www.libertymagazine.org

Don't Give Up Guys...

Yesterday was a pretty successful day, despite us not winning a state. As long as Santorum keeps winning states, this is destined to be a brokered convention.

That's the best we can hope for right now.

Ron Paul, 24/7.

It felt great to go vote for

It felt great to go vote for Dr. Paul here yesterday in Ohio, as did most of my family. I believe where we are having problems there are also the religious people. One person in my family voted for Frothy because he watches the 700 Club propaganda with that delusional Pat Robertson and thinks Iran is going to leap out from under his bed and attack.

We faced down the Soviets with tens of thousands of nukes, but I'm supposed to get scared about Iran POTENTIALLY building a nuke. And we talked to the Soviets, but it is a sign of appeasement according to Frothy to talk to Iran.

Frankly, it's disgusting. Sorry had to vent.

As a Christian, I understand.

As a Christian, I understand. Thankfully, not ALL of us uncritically listen to well-meaning, but off-the-mark commentators such as Pat. ALL humans whether Christian or not are fallible. More of my fellow Christians need to understand the overriding importance of the free agency (will if you prefer) as the highest gift to humanity other than a Savior. In actuality, the Savior was necessary precisely BECAUSE of the God's gracious gift of the limited free agency which is largely misused. Even Lucifer (an angel) misuses the free agency. God has to clean up the mess. ;) If we're going to change the fear-mongering among Christians, we MUST drive home to them the preeminent importance of God's gift of the FREE AGENCY including it's potential misuse. God was willing to risk the consequences of graciously granting a limited free agency so why aren't His people? By supporting preemptive war, God's people are essentially marginalizing the importance of God's gift of the free agency based on fears whether real or imagined. ONLY when one actually attempts to harm you through an act (misuse of the free agency), e.g. a ticking bomb or missile in flight, does one morally retain the right of self-defense and response. End of sermon. ;)

+ I read somewhere this one:

"How can you be pro war and pro life at the same time?"

I think this on some signs would give some food for thought in the minds of some people.

The only people voting for

The only people voting for the other 3 are couch potatoes that turn on Hannity or Bill O religiously. If you want to know if a "republican" is serious about politics or their candidate, ask them which proposed budget actually reduces the deficit. There is only one and that is Ron Paul's budget. I've pissed off one or two people when I point out that FACT, but the truth hurts I guess. Chin up people, don’t feed the trolls.


I may be behind the times, but I kept a list of states where Gingrich and Santorum aren't on the ballot:

VA, MI, OH, TN and ILL

The only state with 0 votes for Gingrich and Santorum is Virginia. How did Gingrich and Santorum get their names on the ballot in Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee?

They had no issues in

They had no issues in Michigan. In Ohio, Santorum didn't have delegates in 3 Congressional districts. His name was on the ballot there for the state wide delegates, just not for those 9 from the 3 Congressional districts.

In Tennessee, their names were on the ballot, but neither had a full slate of listed delegates. This doesn't create any problems because the Tennessee GOP has a procedure to appoint delegates after the primary if a candidate wins them and doesn't have any on the ballot.

Santorum basically has the same problem in Illinois as he does in Ohio where he doesn't have delegates in 2 or 3 Congressional districts and thus will miss out on winning a handful of delegates.

See http://www.capitalfreepress.com/4865-comprehensive-update-gi... for some more details.

I am an Ohioan and Newter and

I am an Ohioan and Newter and Frothy were both on the ballot here.

How can the elections be without fraud

Ron Paul drew over 2,000 supporters at each of his rallys in the northwest how could he get stomped in Idaho with that much support. I smell fraud spelled Global Banking Cartel and media manipulation.

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You cannot judge Paul's support by his crowds

The crowds are never just local residents only from the little town he is in.

Paul supporters drive hours and over state lines to attend his events.

There was even a comment on here last night - Somebody who flew from California to Alaska to see him.

Those crowds are from not only the whole state, but many people from completely different states too.


I am from MD (lost cause nanny state) and I went to see Ron Paul in VA.

In 2008, I drove over four

In 2008, I drove over four hours from my home to Louisville, Ky. to see the good doctor. Fortunately, he came to Ohio State in 2010 so I got to see him here with the Judge, as well.

Who will Ron Paul supporters support?

... to stop establishment Mitt from buying the nomination?

Flossophy: Are you still

Flossophy: Are you still here? We know you support Newt "7 trillion more in dept" Grinch. Please take your message somewhere else

No can do.

Too much is at stake in this election.

Newt has the most aggressive economic growth plan of the bunch, as rated by the WSJ. And he's the one person who fought the entire Washington establishment to push through major tax cuts, spending cuts and forced balanced budgets for the first time since the 60's.

Go ask Ron... he watched it all happen while sitting in congress.

Put it this way... Team Obama and the O-reelection media are terrrified if Newt surges again. They would much rather prefer a weak fIimsy candidate like Mitt to get the nomination.

So what are you guys going to do? This is important.

We're not going to vote for Grinch, that's for sure.

No amount of your's or anyone's rhetoric will change our minds.

If Ron Paul isn't nominated, some of us will stay home. Some will Write Ron In, some will vote for Gary Johnson, or the Constitution Party candidate.

It basically comes down to ... We get Ron Paul, or you get Obama.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

My little victory last night

It was small, but pretty funny. We have moved to a new county, the second most populous one. Mark and I pretty much stormed the state political scene last time, rattled some cages. Well last night we ran into the state's "power couple." These two are so sweet and helpful... you just want to take a shower after standing next to them they are soooo slimy. Anyway. we showed up last night on THEIR turf and they both were kind enough to literally turn up their nose and snub us. Hehehe - we were touched, they remember us!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Let's pick it up spread the message

Love Ron Paul and being a supporter. After last night a lot of my hopes seemed dashed as I realize either a lot of America or the media obviously will not allow the best candidate to represent the GOP. I can only pray that Ron Paul wins this election somehow. I think that if he had any strong ads against all the other candidates he needs to play those cards now so if he were to have to go third party be will get his share in while people still have chance in getting him in as GOP. I know name of game is delegates and we won't know for some time but it's awfully scary looking at the states without one colored in for Dr. Paul. Please rally all you can we need Ron Paul.

Numbers not complete

in Vermont. Why? Are they trying see how to put Santorum into second?
Santorum's speech last night before the western state results. we are going to have a lot of silvers.

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How much damage will be done the next 8 years?

Unless Obama is re-elected it will be at least 8 more years at the minimum before anyone like Ron Paul will even have a chance to run. How much damage will be done over the next decade before we even get a chance to fix the problems???

4 years for presidency, and immediate working to fill congress

if the Pauls are not a part of the next cabinet, then it is time to make a NEW political party. last time campaign for liberty was created, this time we need a new party with no baggage.

NO long faces

Things always get worse before they get better.


"Just The Basic Facts"

Working the polls in my neighboring precinct in SE MA this is what I observed. In this precinct there were 2375 reg voters, 258 showed up to vote (kudos to them but still pathetic apathy reigned). My job was to cross names off the voter list as they passed with their completed ballot en-route to the tabulator. The voter list had many more registered independents and dems than repubs, and of the independents the majority were voting republican. I tried very hard to see their ballots and what I did see was a lot of Romney votes cast by the 40 and older crowd. Most of the 258 voters were 30 and older, very few showed up that were younger than 30. The 30 and under from what I saw were voting Paul, I did see a couple of older folks with Paul votes. Here are the totals:
Paul - 20 votes
Romney - 115 votes
Grinch - 17 votes
Sanatorium - 22 votes
O-bomba - 68 votes
Undecided - 16 votes
Also at this precinct it was evident that my co-workers were very diligent in keeping the process unadulterated. The possibility of fraud would have to come from the voting machines or the central tabulation, lots of room for error or malicious activity.
WE NEED TO WORK HARDER TO WIN THESE BEAUTY CONTESTS. However delegates are where its at and I do trust in Ron,s game-plan and I will be at the local caucus to play the game on April 27th to choose delegates.
Do not loose focus please, get in there and fight, we can win in more ways than one.

"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book." Groucho Marx

don't have TV--

don't use radio; wouldn't know what station would have election results--

went to bed, knowing that there would be more disturbances of SOME kind--

have NOT given up hope. Won't give up hope.

Never, ever, ever--

not going to stop.

*My* children were raised on liberty. They are not politically active as I am, but they are NOT neo-conservatives. They laugh gently at me, but they are watching/listening.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Good for you

Really, I mean that. TV is scum; nothing but propaganda. I am addicted but have cut back drastically. There is only one show I watch for entertainment plus I watch some propaganda news. I have a friend that doesn't allows his kids to eat in front of the TV; he says it makes them eat more and become less active. I believe there is truth to that.


Yeah seen it already.

It sounds familiar...